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ARRI SKYPANEL S360 RENTAL Arri Skypanel S360-C rental. The...

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ARRI M90 RENTAL Arri M90 rental. The M90 uses MAX...

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ARRI M40 RENTAL  Arri M40 Rental. The Arri M40 HMI has been...

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ARRI M8 RENTAL Arri M8 Rental. The Arri M8 is compatible...





Ligting Equipment Spain & Portugal Hire. Lighting material and equipment for cinema, television and events. From HMI lighting material, Arrimax 18/12 and M Series. Arri M90, Arri M40, Arri M18 & M8. The lighting series of the M series have Flicker Free ballasts up to 1000 Hz for high speed recordings, latest innovations in led material Arri, Kino Flo, Dedolight, Astera, Aladdin, litepanels, Sunnyxao, Aputure, Avenger, Mathews Grip. Camaleón is premium Cinematography Equipment rental house.


Rent Lighting Madrid - Lisbon - Málaga - Almeria

  • Rent Lighting Madrid - Lisbon. Spotlights rentaltubes and led lighting panels such as Arri Skypanel S-360C, Skypanel S-120C, Skypanel S-60C, L Series, Orbiter, Astera Helios and Astera Titan. Aputure Lighting Rental, The complete range of Aputure Ls 1200d, Aputure 600x, Aputure 300x. Spotlights and led panels Litepanels, Sunnyxao, We also offer the widest range of Fresnel light sources, Generators, portable power systems and much more in our headquarters in Madrid and the rest of Spain.


What lighting equipment is available for rent?

 Led Lighting Equipment Rental 

  • Led lighting equipment rental. Top lighting hire fixtures and Led panel brands. Led offers a wider color temperature range, the possibility of battery power supply, intensity variation from 0-100%, color correction, digital gels, light effects, wireless control and dynamic lighting effects. These are just some of the possibilities Led lighting gives.




Arri Led Lighting Panels Rental

  • Arri led lighting panels rental. Skypanel represents the culmination of over a decade of research and development of led technology at Arri. Incorporating the features of Arri's L-Series Fresnel leds, the SkyPanel led Lighting is one of the most versatile soft lights on the market. Four models are available in different sizes. Skypanel S30-C, Skypanel S60-C, Skypanel S120-C and Skypanel S360-C.
  • SkyPanel C (Colour) versions. Fully adjustable, the colour temperature can be set between 2,800K and 10,000K, with excellent colour rendering throughout the range. Full plus and minus green correction can be achieved with the simple turn of a knob.
  • Skypanel led lighting panels are ideal as a soft light source, offer high output and are perfect for studio setups. They can also be battery powered and with their latest update include lighting effects that open up the range of effects using multiple Skypanel fixtures connected in line. In addition to the CCT settings, other control options are available. Hue and Saturation, RGB, source matching, x, y coordinates, and 12 programmed professional lighting effects. There are also gelatin libraries from both rosco and Lee.
  • Arri Skypanel S30-C led panel light for rent. It is the smallest portable light source in the Arri led lighting series, ideal for mobile applications. The SkyPanel S30-C emits the equivalent of a 1,000W soft tungsten light while consuming a maximum of only 240W.
  • Arri Skypanel S60-C led lighting panel for rent. It is light and measures 64.5 x 30cm. It provides the equivalent of a soft light of 2000W. It does not need external electronic ballast, the panel is integrated.
  • Arri Skypanel S120-C led lighting panel for rent. It offers twice the surface area of the s60c model. It measures 1290 x 300mm and offers an average rendering index of 95% CRI at 10.000k.
  • Arri Skypanel S360-C led lighting for rent. SkyPanel has been known for its high performance and large light aperture. The new S360-C led panel has expanded the soft light range of its Arri led screens with the largest and brightest SkyPanel built to date.


film-tv-lighting-equipment-rental-hireL-Series Fresnel Led Lighting Rental

  • L Series led lighting rental. The L Series is the first led fixture to truly incorporate the Fresnel characteristics of continuous focusability from spot to flood and a smooth, homogenous light field. The L Series takes full advantage of led technology and allows complete control over the color and intensity of light. Light emitted from the L Series is specifically calibrated for optimal reproduction on TV and digital film cameras, ensuring pleasing skin tones and vividly rendered colors.

  • The L Series Led lighting equipment offers tuneability, color fidelity, high build quality and ease of use. Three simple knobs permit the brightness, color temperature and green/magenta point to be fine-tuned, while a focus knob on the side of each fixture allows smooth adjustment of the beam spread. Available models: Arri L5, L7 and L10.
  • Arri L5 led fresnel spotlight hire. The L5 Fresnel offers colour temperature ranges from 2800k to 10000k, can be controlled manually, by DMX and remotely by RDM. The Arri L5 led fresnel L5 has magenta-green correction, a CRI of 95 and weighs 5kg.
  • Arri L7 led fresnel spotlight hire. The L7 Fresnel have colour temperature ranges from 2800k to 10000k, are controlled either manually, by DMX or remotely RDM. The Arri L7 led Fresnel L7 has magenta-green correction, a CRI of 94 and weighs 8.2kg.
  • Arri L10 led fresnel spotlight hire. The L10 Fresnel allows colour temperature from 2800k to 10000k, can be operated manually, by DMX and remotely RDM. The Arri L10 led fresnel L10 has magenta-green correction, a CRI of 94 and weighs 20kg.
  • If you need Arri Fresnel L-Series floodlights for rent at Camaleón Rental we can help you.


