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    • Film - tv studios hire Basque Country. Camaleón Cinema Services offers a diverse selection of film and TV studios and sets in the Basque Country, Spain. Our state-of-the-art studios are strategically located in various areas of the community, ensuring easy access for both local and international crews.
    • Our ready-to-rent sets and studios in the Basque Country have been carefully designed to meet the specific demands of the audiovisual industry. These spaces are fully equipped and acoustically conditioned to provide a controlled environment, without external interference. Our versatile locations are effortlessly adaptable to a variety of production genres, whether film, television series or advertising material.
    • At Camaleón Estudios, we offer a diverse range of studio rental options in the Basque Country. Our rental catalog includes sets of different sizes and features, all equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the success of your film or television project.
    • Along with our studio and equipment rental offers in the Basque Country, we have a large inventory of professional film and television equipment available rental. From high-resolution cameras to state-of-the-art film and TV lighting systems, we are prepared to meet all of your production's technical needs
    • At Camaleón Estudios, we offer studio sets in the Basque Country, as well as individual studios and large-scale sets, which cover all requirements and have all the necessary services for any type of production. Do not hesitate to contact us at; we will be happy to provide you with advice for your project, whether it be for the rental of sets and studios, technical equipment or highly qualified personnel for national and international shoots.


    Film studios rental Basque Country. We offer a wide range of film and television studios and sets in the city of Basque Country. From studios of 1800 meters to studios of 140 square meters equipped for audiovisual projects.

    Studio 1800 meters rental Basque Country

    Studio 1800 meters rental Basque Country. The 1800 meters studio in the Basque Country is a large studio that stands out for its impressive versatility, offering a generous surface area of 1800 square meters and a clear height of 16 meters. This space can be autonomously subdivided into two separate areas: one with 1000 square meters and the other with 800 square meters, making it an exceptional choice for a wide variety of production configurations. This studio is equipped with a chipboard floor, which allows for the creation of customized set designs, exceptional acoustic conditions with effective external noise insulation, wide-span doors to facilitate loading and unloading logistics, as well as a comprehensive set of comprehensive services, including trained personnel, catering services, cleaning and high-quality security measures. In addition, the studio has additional spaces tailored to specific production needs and extensive outdoor areas that can be used for the creation of additional stages. All in all, this state-of-the-art studio represents the ideal choice for top-notch audiovisual projects.

    Studio 800 meters rental Basque Country

    Studio 800 meters rental Basque Country. The 800 meters film and TV studio in the Basque Country, with a height of 15 meters, is an exceptionally versatile space, ideal for a wide range of creative projects. Its most outstanding feature is its concrete floor, which makes it possible to carry out challenging scenes with elements such as fire and rain, while ensuring safety at all times. It also provides an optimal environment for recording, with top-quality acoustic and thermal insulation that ensures maximum sound quality and a constant temperature. Large entrance doors simplify production logistics, while comprehensive services, including 24-hour security, provide peace of mind at every stage of the project. In addition, this studio has additional spaces, such as office areas and dressing rooms, designed to meet specific needs.

    Studio 180 meters rental Basque Country

    Studio 180 meters rental Basque Country. The 180 square meter film and TV studio in the Basque Country stands out for its large cyclorama and green chroma screen. Its generous dimensions of 25.70 meters long, 7 meters wide and 6 meters high, offer the amplitude to create incredible scenery and provide a comfortable location for the entire production team. This studio has strategically located power outlets and guarantees private access, ensuring the required privacy and simplifying production logistics. In addition, this space is suitable for a wide variety of projects, ranging from commercials to film and television production. The green chroma key technology and cyclorama incorporated in the studio offer remarkable creative versatility.

    Studio 140 meters rental Basque Country

    Studio 140 meters rental Basque Country. The 140 meter film and TV studio in the Basque Country offers an impressive white cyclorama of 8x11 meters and a height of 6 meters, specially designed for large-scale audiovisual projects. This space is equipped with high quality lighting systems and three-phase electrical connections, guaranteeing a stable and reliable power supply. The studio's wide doors simplify production logistics and provide independent access, along with the convenience of nearby parking and additional areas. It is the perfect choice for filming commercials, movies and television programs, providing a uniform background that enhances scenes and visual effects dramatically.

