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The FI + Z wireless focus system offers lens and camera control through its HU3 manual unit. Motors to control Focus, Zoom and Iris. It has components to divide the functions of each motor. It offers better autonomy than its predecessor.
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The new generation of G4 radio frequency provides great reliability. It is oriented to the reality of filming so we find countless wireless connections that can prevent the proper functioning of these devices. The American brand has developed these systems that leave behind the conventional 2.4 GHz radio frequencies.
This combination provides the user with the most powerful tools available, especially for demanding projects with a shallow depth of field. Travel limits for focus, iris, and zoom are set at the touch of a button and displayed as brightly colored bars superimposed on the lens scales. Non-linear iris scales are mapped to a linear scale. The focus knob drag is easily adjustable. can be selected to control zoom or track a subject for Light Ranger focus assist.
The MDR-3 accepts Preston manual unit commands and controls up to four digital motors and camera run / stop functions for film and video cameras. Compatible with the full range of Preston digital motors, the MDR-3 automatically finds the lens range once each motor is connected, and each channel has its own three-level torque setting and direction switch to control virtually any lens , regardless of the conditions. The MDR-3 transmits that distance information wirelessly to the remote. Firmware updates can be uploaded via the serial port or the mini USB port. The analog port allows you to connect a Micro Force or drive-style control directly to the MDR-3, controlling the motor of your choice as configured in the remote's menu. Serial and USB ports also allow for real-time lens metadata retrieval. You can lock the MDR-3's internal clock through the T / C port, and this timestamp will also appear in the metadata stream, making it easy to extract and use lens position information for post-production. Dual serial ports allow connection to the Light Ranger 2 and other distance measurement systems like CineTape and Sniper.
The Light Ranger 2 is the first and only focus assist system designed for modern high resolution cameras. The LR2 incorporates an infrared distance measurement system with 16 different measurement zones, allowing the focus puller to view the depth of an entire scene without looking away from the monitor.
LR2 provides focusers with innovative tools to accurately judge focus distance even in the most difficult shooting locations. Each of the 16 simultaneous distance measurements corresponds to a specific section of the image, and is represented by a green / white rectangle superimposed directly on top of the image at that location. The height of each bar corresponds to its distance in relation to the current knob setting, providing immediate feedback to the focuser on how to turn the knob to focus on any object. White rectangles above the horizontal line on the screen indicate that the subject is further away than the current setting, while the rectangles below that line indicate a subject that is closer than the knob setting.
Once the subject is within depth of field, the rectangles on that subject turn green. The LR2-W sensor adds a 50 ° field of view option to the LR2 family. Its wide field of view is perfectly suited for use in Steadicam, crane and portable camera applications.
Preston FI + Z3 is oriented to the reality of filming today where we find countless wireless connections that can prevent the proper functioning of these devices. The American brand has developed these systems that leave behind the conventional 2.4 Ghz radio frequencies.

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