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Arrihead 2 hire. The ARRI HEAD 2 Crank Head or Fluid Head is a Mitchel based, compact and as stated above, crank head. It is designed for today's digital and film cameras. It can support a weight of up to 50 kg. It has a patented, precision ground steel chain that drives the tilt movement, ensuring a smooth, slack-free action. It has three speeds plus neutral position. Angle of inclination from 30 degrees without wedge plate and up to 90 degrees with wedge plate, which allows for a wide variety of angles. Its main features are as follows:

  • Compatible with ARRI bottom plates and other systems.
  • Inclination angle +/- 30° without wedge plate; +/-90° with wedge plate
  • Gears for 3-speed, plus neutral
  • Max payload: (50kg)
  • Standard Mitchell Base


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Arrihead 2 rental - hire. This ARRI Geared Head can be used with any tripod and/or camera support system that uses Mitchell flat mounts. All ARRI HEAD II rental controls are carefully arranged for ease of use. Chain drives and worm gears ensure precise operation. Precision rails ensure smooth tilt and swivel.

The Arri Head 2 rental geared head has an adjustable tilt mechanism that can be rotated up to 38° horizontally counterclockwise and can be adjusted at any point in between. Therefore, when shooting with an ARRIFLEX 535 camera equipped with a 300 m (1000 ft) magazine, ARRIHEAD 2 remains unchanged. The tilt plate allows you to shoot in extreme up and down positions.

ARRIHEAD 2 hire offers an angle of inclination from 30 degrees without wedge plate and up to 90 degrees with wedge plate. This allows a variety of different angles to be made for different shots with this rental crank head.

The Arrihead II geared head is the most accurate, professional system used in the film industry and is available for rent. ARRI HEAD 2 rental is one of the best on the market. It features quick camera mounting and dismounting, the sliding plate allows for camera balancing, and its compatibility with other touch 'n' go systems, which allows for a customized configuration for each production.

The ARRIHEAD 2 rental fluid head has 3 operating speeds for tilting and panning, with an intermediate dead center, plus an additional set of reduction gears for extremely slow operating speeds.

The speed of the Arrihead II rental pan and tilt rental is fully configurable, you can tilt from the steepest camera angle to the steepest 60 degrees with just 4 turns of the crank or take 17 turns. If you want half speed in your tilt, you have the option of 9 turns. Likewise, you can do 360 degree pans in which you would need 65 turns at slow speed, 35 turns for medium speed and the fastest way you will have a 360 degree pan in just 19 crank turns. Undoubtedly a very versatile option for any shooting. ARRIHEAD 2 rental is perfect for projects that require precise movements, and we have it for rent.

Arrihead 2 hire incorporates individual positive locking brakes on both tilt and pan, plus brake friction levers, conveniently located within easy reach near the tilt and pan wheels.

The Arri Head II geared head for rent is not a very sturdy accessory, measuring 56 centimeters long by 33 centimeters wide with the cranks included. Without them, only 48 centimeters long and 26 wide. And its weight is 15 kg.

Arrihead 2 rental is very versatile in terms of shooting configuration, which can already have a maximum load of 50 kg, and this allows you multiple camera configurations.

Tripod heads have been a key technique in film production for many years, in part because fluid motion is closely related to the "look of the film." As films are shot on increasingly complex locations, the demands increase. ARRIHEAD 2 rental responds to these demands. It has a patented design of drive elements and guide rails, is compact and, most importantly, stable over a wide range.

The drive system and the ARRIHEAD II rental guides are new. It has a patented, precision-ground steel chain that drives the tilting motion, ensuring smooth, backlash-free action.

Previous designs of geared head tilt rails required side guides to maintain accuracy. However, in the patented ARRIHEAD 2 rental design, the side guide is one of the rails, ensuring accuracy. This design also distributes the weight of the headstock evenly throughout the mechanism, eliminating nicks, dents, and flat spots in the rails caused during transport and handling that affect the smoothness of the headstock.

ARRIHEAD II hire also has an operator feature that no other head has ever had: one of the tilt wheels can be adjusted laterally. This allows the operator to move the tilt wheel from its normal operating position to any outward position within a 38-degree radius. So you can select with Arri Head 2 for rent the most comfortable working angle, and it allows cameras with rear-mounted loaders to clear the tilt wheel in extreme upward tilt positions without having to add a riser.