Rent Led Lighting Panels Litepanels

  • Rent led lighting panels LitepanelsGemini Hard led lighting panels are 1x1 with full RGB control of over 16 million colours, 300 gels and 11 customisable special effects. Gemini 1x1 Hard Led Lighting panels adapt to your imagination to create original sequences in film or television productions.
  • Litepanels led panel lighting offers an exceptional light output of over 3000 lux at 10ft - 3m and a narrow beam angle of 46 degrees. Litepanels Gemini Hard projects a rich or saturated white colour more than any other 1x1 LED panel. Remove the diffuser for incredibly bright natural light. It offers 20% more power than a 200W HMI. With the lightweight diffusers you get a soft light with extraordinary brightness.
  • Rent Litepanels Gemini 1x1 Hard led panel lighting. It is a RGBWW led lighting panel with a colour temperature of 2700K to 10000K and can change its intensity from 0.1% to 100%. It has a TLCI and CRI of 98. Its weight is 13.25lbs and its dimensions are 12.6" height x 12.6" width.
  • Rent Litepanels Gemini 1x1 Soft led lighting panel. This RGBWW led lighting panel has a colour temperature range of 2700K to 10000K. Its CRI is 97 and its TLCI is 94. It has a weight of 12lbs and its dimensions are 12.6" x 12.6".
  • Rent Litepanels Gemini 2x1 Hard led lighting panel. This is an RGBWW led lighting panel with a CCT of 2700 to 10000K, has a CRI of 95 and a TLCI of 97. It weighs 25.3lbs and its dimensions are 12" x 25".
  • Rent Litepanels Gemini 2x1 Soft led lighting panel. It is an RGBWW led lighting panel with a temperature range of 2700 to 10000K. It has a CRI of 99 and a TLCI of 99. It weighs 22.27lbs and its dimensions are 25" x 6.5".

Sunnyxiao Led Lighting Panels Rental

  • Sunnyxiao led lighting panels rental. The Sunnyxiao Caster series of led lighting panels consists of four sizes, all with the ballast integrated in the panel itself. Sunnyxiao led lighting products offer great lighting performance similar to other brands such as Arri at a more economical price.
  • The Sunnyxiao lighting panels have internal lighting gels, colour effects, green-magenta colour correction. They can be dimmed from 0 to 100% and work with DMX. The Sunnyxiao Caster led lighting is available in 4 different sizes: 
  • Sunnyxiao Caster C01P led lighting panel rental. The portable led panel light C01P is the smallest light source of the Sunnyxiao lighting series. With its dimensions 13.4 x 12.4" it is ideal for filming where small lighting equipment is required. The C01P lighting panel offers the equivalent of a 1,000W tungsten light source and has a maximum power consumption of 220W.
  • Sunnyxiao Caster C02P led lighting panel rental. They are light and measure 25.8 x 12.4". They offer the equivalent of a soft light of 2000W of tungsten with a consumption of 450w. They do not need an external electronic ballast, the panel is integrated. They offer faithful colours with a CRI of 95 and weigh 12.5kg.
  • Sunnyxiao Caster C04P led lighting panel rental. It has twice the surface area of the C02P model with 50.7 x 12.4" offering a larger and softer light source with a power consumption of 500w. The ballast is integrated in the led panel and its weight is 19.5 kg.
  • Sunnyxiao Caster C12P led lighting panel rental. The new Sunnyxiao Caster C12P led panel is the largest in the Caster range measuring 50.7 x 36.2". This high power led panel can best meet the brightness requirements for remote lighting. Caster C12P led panels can be used to simulate sunlight or moonlight. CP12 led panels are one of the most versatile lights on the market. With a power consumption of only 1500w they offer the equivalent of 4000w tungsten lighting.

Arri Orbiter Led Light Rental

  • Arri Orbiter led light rentalInterchangeable optics is the innovation in the Orbiter led spotlight. Offering a wide variety of optics to choose from, Orbiter lighting transforms into the perfect light without sacrificing beam, output or colour quality. The Quick Light Mount (QLM) on the Orbiter allows optics with different properties to be connected to the fixture. Open-faced optics produce a high-performance directional beam at several different beam angles (15°, 30° and 60°) - perfect for throwing light over long distances or providing a wide beam. The ARRI Spectra six-colour light engine, including a red, green, blue, amber, cyan and lime led, results in a wider colour gamut, more accurate colours and better colour rendering across the entire CCT range.
  • A new era of digital lighting has arrived. Orbiter lighting is the most technologically advanced luminaire ever created for capturing images while maintaining superior colour fidelity. With state-of-the-art electronics, Orbiter lighting can perform more tasks than previous luminaires. Orbiter lighting features a processor four times faster than SkyPanel with 125 times more memory.
  • Orbiter's wide range of optics and features allow the lighting fixture to be used in a wide variety of applications without compromising on quality. Markets such as film and television production, events, theatre, live entertainment and even still photography are some examples of environments where Orbiter lighting fixtures excel.

