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Price €250.00

ARRIHEAD 2 RENTAL Arrihead 2 hire. The ARRI HEAD 2 Crank Head...

Price €200.00

OCONNOR 120 EX RENTAL Oconnor 120X tripod hire. This patented...

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OCONNOR 2560 RENTAL Oconnor 2560 Fluid Head hire. The Oconnor...

FLUID HEAD HIRE - RENTAL | Camaleón Rental ™





  • Fluid Heads and Tripods for rent. Wide catalogue of fluid heads and camera supports. Different options compatible with any Cinema or Television camera. Fluid heads with Flat Base, Ball 100 or 150mm.

ARRI fluid head rental

Arri Head II

  • Arri Head II fluid head rental. It is a fluid head that is Mitchel based, compact and designed for modern video cameras and film cameras. This head holds a total weight of 50kg. It has a precision ground steel chain that allows us to control the tilt movement, ensuring a smooth and fluid movement. In addition, it has three speeds as well as a neutral position.

OCONNOR fluid head rental

Oconnor 120EX (Mitchel)

  • Oconnor 120EX fluid head rental. It can support a total of 109kg, providing smooth and fluid movements. It is as adjustable as other Oconnor heads. It has a nominal payload of 54kg for the tilt range of ±90°, although this is limited by the weight of the camera. Maximum payload is achieved at a tilt range of ±60°. The controls of this fluid head are located on the left side.

    Oconnor 2575D Ultimate

    • A Mitchel-based fluid head, considered to be the pinnacle of Oconnor's Ultimate line of fluid heads, the 2575 fluid head is currently one of the most widely used fluid heads for film productions in the world, thanks to its unique features. It incorporates Oconnor's typical sinusoidal counterbalance system, which allows for the best balance at any point in the tilt range and smooth movement. The foldable counterweight crank and numerical readout makes the counterweighting process very easy.

    Oconnor 2560

    • The Oconnor Ultimate 2560 fluid head is designed for use with the current generation of digital cinema cameras. Although it weighs less than 8.164kg, it can support up to 30kg. This makes it ideal for working with ARRI Alexa cameras in a handheld configuration or any lightweight cinema camera. It features a sinusoidal counterbalance system for precise balance at any point in the tilt range. Combined with the smooth pan and tilt drag and smooth, step-free tilt, it provides precise control and stability.

      Oconnor 1030D

      • This is a fluid head from Oconnor's Ultimate line. It has an ultra-smooth and continuous fluid drag system for both turning and tilting. It is specially designed to offer optimum control and stability. In addition, it incorporates Oconnor's sinusoidal balance and control system, allowing perfect and precise balance at any point in the tilt range. Its maximum load capacity is 13.6 kilograms.

      SACHTLER fluid head rental

      Sachtler Cine 30 

      • It is a fluid head that belongs to Sachtler's Cine range. It is designed to be used with any film or video camera. It is made of aluminium, so it has a weight of only 6.7kg but is able to hold a maximum load of 35kg. It has a mechanism that makes mounting and unmounting the camera on the head easy and convenient. It can be used on a Mitchel or 150mm ball tripod.

      Sacthler V 60

      • This fluid head has an 18-step counterbalance which allows you to get tight quickly and easily. Its sliding plate has a 120mm reach. It weighs only 11.1kg and is capable of supporting a maximum of 65kg. Its movement is extremely smooth both vertically and horizontally thanks to its frictionless fluid damping with nine levels of resistance.

      Sachtler V25 Plus

      • This fluid head has a weight of only 4.1 kilograms, which makes it extremely comfortable and easy to carry, and it also supports a maximum of 35 kilograms. Its counterbalance system is 18 steps. Its panoramic movement is totally smooth and fluid. Its system has 7 levels of dragging.


      • Cartoni Lambda (2 Axis)
      • Cartoni Master
      • Cartoni Focus HD


      • Ronford F7 MKIV