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300 meters studio Bilbao rental. The 300-meter film and television set combines elegance and functionality with its versatile black backdrop. Perfect for commercials, fashion and artistic projects. The polished concrete space adapts to your needs, and its 6 meter height allows for spectacular shots. The 4 x 4.2 door size allows for large downloads. In addition, it can function as a construction warehouse when you need it, providing versatility to your projects.

  • 300 square meters
  • 6 meters high
  • Black backdrop
  • Black carpet
  • kW/h of electrical power
  • Soundproofed space
  • Air-conditioned stage
  • 24h security
  • Adjoining spaces
  • Possible use as a warehouse


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Rent 300 meters cinema and tv studio Bilbao

Rent 300 meters cinema and tv studio Bilbao. The Tv and film studios Bilbao is an exceptionally versatile space covering 300 square meters, an exceptional space that combines versatility, comfort and functionality for your audiovisual projects. With a unique black backdrop of 300 square meters, this studio is ideal both as a recording set and as a large construction warehouse.

The black backdrop is the main feature of this studio, providing an elegant and dramatic backdrop perfect for commercials, fashion shoots and artistic projects. In addition, the polished concrete floor, complemented by black carpeting, combines durability and comfort, providing a practical and aesthetically appealing space.

The 6 meters interior height allows for the creation of impressive sets and spectacular aerial shots. The 4.00 x 4.20 meter access doors facilitate the entry and exit of large equipment and sets. In addition, the electrical panels provide the necessary power to illuminate your project with high quality and efficient LED technology.

This studio is designed to provide comfort and efficiency in every aspect of your production. In addition to being an exceptional recording space, it can be used as a spacious and functional construction warehouse when needed, offering versatility for your audiovisual projects.

Studio infrastructure 300 meters Bilbao

  • Usable shooting area - set: 300 square meters
  • 6 meters high
  • Large dimension acoustic doors: 4 m. x 4.20 m. high

Studio 300 meters Bilbao

  • Individual and collective dressing rooms. 
  • Toilets.
  • Hairdressing salon.
  • Art, wardrobe and tailor stores. 
  • Laundry.
  • Production office and multipurpose rooms. 
  • On-set catering and direct access to private terrace.

Services Studio 300 meters Bilbao

Camaleón rental offers a wide range of comprehensive services for video photo studio hire and sets in Bilbao that cover all the needs of any audiovisual production, regardless of its size. These services ensure that it is not necessary to leave the complex from the beginning to the end of the production. Here are some of the outstanding services: catering service, film and TV equipment hire, film and TV lighting hire, grip equipment rental, machinery rental...

Our film camera rental or video camera rental catalogue gives you the opportunity to select from a variety of filming equipment from renowned brands such as Arri, Red, Sony, Canon, Panasonic and Phantom, so you can find the audiovisual equipment that best suits your project. Whether you need a state-of-the-art digital cinema camera, a high-resolution video camera, or any other specialised audiovisual device, we are here to help. We also offer a wide range of lighting equipment rental for film or television, including the best brands on the market; Arri, Astera, Kino Flo, Rosco, DMG Lumière, Aputure, Cineo Lithing, BBS Lithing, Litepanels, Sunnyxiao, Aladdin, Creamsource and Dedolight.

Film and tv camera 300 meters studio rental Bilbao

Film and TV camera 300 meters studio rental Bilbao. Camera rental in Bilbao together with our spacious 300 metre set simplifies your production in an effective way.

Convenience: Renting both set and equipment with Camaleon Rental offers convenience and ease. Get all the elements needed for your project in one place, simplifying logistics and reducing coordination with multiple vendors.

Integration: By choosing to rent both set and equipment with us, you ensure compatibility between all equipment, guaranteeing smooth production and high quality results.

Economic advantages: By opting for joint rental, your production can benefit from discounts and special packages, making this option more attractive from an economic perspective. Simplify your production and save resources with Camaleon Rental.

Film and tv crew 240 meters studio Bilbao

Film and tv crew 240 meters studio Bilbao. An experienced film crew is essential to the success of any audiovisual production, providing technical expertise, creativity and efficiency in capturing high quality images and sound. Camaleon Rental offers the possibility of hiring several professionals in the audiovisual field for your on-set shoot, which simplifies coordination, guarantees the compatibility of equipment and services, and can generate economic savings thanks to joint packages. This comprehensive solution provides peace of mind and quality to your audiovisual project:

  • Production crew.
  • Sound crew.
  • Grip Crew.
  • Camera Crew.
  • Lighting Crew.
  • Special Shootings: This could include telescopic crane operators, Steadicam or Movi operators, camera specialists for in-car shots, high-speed filming experts, drone pilots for aerial shots, and underwater filming personnel.

Hiring film crew in conjunction with renting a set through Camaleon Rental offers multiple advantages that make this option a valuable choice for audiovisual production. This synergy allows for smoother logistical coordination, avoiding potential communication challenges and ensuring alignment with project objectives.

The crew knowledge of the set facilitates the optimization of resources and efficiency in equipment configuration, which translates into time and money savings.

In addition, the end-to-end solution provides greater security against potential technical problems or production delays by having a single point of contact to deal with any eventuality. In short, combining film crew and set personnel at Camaleon Rental is a smart strategy that guarantees a successful audiovisual production.

Features studio 300 meters Bilbao

Features studio 300 meters Bilbao. This 300 square metre studio set in Bilbao, Basque Country, is an exceptional environment that allows you to carry out a wide variety of audiovisual projects with style and efficiency.

300 Square Meters Black Backdrop: At the heart of this studio is its black backdrop, a unique and distinctive feature. With an area of 300 square meters, this backdrop is the perfect canvas for productions that seek a dramatic, high-contrast environment. Whether for commercials, fashion shoots or artistic projects, the black backdrop provides a backdrop that enhances any creative vision. But this studio is even more than just a stage; it also serves as a spacious construction warehouse when needed.

Durable and Versatile Flooring: The studio floor is composed of polished concrete, giving it durability and versatility. In addition, a black carpet has been added that not only provides comfort for the actors and crew, but also absorbs sound, improving the audio quality of your recordings.

Comfort and Functionality: This set is designed to provide comfort and efficiency in every aspect of your production. With an interior height of 6 meters, you can create impressive sets and perform spectacular aerial shots. The 4.00 x 4.20 meter access doors make it easy to move large sets and equipment in and out of the set. In addition, the electrical panels have the necessary power to illuminate your project with efficient and high quality LED technology.

Warehouse and Studio in One: One of the most notable features of this studio is its versatility. In addition to being an exceptional recording space, it can be used as a spacious and functional construction warehouse. This duality makes it a versatile option for your audiovisual projects, offering convenient storage space when you're not recording.

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