Dedoled Lighting Rental

  • Dedoled lighting rental. The first Dedolight spotlight was built in 1984 with an original concept and evolved from the experiences of the English Director of Photography Dedo Weigert since 1963. For many years it was only built in one version and one size and became one of the best selling lighting tools.

  • Dedolight currently manufactures versions of Dedo led lighting of different powers and sizes, which maintain their Dedolight patents and designs but add the advantages of led lighting such as temperature variations of 3200º and 5600º, power regulation from 0-100%, battery power supply and lower heat emission.
  • At Camaleón we offer Dedolight led lighting for rent with the DLed4 and DLed9 models.
  • Dedoled DLed4 led spotlight rental. It is a state-of-the-art led light source that provides bicolour options. It focuses like a real dedolight, with an angle of 60° up to a beam of 4°. It provides precise, shadow-free light. It has an aspherical optic. With a CCT 2700ºK - 6500ºK.
  • Dedoled DLed9 led spotlight rental. It has a power of 90W and its colour temperature range is between 2700K and 6500K. It has a weight of 3.7kg. As all leds are sensitive to heat, this led spotlight incorporates a thermo sensor with a signal to turn off the ballast in case of an overheating situation.
  • Tungsten Dedoled Panaura Octodome 5 rental. It is a soft tungsten daylight light that supports a power of 400 to 575W. It is a broad but soft light source, capable of illuminating large areas while enhancing skin tones in interviews. Its dimensions are 30.8 x 19.5 x 22.7cm and it has a weight of 1.6kg. It is octagonal in shape.


Astera Led Lighting Rental

  • Astera led lighting rental. Led lighting company Astera is a specialist in hardware, software and manufacturing. Since the mid-2000s, Astera has been producing remote-controlled, battery-operated led lights. In 2007 the lighting house Astera moved to the world centre of led technology in Germany where it has its 5000 meter factory.

  • True to its roots, Astera only manufactures battery operated lights and accessories. Their range of lighting has been used to illuminate numerous world famous events and advertisements. At Camaleon we offer the Astera Titan and Astera Helios lighting series for hire.
  • Astera Titan Tube led lighting rental. It has a colour temperature range of 1750K to 20000K. Its TLCI and RCI are greater than or equal to 96. It has a total power of 72W. It has 16 pixels per tube. Its classification is IP65, that is to say, sealed against dust and protected against the projection of water. It can be operated from the tube itself, with App, via wireless DMX or wired DMX.
  • Astera Helios Tube rental. It has a total power of 36W. There are 8 pixels per tube. It is half the size of the Astera Titan Tube and half the brightness. It has different light effects and can be fitted with different accessories. It has a CCT of 1750K to 20000K. Its light output is 1340lm.
  • Astera Hyperion Tube led tubes rental. It is twice as long as the Titan, 80". Its light output is also double 5800lm. It uses a total of 32 pixels and has a total power of 144W. Its colour temperature range is 1750K to 20000K.
  • Astera Nyx Bulb led rental. Its maximum power is 14W and it has 1 pixel. It weighs only 0.53lbs. It is the first colour dimmable led bulb for professional film, television and event productions. It is similar in size to a standard bulb and has a CRMX receiver as well as RF and Bluetooth modules for the AsteraApp.
  • Check out our offers on Astera Led Lighting Rental.



Aputure Led Lighting and Accessories Rental

  • Aputure led lighting and accesories rental. Emerging lighting brand Aputure has quickly become a standard in the Film and Video industry. Their led light sources offer great performance and power at a moderate price compared to their competitors. They can also be battery powered making them ideal portable light sources for location shoots that don't require heavy generator sets.

Aputure Electro Storm led spotlight rental

  • Aputure Electro Storm CS15 led spotlight rental. Its colour temperature range is from 2000K to 10000K. It has a weight of 18kg and the ballast with the interface weighs 39.7lbs. With its 1585W of power, we can compare it to an 1800W HMI. It is equipped with the new Aputure electronic mount which is also compatible with the Bowens mount so that we can attach accessories to it.
  • Aputure Electro Storm XT26 led spotlight rental. This led spotlight has a power of 2600W which is equivalent to a 4000W HMI and a 12000W tungsten. Its CCT ranges from 2700K to 6500K. It has a weight of 18kg and its ballast with interface weighs 39.lbs. It can also be controlled via the Sidus Link App, LumenRadio CRMX, Art-net and sACN via etherCON and 16-bit DMX512.

