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800 meters studio Lisbon rental. With a height of 7 meters, you can fly light fixtures and create unique environments for your projects. Our studio rental in Lisbon has 6 dressing rooms for your team and talent to prepare in comfort. A cozy hair and make-up room. Also included in the studio rental, dressing room and control room is equipped with the latest technology.

  • Studio rea: 800 Square Meters
  • 7 meters high
  • 6 dressing rooms
  • Make-up and hairdressing room
  • Wardrobe room
  • Control room
  • Parking at the studio
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Rent film and TV studio 800 meters Lisbon

Rent film and TV studio 800 meters LisbonStudio rental of 800 square meters in the city of Lisbon. This space is the ideal setting to carry out your audiovisual projects in an exceptional way. With 800 square meters of total area, you will have a large area to unleash your creativity and materialize your visions on the big screen. Whether for film shoots, series, commercials or any other audiovisual content, our studio rental offers you the perfect space to turn your ideas into cinematic realities.

One of the outstanding features of our studio rental in Lisbon is its height of 7 meters. This generous height allows you to fly light fixtures and set up impressive scenographies. With this freedom, you can create unique environments and spectacular scenes, giving an exceptional visual quality to your productions.

In addition, our 800-meter studio rental in Lisbon has 6 fully equipped dressing rooms. These private and cozy spaces provide comfort for both actors and crew during breaks and costume changes. The hair and make-up room, meanwhile, is designed to ensure that every aesthetic detail is carefully taken care of. This way, you can achieve impeccable characterization and give your characters authenticity and realism.

To meet all your needs, our studio rental in Lisbon has a large wardrobe room. Here you will find an extensive selection of costumes and accessories, which will allow you to bring your characters to life and set your scenes with precision. You will have at your disposal a variety of options to dress your actors and achieve aesthetic coherence in each shot.

The control room is another highlight of our Lisbon rental studio. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it will give you total control over every technical aspect of your production. With this, we ensure that every detail is under your supervision for a smooth and successful production.

In addition, for your convenience, our studio rental in Lisbon has a large parking lot. This ensures that the entire crew, actors and technical staff, can reach the studio without worries and fully concentrate on the realization of your project.

In short, our studio rental in Lisbon is an exceptional place to carry out audiovisual productions. With its 800 square meters of space, 7 meters high, 6 dressing rooms, hair and make-up room, wardrobe room, control room and parking, we offer you all the facilities to bring your creative vision to life with professionalism and comfort. We look forward to welcoming you to this unique space for unforgettable audiovisual productions in the city of Lisbon.

    Features studio 800 meters Lisbon rental

    • Surface area: 800 square meters in Lisbon. Ample space to unleash creativity and carry out large-scale productions. Possibility of configuring multiple scenographies and sets to adapt to different narratives.
    • Height of the Lisbon studio rental: 7 Meters. Generous height that allows flying light fixtures and creating stunning visual effects. Facilitates the construction of impressive structures and sets.
    • Six dressing rooms on the Lisbon studio rental: 6 fully equipped dressing rooms for the rest and preparation of actors and technical crew. Private and comfortable environments to ensure the well-being of everyone involved in the shooting.
    • Make-up and hairdressing room: Space dedicated to professional make-up and hairstyling to achieve authentic characterizations. High-quality equipment to create diverse looks that fit the characters and styles required.
    • Costume Room: Wide selection of costumes and accessories to bring the characters to life and enrich the setting. Specialized personnel to advise on the choice of costumes and guarantee aesthetic coherence.
    • Control room: Equipped with advanced technology to monitor and adjust all technical aspects of production. Allows for more efficient and accurate production, ensuring a high quality end result.
    • Parking on the Lisbon studio rental: Ample parking space for the technical crew, actors and personnel involved in the shoot. Facilitates crew logistics and guarantees a worry-free arrival and departure.

    All in all, our Lisbon rental studio offers a complete and professional environment for audiovisual projects of any size. With first class facilities, equipment amenities and specialized services, we are committed to providing an exceptional filmmaking experience in the captivating city of Lisbon.

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