Assembly ARRIHEAD 2

  • Place ARRIHEAD 2 on a flat surface so that the guide pins engage.
  • Secure ARRIHEAD II with the locking handle.
  • Place the bubble of arrihead 2 in the center of the level.
  • Put the cranks in place and secure them with the screws.
  • Push the base onto the arrihead II sliding plate until it aligns with the "0" mark on the rocker plate and lock it.
  • Attach the BP-4 flat base of arrihead 2 to the bottom of the camera.
  • Make sure all fasteners and levers are tight before mounting the camera on the arrihead 2 rental.
  • Place the camera with the bridge plate on the rental arrihead II sliding base.
  • Make sure that the BP-4 bridge plate of the arrihead II is properly locked.
  • Now that the camera is installed on the arrihead II, attach all recording accessories.



Panning with Arri Head 2

  • Loosen the friction lever of arrihead II.
  • Select the gear you prefer.
  • Remove the lock on the arrihead II.
  • Now by turning the crank you can make a full 360-degree turn, with ARRIHEAD 2 hire.
  • Remember that to avoid damaging the friction of the lever and the lock, it is imperative to loosen both before turning the arrihead II crank.

Arri Head 2 Tilt

  • Loosen the friction lever of arrihead II.
  • Select the gear you prefer.
  • Loosen the two tilt locks of arrihead II.
  • Now you can tilt the ARRIHEAD II by turning the steering wheel.
  • Remember that to avoid damaging the friction locks, it is imperative to loosen them before turning the arrihead II crank.

Arri Head 2 Tilt Plate

  • The arrihead II tilt plate on rental pivots to allow shooting with extreme up or down tilt positions (up to 90 degrees).
  • Press both release handles and raise the plate to the position you want.
  • Make sure that the locking pins of the support brackets fit exactly into the holes of the arrihead II top plate.
  • For safety, we recommend, remove the camera from arrihead II while adjusting the tilt plate.


Arrihead 2 Tilt Angle Arri head 2 hire

  • +/- 30 degrees w/o wedge plate 
  • +/- 90 degrees with wedge plate 
  • Wedge plate increments are 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 degrees


Camera Mounting Arri head 2 hire

  • Sliding base for ARRI quick-release bridge plate and other touch 'n' go systems 
  • ± 140 mm balance adjustable system 
  • ARRI Bridge plate System tripod head


Cradle Arrihead 2 rental

  • Tilt Drive via precision drive chain/pulleys, user adjustable tension V-cradle rails, ball bearings.


Tilt/Pan Drive - Arri head 2 hire

  • Slow 17.5 turns for 60 degrees full tilt with arrihead II rental.
  • Medium 9.25 turns for 60 degrees full tilt. 
  • Fast 4.75 turns for 60 degrees full tilt for arrihead II rental.


Pan Speeds - Arrihead 2 rental

  • Slow 65 turns for full 360 degrees pan. 
  • Medium 35.5 turns for full 360 degrees pan. 
  • Fast 19 turns for full 360 degrees pan for arrihead II rental.


Lock Off Brakes and Friction Levers - Arrihead 2 hire

  • Tilt, two individual positive lock off brakes. 
  • Pan, single positive lock off brake. 
  • Note: Lock and friction levers located near hand wheels.


Miscellaneous - Arri head 2 rental

  • Self illuminating level. 
  • Removable wheel handle with arrihead 2 rental. 
  • 2 holding knobs for accessory box. 
  • Arrihead 2 Viewfinder support bracket available for rental. 
  • 4 threaded rosettes (2 per side).


Arrihead 2 Weight hire

  • With wedge and quick release bridge plate 15 kg, 33 Lbs. 
  • Tilt/Pan wheels 2,5 kg, 5,5 Lbs


Arrihead 2 Temperature Range rental

  • - 20 C° to + 50 C°. 
  • - 4F degrees to + 122F degrees


Arri head 2 Dimensions with Handwheels hire

  • Length 566 mm/22 inch. 
  • Width 343 mm/13 inch


Arrihead 2 Dimensions without Handwheels

  • Length 468 mm/18 inch. 
  • Width 267 mm/11 inch.


Arri head 2 Accessories rental

  • Battery bracket 2 and special shoe for arrihead II accessories rental. 
  • Reduction gear for tilt and pan, ratio 1:5. 
  • Big handwheels. 
  • Universal arrihead II handgrip included in your rental. 
  • Adapter 2 for ARRI bridge plate system



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