Aputure Light Storm led spotlight rental

  • Aputure LS1200D Pro led spotlight rental. It has a maximum power of 1200W. It uses Bowens mount which makes it compatible with Aputure accessories. It is the brightest light from Aputure and has 8 different lighting effects included. Apart from the ballast it can also be operated with the SidusLink App.
  • Aputure Aputure LS600X Pro led spotlight for rent. Its colour temperature range is between 2700K and 6500K. It generates up to 5610 lux at 10 feet. In addition to its built-in controls, 2.4G remote control, 5-pin XLR DMX512 input and output, and compatibility with the SidusLink App, it is the first light to simultaneously support sACN, ArtNet and LumenRadio, including CRMX compatibility.
  • Aputurte LS600C Pro led spotlight rental. This is the first RGBWW model with Bowens mount from Aputure. It has a maximum power of 600W and its CCT ranges from 2300K to 10000K. There are 15 different lighting effect modes included. It has a weight of 12.92lbs.
  • Aputure LS600D Pro led spotlight rental. Tiene una potencia máxima de 720W. Su peso es de 10.34lbs. Su rango de temperatura de color es de  5600K±200K. Dispone de un ventilador potente y silencioso para que la lámpara no se caliente. Trae 8 efectos diferentes de iluminación.
  • Aputure LS300X led spotlight rental. It is a bicolour led spotlight. Its CCT ranges from 2700K to 6500K and the CRI and TLCI are higher than 96. It has Bluetooth so it is compatible with the Siduslink App.
  • Aputure LS300D Mark II led spotlight for rent. It has 8 different lighting effects. Its dimming control goes from 0% to 100%. It also has Bluetooth so we can use it with the Siduslink App. It weighs 25.1lbs and the ballast weighs 12.79.
  • Aputure LS60D led spotlight rental. Its spot beam angle is from 15 to 45°. It has a power of 60W. The CRI and TLCI are above 95. It has a Bowens mount which makes it compatible with Aputure accessories. It has 8 different lighting effects, it can be controlled from the spotlight itself or via Siduslink thanks to Bluetooth. It has a weight of 3.96lbs.
  • Aputure LS60X led spotlight rental. It is a bicolour LED spotlight. Its 60W of power is more powerful than a 300W tungsten. It has a colour temperature range of 2700K-6500K. It has a Bowens mount adapter included so we can use these accessories. It has 9 different lighting effects. Its weight is 3.96lbs.

Aputure Amaran led lighting rental

  • Aputure Amaran 150C led spotlight rental. It is a bicolour led spotlight with a Bowens mount. Its colour temperature range is 2500K to 7500K, its CRI and TLCI are higher than 95. The control interface is integrated in the spotlight. It has a power of 150W.
  • Aputure Amaran 300C led spotlight rental. This bi-colour led spotlight uses Bowens mount and temperature range is from 2500K to 7500K, its CRI and TLC are over 95. It has 9 different lighting effects and a maximum power of 300W.
  • Aputure Amaran F21X led lighting panel rental. It is a bicolour fabric led panel, which makes it flexible. It has a power of 100W and its colour temperature range is from 2500K to 7500K. It has intensity regulation from 0 to 100% and the possibility of choosing the frequency to avoid flickering.
  • Aputure Amaran F22X led lighting panel rental. It is a bicolour flexible led panel. It has a power of 200W and its CCT is from 2500K to 7500K. It has 9 different lighting effects. Its weight is only 1.76lbs and its dimensions are 23.6 x 23.6 x 2in. 
  • Aputure Amaran F21C led panel lighting rental. It is a flexible fabric led panel that weighs only 1.9lbs. It has 15 different lighting effects and its CCT ranges from 2500K to 7500K and has green-magenta adjustment. Its dimensions are 23.6 x 11.8 x 0.2in.
  • Aputure Amaran F22C led lighting panel rental. Flexible fabric led panel with a weight of 1.9lbs and a size of 23.6 x 23.6 x 0.2in. It can be controlled with SidusLink as it is Bluetooth enabled. Its colour temperature range is from 2500K to 7500K.

Aputure Battery Generator Rental

  • Aputure Delta Pro battery generator rental. Equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery, with a capacity of 3600Wh and an AC power output of 3600W. It is suitable for powering any Aputure lighting model. It can perform up to 3500 cycles while maintaining 80% of original capacity, or up to 6500 cycles while retaining 50% capacity.

Aputure light modifier rental

  • Aputure F14 Fresnel light modifier rental. It is an electronic light modifier with a 14" lens and a motorised adjustable beam angle range of 18°-45°. It can be operated with a knob and the data can be displayed on a screen or it can also be operated remotely via the SidusLink App or DMX controls. It has a weight of 28.66lbs.
  • Aputure Spotlight Max light modifier rental. It uses Bowens mount, so it is compatible with all Aputure models that use this mount. It has a 19º lens that weights 10.6lbs, a 36º lens that weights 8.09lbs and a 50º lens that weights 8.64lbs. There is also the possibility to apply gobos.
  • Aputure F10 Fresnel light modifier. Its mount is Bowens, so it is a compatible accessory with all the Aputure that use this mount. Its lens has a diameter of 250mm. Its beam angle is 15°-45°. It has a weight of 8.48lbs.
  • Aputure Light Dome II light modifier. It is a light diffusion fixture using a Bowens mount. It is quick and easy to mount. In addition to offering various diffusion alternatives, it incorporates a fabric light control grid with a 40° angle, providing a quality to facilitate modulation of the softness of the light. Its weight is 5.59lbs.
  • Aputure Latern light modifier. It is a quick and easy to mount fixture with a Bowens mount. Employing a 26" spherical design, it spreads the light from its led flash in all directions, covering a beam angle of 270°. It has a weight of 2.8lbs.
  • Aputure Light Dome 150 light modifier rental. A Bowens mounted fixture that converts spot light into soft light, it is quick and easy to mount. It incorporates a fabric light control grid with a 45° angle, designed to reduce excess stray light and achieve an exquisite appearance. It weighs 7.32lbs.
  • If you need led lighting rental, your lighting rental company is Camaleón Rental.

