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Studio 1500 meters Madrid rental. This set has an area of ​​1,500 m². Its dimensions are 55 meters long, 25 Meters wide and 10.20 meters high. This set is air-conditioned and completely soundproofed. It has soundproofed access doors of 4 x 4.25 M. It has a dimmer room. Each truss supports up to 5,000 kg of point load. We are happy to answer any questions related to the rental of this space.

  • Area:  1.500 m²
  • Height:  10,20 Metros
  • Dimensions:  55 x 25 Meters
  • Electrical Power:  3.000 KW
  • Load: 5.000 KG per point
  • Air Conditioned / 24h Surveillance
  • Hairdressing, changing rooms, dressing rooms
  • Cafeteria and dining room for 300 people
  • Location:  Madrid
  • Parking 100 Vehicles
  • *30% discount on camera lighting equipment hire when renting one of our studios
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Rent of 1500 meters of film and TV studio in Madrid

Rent of 1500 meters of film and TV studio in Madrid. This large set has a surface area of 1500 m². It has a length of 55 Metres, which allows to shoot indoor actions with great depth, a width of 25 Metres and a height of 10,20 Metres. Access to maximum lighting power.  Like the other sets in this set, it is air-conditioned and soundproofed. It has soundproofed access doors 4 metres wide and 4.25 metres high. It has a dimmer room for independent lighting control.

Each of the trusses can hold up to 5,000 kg of point load. Access to auxiliary facilities, common areas and exterior access. At Camaleón Rental we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the rental and technical management of this space and everything necessary for a smooth and trouble-free filming.

Characteristics of the set 1500 metres Madrid

  • Square metres: 1500 m²
  • Height: 10,20 Meters
  • Dimensions: 55 x 25 Meters
  • Electric Power: 3.000 KW
  • Load: 5.000 KG per point
  • Air-conditioned / 24h Security
  • Cafeteria and Dining Room for 300 people
  • 2 Industrial Forklifts
  • Hairdresser's, dressing room, dressing rooms
  • Access for trucks to the stage door
  • Location: Madrid




Why shooting with Camaleón Rental in Madrid?

Shooting with Camaleón means simplifying your filming and production. We offer great discounts of up to 30% when hiring a film set for services such as camera equipment, lighting, grip and qualified and experienced personnel.

Pre-shoot equipment checks can be carried out in the same building as the set with professional technical support.

This large studio is equipped with everything necessary to attend any type of shooting. We have several studios that will surely suit your production. Do not hesitate to contact us at and we will answer any questions you may have.

Do you need material for your filming?

At Camaleón Rental, we offer you a wide range of audiovisual material for rent. You can see our camera rental in Madrid. At Camaleón Rental, we provide a wide range of film camera rentals and video camera rentals, as well as lighting equipment hire for film and television production. We collaborate with renowned brands such as Aputure, Arri, Creamsource, Dedolight, Kino Flo, Litepanels, Aladdin, Sunnyxao, Astera, Rosco, DMG Lumière, and we offer a variety of accessories and supports to meet all your production needs.

We also provide you with a camera rental catalogue in Madrid, where you can choose from a wide range of recording equipment from leading brands such as Arri, Red, Sony, Canon, Panasonic and Phantom Flex, to find the film or video equipment that best suits your project. Whether you need a state-of-the-art digital cinema camera, a high-resolution video camera or other specialist AV equipment.

Film and TV Studios for rent in Madrid with Camaleón Rental

Explore our film and TV studios through the link 'Madrid Film and TV Studio hire', you will have access to the full list of available studios in Madrid and the Community of Madrid that we have for you. If you are interested in exploring larger studios, simply click on the 'Studios for rent' link.

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