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Alquiler Arri Fresnel Tungsteno STUDIO T24 - Iluminación cine y tv - Camaleon Rental
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The Arri Fresnel T24 is a big fresnel that takes 20K-24K W lamps. It is designed to light up scenes that require a great level of light coverage. It is made of corrosion-free aluminium and it is designed so that it can be used at any location and situation. Its lightbeam angle can vary between 14º and 55º and it features a dimmer to tune the light's intensity.

  • Lamp hour consum: 15Euros / hour
  • Lamp socket: G38
  • Lightbeam angle: 14° - 55°
  • Fresnel: 24.6" (625 mm) Fresnel
  • Dimensions: 42 x 41 x 33" (107 x 104 x 83 cm)
  • Weight: 133.6 lb (60.6 kg) 
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The Arri T24 fresnel is a great solution to light up big and wide scenarios which require a lot of light power, since the T24 provides with high performance and can use either 20KW or 24KW lamps. It is possible to set the lightbeam angle by tuning the focus knob, changing from a wide projection of light to a more focused one but always keeping an even light distribution.

This lamphead's dimmer grants a slow power on so that the filament starts heating gradually, preventing possible accidents and avoiding risks while making the lamp's maintenance simpler. There's a wide range of accessories available for the T24, including scrims, barndoors,...

  • High performance fresnel lenses.
  • Large lens (24,6") that offers an even yet powerfull lighting.
  • Pre-heating function that increases lamp's security and stability.

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