Rosco Led Lighting Panel Rental

  • Rosco led lighting panel rental. Today, the company provides products in more than a dozen categories, covering areas such as led lighting, which have been creating innovative solutions since 2009. Rosco products are synonymous with top quality and unbeatable results. For this reason, Rosco is positioned as the number 1 brand preferred by lighting technicians and directors of photography.
  • Rosco Litepad Vector led lighting panel rental. Its colour temperature range is 3000K to 6000K, offering a dimming from 0 to 100%. Its weight is only 4.3lbs. Its maximum power is 65W. The dimensions of the panel are 8.25" x 8.25" x 2.82".

DMG Lumiere Led Lighting Panels rental

  • DMG Lumière led lighting panels rental. DMG Lumiere is a brand currently owned by Rosco. But even though it still belongs to Rosco, they work independently. It is currently making unbeatable innovations in terms of led technology.
  • DMG Lumiere SL1 Switch led lighting panel rental. It has a power of 170W. Its colour temperature ranges from 3000K to 5600K. Its weight is 7.5lbs and its dimensions are 44.5" x 7.8" x 0.8". The material it is made of is 100% aluminium.
  • DMG Lumière Mini Switch lIts colour temperature ranges from 3000K to 5600K and its intensity is dimmable from 0 to 100%. It has a power of 85W, measures 58.5 x 20 x 2cm and weighs only 1.7kg.
  • DMG Mini led lighting panel rental. It has 6 colours: red, lime, green, blue, amber and white. Its colour temperature range goes from 1700K to 10000K. Its maximum power is 100W. It has a weight of 5.6lbs and its dimensions are 23.8″ x 8″ x 1.4".
  • DMG Maxi led lighting panel rental. It has 6 led: red, lime, green, blue, amber and white. It has a power of 600W, its colour temperature range oscillates between 1700K and 10000K, it is made of aluminium, its dimensions are 47 x 14 x 3.3" and its weight is 17.6lbs.

Cineo Lighting Led Lighting Panels Rental

  • Cineo lighting led lighting panels rental. Its innovative lighting technology introduces the world to a specialised approach that allows the subdivision of its lights into smaller segments. This gives users the ability to design effects that were previously unattainable. All of its lights are powered by Cineo StageLynx software.
  • Cineo Lighting Trucolor HS led lighting panel rental. Su potencia máxima es de 500W. Su temperatura de color es de 2700K hasta 6500K. Puede variar la intensidad de la luz del 0 al 100% sin ningún tipo de parpadeo. Su peso es de 5.5kg.
  • Cineo Lighting Quantum 120 led lighting panel rental. It has a power of 1200W. Its colour temperature range is from 2700K to 6000K. Its dimensions are 1.2m x 1.2m x 14cm and it has a weight of 25kg.

Led BBS Lighting Led Lighting Panels Rental

  • Led BBS Lighting led lighting panels rental. They are specialists in the design of top quality led lighting, both for filming on sets and studios and for filming outdoors. They have a wide range of led lighting products and are always on the lookout for faster, more advanced technologies.
  • BBS Lighting Area 48 Soft Led lighting panel rental. It has a TLCI above 97, its colour temperature range is from 2700 to 6500K. It has a beam angle of 160º. This led panel separates the phosphor that is usually included in the leds.

Aladdin Led Lighting Panel Rental

  • Aladdin led lighting panel rental. Aladdin is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing top of the range and innovative led lighting. Their led lights are portable. Among others, there are the led lights of the BIFLEX family which are flexible.
  • Aladdin B-Flex 1 led lighting panel rental. It is a bicolour led panel, it has a colour temperature ranging from 3200 to 5600K. It has a power of 50W and weighs only 09.lbs. It is totally flexible. It has a thickness of 5mm and its dimensions are 11.8 x 11.8 x 0.2".

Creamsource Led Lighting Panels Rental

  • Creamsource led lighting panels rental. This company is dedicated to designing lighting equipment to solve the problems that cinema has in this area. They are pioneers in solutions for the film industry, and are dedicated all the time to the innovation of lighting equipment. Their best lights are the Vortex family.
  • Creamsource Vortex 4 led lighting panel rental. Its color temperature range is from 2200K to 15000K. Its casing has IP65 resistance, that is, against water jets and dust ingress. It weighs 21.8lb and its dimensions are 15” x 15” x 4.8”. It has a power of 325W. It can be connected via Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, DMX, Lumenradio or accessory port.
  • Creamsource Vortex 8 led lighting panel rental. It has a power of 650W which is equivalent to a 1200W fresnel. Its color temperature ranges between 2200K and 15000K, its dimensions are 27.2” x 15” x 4.8" and it weighs 35lb. It can be connected via Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, DMX, Lumenradio or accessory port.

Kino Flo Led Lighting Panels rental

  • Kino Flo led lighting panels rental. The Kino Flo led Lighting Displays offer colour temperature ranges from 2700ºK to 9900ºK and can be battery powered. These lighting panels are ideal for documentary or television productions where lightweight materials are required.
  • The new Kino Flo Select 30 and Kino Flo Select 31 Freestyle led panel lights have visors that can be removed for easy hanging and transport when using batteries as a power source. They also feature internal digital gels, colour effects, green/magenta colour correction, variable intensity (0-100%) and work with DMX.
  • Kino Flo's led lighting technologies exceed the performance of fluorescence and are lighter in weight.
  • These are the Kino Flo led panels for cinema and TV available for rent at Camaleón Rental: Kinoflo Celeb 200, Kinoflo Celeb 400, Kinoflo Select 30, Kinoflo Select 20 and Kinoflo Select 31.