    Studio 240 meters rental Basque Country

    Studio 240 meters rental Basque Country. The 240 meter film and TV studio in the Basque Country provides an attractive black backdrop ideal for the production of commercials, fashion projects and artistic creations. Its floor combines polished concrete and black carpet, ensuring durability and excellent acoustic absorption. This space stands out for its independent access, nearby parking and an internal height of 6 meters. Generous entrance doors and powerful electrical systems facilitate production, while high-quality LED lighting adds a touch of excellence. In addition, the ceiling is equipped with hooks and diffusers that simplify the installation of equipment and lighting systems.

    Studio 300 meters rental Basque Country

    Studio 300 meters rental Basque Country. The 300 meters studio in the Basque Country combines elegance with functionality, featuring a striking black backdrop that makes it suitable for a wide range of purposes, from the production of commercials and fashion shoots to artistic projects. The floor, composed of polished concrete and a black designer carpet, not only ensures strength, but also enhances sound quality, offering exceptional performance.

    The impressive 6-meter height allows for capturing stunning shots, while the wide, 4 x 4.2-meter access doors facilitate the entry of large equipment, simplifying production logistics. In addition, this space provides the versatility to convert into a spacious construction warehouse when needed, bringing flexibility to your audiovisual projects and ensuring it adapts to your changing needs.

    What studios rental in Basque Country

    • When looking for studios or sets in the Basque Country it is of utmost importance to consider a number of crucial elements to ensure that you find the ideal space for your project. Here are some fundamental guidelines to keep in mind:
    • Dimensions and Configuration: Carefully examine the size and layout of the studios available in the Basque Country according to the specific needs of your production. Verify that there is sufficient space for the creation of sets, installation of technical equipment and proper lighting layout, as well as enough room for the crew involved in your project.
    • Technical Equipment: Be sure to check the technical equipment included in the studio rental. Check that you have all the necessary devices for your shoot and, if necessary, evaluate the possibility of accessing additional rentals, which can range from lighting systems to sound equipment, cameras and other grip accessories. Also, consider whether technical assistance is provided during the rental period and whether the studio can provide these resources.
    • Location: Evaluate the location of the studio in Basque Country in relation to other locations critical to your project, such as airports, hotels, transportation services and specific filming locations. Make sure the location is easily accessible for your crew and cast, which can simplify project logistics.
    • Additional Services: Find out what additional services are included with the studio rental. These services may include production assistance, catering, makeup and wardrobe areas, access to dressing and lounge spaces, parking, and a variety of extra amenities. Determine if these additional services are crucial to the success of your project.
    • It is important to keep in mind that each project has its own particularities, so it is essential to assess your specific needs and find a studio in País Vasco that fits them. Keep these criteria in mind and do not hesitate to ask additional questions or request supplementary information before making your decision. In the Basque Country, you have several alternatives that will help you carry out your audiovisual production successfully.

    Frequently asked questions about studio rental Basque Country

    What are the benefits of studio rental in Basque Country?

    • Studios in the Basque Country are not only limited to being shooting locations; they are authentic scenarios that bring life to your audiovisual projects, with features and advantages that make them stand out in the world of film and television.
    • The Basque Country has been the setting for numerous successful productions. From the enigmatic "Game of Thrones" series to films such as "Ocho apellidos Vascos" and "El hoyo", these studios have been the backdrop for a wide variety of renowned projects. This track record of success highlights the versatility and quality of these spaces.
    • In addition to their facilities, these studios offer additional services that make your productions more comfortable. From makeup and wardrobe areas to dressing rooms and rest areas for your crew, everything is designed to provide comfort and efficiency. 24-hour security ensures a protected environment for your projects.
    • These studios are known for their adaptability. Not only are they excellent recording locations, but they can also be transformed into large, functional building spaces when needed. This versatility adds a significant element of flexibility to your projects.
    • In conclusion, studios in the Basque Country are much more than just filming spaces. They are successful locations with a unique environment that adapts to a wide variety of productions. If you are looking for a place where audiovisual creativity can flourish, the Basque Country is the perfect choice.