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This set of 2 studios have an area, each of them, of 1150 m², distributed, in both cases, in 36 meters long, 31 wide and a height of 9.20 meters. Both have access to 300 KV of electrical power and are air-conditioned. Completely soundproofed both in its perimeter and in the pedestrian access doors. It is possible to access by truck to the studio doors. 

  • Area:  1150 m² x 2
  • Dimensions:  36 x 31 x 9,20m each
  • Electrical Power:  600 KW
  • Air Conditioned / 24h Surveillance
  • Hairdressing - Changing rooms - Dressing rooms
  • Truck access to doors and interior of set
  • Cafeteria and dining room for 150 people
  • *30% Discount on Camera/Lightning equipment hire when renting one of our Studios.
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THIS TWO FILM SETS ARE HIRED TOGETHER. PRICE INCLUDES RENTAL OF BOTH SPACES PER DAY. This two filming studios are available for hire with Camaleon Rental. Both has an area of ​​1.150 m², distributed over 36 Meters long, 31 Meters wide and 9.20 meters high. Equipped with hot-cold air conditioning. Access to 600 kV of electrical power. Completely soundproofed both in its perimeter and in the access doors. Attached to this set are 2,400 square meters of ancillary facilities with dressing rooms, dressing rooms with makeup and hairdressing, auxiliary spaces, meeting rooms and offices. Truck access to the set doors. All these spaces have private parking and 24h private security.

We can also offer a range of services that include equipment rental, such as cameras, lightning equipment, grip, etc and production services, crew, technicians and space management. Do not hesitate in contacting us for further information about this filming studios in Madrid.

Why rent studios with Camaleon Rental in Madrid?

We can offer everything you may need to coordinate the use of spaces and all the necessary equipment. In addition, we offer up to a 30% discount on all camera equipment, grip, lighting, etc., when you rent one of our filming spaces.

This set of two studios of 1,150 meters each, is equipped with everything to attend any type of filming, whether they are Film, TV or Documentary productions. We have at your disposal a wide variety of studios and sets that will surely adapt to your specific needs. You can send us an email to hello@camaleonrental.com and we will resolve any questions you may have.

What Audiovisual Material for rent can you find in our studio in Madrid?

We can assist you throughout all the process, from the hire and use of spaces to any equipment or crew requirement. We have a considerable stock of camera equipment, lighting, grip, etc. At Camaleon Rental we have extensive experience in all types of filming, with national and international teams.

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