Kino Flo Celeb Led Lighting Panels Rental

  • Kino Flo Celeb 201 led lighting panels rental. They feature unique technical innovations that allow you to set the colour temperature in a range between 2700K and 6500K. They offer a flicker-free light when changing the intensity or temperature. They can be operated by both DMX and wireless DMX.
  • Kino Flo Celeb 401 led lighting panel rental. One of the largest panels on the market measuring 114.5cm x 36cm. Similar to the award winning Kino Flo 4 Bank 4ft. It reproduces a regulated colour in all its temperatures, from 2700K to 6500K, with several configurable memories for a faster running time. It weighs 12kg.

Kino Flo Select Led Lighting Panels Hire

  • Kino Flo freestyle Select 30 led lighting panel hire. They were launched on the market in mid-2016. This led screen can be used with its small size electronic ballast select 150 attached to the back, used together with a dmx cable or via a wireless connection (Lumen radio). It offers a range of colour temperatures from 2700K to 6500K, it has four memories (2700K, 3200K, 5000K or 6500K) to match sources with more speed. Its weight is ONLY 7 KG including ballast.
  • Kino Flo Select 41 led lighting panel hire. This powerful light source allows the led panel to be quickly released from the rest of the lighting fixture components, thus reducing the weight of the source by almost half from 7.3 kg to 4.4 kg for greater mounting flexibility. It has a colour rendering TLCI >96, CRI >96, TM-30-18 Rf=95, Rg=103 and dial-in colour temperature control between 2500K-9900K.
  • Kino Flo Select 20 led lighting panel hire. It is the smaller brother of the Kino Flo Select 30 lighting panels. Despite its smaller dimensions, it has the same features of colour temperature, Green-Magenta colour correction, DMX control and can be powered by batteries. The Kino Flo led panels offer the possibility to control the power from 0-100% and have a CRI of 95%.



Arri HMI Lighting Rental

  • Arri HMI lighting rental. The New M Series HMI Lighting won the Academy Award for its ARRIMAX 18/12 lensless lighting system. The first M series spotlight on which the system was mounted was an Arri M18, which introduced this new class of devices that facilitate workflows because it is not necessary to change lenses and due to its reduced weight. M40 and M90 were the next to arrive, finally the Arri M8 completed the series of the German house, different powers under the name of MAX Technology.

  • MAX lighting technology features a unique reflector design. Combining the best PAR elements and Fresnel accessories, units incorporating MAX technology are open-faced and therefore more powerful. They allow you to concentrate over a range of 35 ° or more, producing a clear and sharp shadow. MAX lighting technology has already been extended to other lamp heads such as the ARRILITE 750 Tungsten and 2000 Plus and will be made available to more Arri products in the future. MAX lighting technology means more light but less work. Work is accelerated by eliminating the need to handle heavy lenses that can break on set. The new Arri M series ballasts are prepared for high-speed recording, and can be configured up to 1000hz.

  • At Camaleón Rental we have the complete M series for rent. ARRIMAX 18KW, ARRI M90, ARRI M40, ARRI M18 and ARRI M8.

  • Arrimax HMI 18/12 rental. With a diameter of 580mm, it allows continuous focus adjustment, varying the beam angle from 15° to 50°. Its power consumption is 18000W / 12000W. The correlated color temperature is approximately 5600K. It has a weight of 152.56lbs. The diameter of its lens is 25.4".

  • Arri M90 HMI rental. You can focus in a range from 15° to 49° by rotating the focus knob, generating a uniform light field and casting sharp, clear shadows. Its lamp is 9000W. Its ballast has cable loss compensation, which allows maximum power even if the cable is long. Its correlated color temperature is 6000K. The diameter of the lens is 19.7".

  • Arri M40 HMI rental. Thanks to the exclusive patented MAX technology reflector, it also offers the possibility of focusing in an angle range from 18° to 52°. Its lamp is 4000W lamps, but they are also compatible for use with 2500W lamps. Its correlated color temperature is 6,000K and it has an approximate weight of 43.97lbs. The diameter of the lens is 13.8".

  • Arri Par 4/2.5 HMI rental. We can use it with lamps of two different intensities: 4 kW PAR and 2.5 kW PAR. It is used in conjunction with a set of 5 lenses to manage the projection of the light beam, and has an adjustable ballast without flicker, allowing the intensity to be adjusted up to 50%. Its power is 4000W and 2500W.

  • Arri M18 HMI Rental. It has a power of 1800W, but is also compatible with 1200W lamps and ballasts, offering flexibility in choosing the power used. Its correlated color temperature is 6000K. The size of the lens is 10.9" and it has an approximate weight of 25.63lbs.

  • Arri M8 HMI rental. It has a power of 800W which compares it to a 1200W fresnel. Its ballast has cable loss compensation, that is, it maintains maximum power regardless of the length of the cable. The correlated color temperature is 6000K and its approximate weight is 18.5lbs.

