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ANGENIEUX 30-72mm T4
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ANGENIEUX 30-72mm T4

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The anamorphic zoom lens Angenieux 30-72mm T4 A2S belongs to the Optimo family. It is designed with extremly small anamorphic adaptor in the rear of the lens. This is one of the most lightweight anamorphic zoom lens in the industry.  

  • Mount: PL | PV
  • Aperture: T4 | T22
  • Anamorphic factor: 2x
  • Front diameter: 114mm
  • Focal range: 30-72mm
  • Angular rotation of the focus ring: 320º
  • Image coverage: 22x18.6mm (28.8mm diagonal)
  • Weight: 2.4Kg Angenieux 30-72mm T4 A2S zoom lens rent | Camaleon Rental
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Angenieux 30-72m T4 A2S is a 2x anamorphic factor zoom lens. Its maximum aperture (T4) is constant across the zoom range (30mm - 72mm).

It is remarkable the low distorsion and breathing in the focus rack. It also has a good flare and ghost images supression

It is very ergonomic for the focus puller because its 320º focus ring rotation with 50 focus marks which is interchageable (focus scale ring from meters to feets are available)

This lens works very well with Angenieux 52-156mm T4 as it is A2S too: same look but different focal range.


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