  • Arri Par 1.2 HMI rental. It has a power of 1200W and produces a daylight of 5600K. Its weight is 22lbs. It has built-in dimming. Its ballast is adjustable with DMX control.

  • Arri Par 575 HMI rental. This lightweight and robust HMI has a power of 575W. Its color temperature range is 6000K and it weighs 6.3 kilograms. The diameter of its lens is 175 millimeters. It integrates a set of 5 lenses that provide different types of light beam to adapt to different needs.

  • Arri Pocket Par 200 HMI rental. It has a power of 200W. Its color temperature is 5600K and it weights only 1.9kg. It has 4 lenses to change its light beam.

  • Arri Compact 1200 HMI rental. It has a power of 1200W. It is used to achieve a daylight color temperature using a Fresnel lens, allowing a more concentrated or more open beam of light depending on the distance between the lamp and the Fresnel lens.

  • Arri Compact 600 HMI rental. It has a total power of 600W. Its color temperature is 5600K. The diameter of the lens is 420mm and it has a total weight of 33kg. It has a design that is very robust.

  • Arri Junior 5000 HMI rental. As its name indicates, it has a power of 5000W. It is made of die-cast aluminum which makes it very compact. Its color temperature is 3200K and its lens size is 250mm.

  • Arri Junior 2000 HMI rental. It has a power of 2000W. Its color temperature is 3200K. The size of its lens is 175mm and it weighs 8.7kg. The housing is very compact and made of aluminum.



Fluorescence Lighting Rental

  • Fluorescence lighting rental. Kino Flo brand fluorescence lighting is available in two temperatures, with both 3200º and 5600º tubes. They are manufactured in sizes of 0.60m or 1.20m and with 1, 2 and 4 Tubes. They have long been one of the most used soft lighting sources. Characterized by generating minimal heat. Kino Flo fluorescence screens can be used by turning on all phases or half of them when they have paired lamps.
  • Without a doubt, the largest device built in fluorescence is the great jewel of Kino Flo. The Blanket Lite screen. Provides a large amount of soft light. It has sixteen exit indicators and measures 6x6. It has four Mega Dmx 4 Ba ballasts.
  • In addition to the rental of lighting equipment for cinema, we offer qualified personnel and transportation. Vans, Bodybuilders and Trucks with generator. Vehicles conditioned for filming. We offer lighting services throughout Spain, with offices in Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Almeria, Valencia and the Balearic Islands.
  • Latest generation lighting sources with smaller size and weight than their predecessors, special transport carts for tripods and spotlights reduce set assembly time.
  • Our filming logistics with lighting material for cinema, advertising or television is efficient, fast and professional. From the pre-production of the project, we assess the number of professionals and resources necessary with our electrical managers so that no detail is missing and the human team is perfectly adapted to the demands and needs of the filming.
  • Latest generation lighting sources with smaller size and weight than their predecessors, special transport carts for tripods and spotlights reduce set assembly time.
  • Kino Flo Blanket Lite fluorescent lighting rental. It has a power of 600W. Its dimensions are 80" H x 80" W x 11" and it weighs 72.5lbs. There are 16 fluorescent tubes that are placed in an aluminum frame. It has quick and easy assembly. It is mounted on supports although it can also be hung.
  • Kino Flo 0.60M 4 Tubes fluorescent lighting rental. There are 4 60cm fluorescent tubes that have a color temperature that ranges between 3200k and 5600k, with a weight of 3.4kg. The ballast is controlled remotely with a cable that can travel up to 22m.
  • Kino Flo 2 Tubes 1.2 fluorescent lighting rental. There are 2 fluorescent tubes of 1.2 meters with 75W of power each. Its color temperature is from 3200K to 5600K.
  • Kino Flo 2 Tubes 0.6 fluorescent lighting rental. There are 2 fluorescent lighting tubes of 60 centimeters with a weight of 2.1kg. Its color temperature is from 3200K to 5600K.
  • Kino Flo Barfly 200 fluorescent lighting rental. They are two tubes that have a color temperature that ranges between 3200K and 5600K. It has a high-performance flicker-free ballast, with instant start and completely silent operation.
  • Kino Flo Barfly 400 fluorescent lighting rental. It has four 55W lamps weighing 12lbs. They have a dimming of 5 to 100%. It has an integrated ballast.


K5600 Lighting HMI Lighting Rental

  • K5600 Lighting HMI lighting rental. It is a company created in 1992 dedicated to developing innovative lighting solutions for current production demands, focusing especially on HMI technology. Their lights are known for being some of the lightest, brightest and most versatile on the market. One of their most famous ranges is the Joker range.
  • K5600 Lighting Joker 800 HMI lighting rental. This HMI has a power of 800W, with a color temperature of 5600K. Its weight is 9lbs. We can use it at high speed since it has a frequency between 300Hz and 1000Hz. It has a dimmer.
  • K5600 Lighting Joker Bug 400 HMI lighting rental. It is a daylight HMI with a power of 400W, its color temperature is 5600K. It has a weight of 2.72kg.

Lighting Tripod Rental

  • Lighting tripod rental. At Camaleón Rental we offer you the Avenger brand, which is a brand of lighting and grip supports that currently belongs to Manfrotto. Manufactures different things: Accessories, arms, supports, hangers, clips, light control couplers... Generally in steel or aluminum.
  • Avenger A1020CS lighting tripod rental. Highly resistant tripod designed in chrome steel. also called Low boy. Of its three legs, one is a leveler for even terrain. Its maximum height is 78". The perimeter occupied by its deployed legs is 80cm, its weight is 7.2kg. Its maximum load is 77.2lbs.
  • Avenger A1045CS lighting tripod rental. It is a lighting support that has three elevation levels with a maximum height of 177.2". The maximum load it supports is 88.2lbs. The weight of this tripod is 13kg.
  • Avenger A1035CS lighting tripod rental. Lighting support made of steel. It has 2 extensions. Its maximum height is 137.8". Its weight is 12kg. It is compatible with wheels.
  • Avenger A3058CS lighting tripod rental. Tripod with wheels. Its maximum height is 228in and at that height its maximum load is 88.2lbs. It is made of chrome steel and has a weight of 18.3kg.
  • Avenger C-Stand A2030DKIT lighting tripod rental. It is a chrome-plated steel light stand that has a removable base for easy transportation. It has a weight of 8.35kg and the maximum it supports is 10kg. It has a minimum height of 1.34m and a maximum of 3m. It has a D200 ball joint and a 1m extension bar (D520).
  • Avenger A1010CS lighting tripod rental. Light stand also called Baby boy made of chrome steel. Its maximum height is 39.4" and it supports a maximum of 66.1lbs. It weighs only 4.2kg.
  • Avenger Wind Up B6039CS lighting tripod rental. Chromed steel lighting support with wheels with brakes, it has a crank so that we can extend it up to a maximum of 3.83m and a load of 30kg. Its weight is 25kg.
  • Avenger C-Stand A2018L lighting tripod rental. Lighting support with a maximum height of 1.75m that supports a weight of 8kg. It is made of steel and its weight is 4.3kg. Its legs are foldable and the upper leg can slide over the vertical tube to support it in places with uneven ground. It is usually used to hold flags, aesthetics...

Lighting Frames Rental

  • Avenger H800M lighting frame rental. Its dimensions are 8 x 8" with a weight of 13.6kg, made of black aluminum. They are square section tubes. It comes with two ears so that we can mount it on top of lighting supports and with 4 corners where the tubes are inserted Thanks to its modular construction, tubes can be added or subtracted to change their size. Ideal for textiles for light control.
  • Avenger H2512 lighting frame rental. It is a folding silver aluminum frame with dimensions 12 x 12" and a weight of 16kg. It has two ears to be able to mount it on a lighting stand.

Trolley Rental

  • Trolley rental. At Camaleón Rental we have the Lince Crane brand, which is a manufacturer of high-quality, reliable grip equipment with proven functionality, suitable for filming and audiovisual projects around the world. With more than five decades of experience in the film and advertising industry.
  • Lince Crane Lince Trolley rental. To transport a variety of materials, from suitcases and cables to tools and bags. The drawer offers the ability to carry items from the shoot. Made of high-strength aluminum with easy-to-clean non-slip rubber, it guarantees durability and safety. Equipped with 10" pneumatic wheels, the rear ones have a braking system. It is foldable and weighs 23.95kg.

Generator Rental

  • Generator rental. At Camaleón Rental we have the rental of different brands that are currently the best on the market in generator. For example, among other brands, we have Pramac, Ayerbe... We have several models of different powers, ideal for powering equipment in places where there is no electrical network.
  • Pramac S8000 generator rental. Its voltage is 230V. It uses a 389 horsepower Honda model GX390 engine. It is air cooled and has a manual start. It has two wheels built in to make transportation more comfortable. It has a weight of 109kg. The fuel for this generator set is unleaded gasoline and it has a tank capacity of 26.5 liters.
  • Pramac Powermate PMi 1000 generator rental. It is a silent and compact inverter-type generator with manual start that uses unleaded gasoline fuel and has a 2.1-liter tank. Its engine has a power of 1.4 horsepower and is a 4-stroke single cylinder with overhead valves.
  • Ayerbe 40 KVA generator rental. It has a capacity of up to 40,000 volt-ampere. It is water cooled and uses an IVECO engine. It has an empty weight of 1020kg and its dimensions are 0.94m high x 1.28m wide x 2.20m long.
  • 200KVA generator rentalIt has a capacity of up to 20,000 volt-ampere. Its dimensions are 3.30m long, 1.95m high and 1.20m wide. It has a tank capacity of 450 liters, which is approximately 12 hours running at maximum power. Its weight is 2,300kg.

Smoke Machine Rental

  • Smoke machine rental. At Camaleón Rental we have the Tour Hazer II model from the German brand Smoke Factory. It is a German company dedicated to manufacturing fog or smoke machines with continuous operation. This company has been dedicated to the manufacture of fog machines for concerts, events, cinema and advertising for more than 30 years.
  • Smoke Factory Hazer II smoke machine rental. It has two DMX controls, one that controls the strength of the fan and the other the density of the smoke. The liquid hardly stains or leaves residue, since its main base is water. The direction of the mist can be changed with a flap that moves up to 45º. It comes inside a sturdy suitcase that protects it.