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Cartoni Lambda 25 rental. The innovative, lightweight Lambda 25 head is the ideal solution for cameras weighing up to 25 kg (55 lbs). The Lambda 25 has all the classic LAMBDA features, with the addition of a tilt and turn rotation axis that has an internal passage for cables, thus allowing infinite 360° rotations. The patented CARTONI fluid drive system is continuous on both axes. The Cartoni Lambda 25 can be mounted on any classic support, such as a tripod or trolley, or suspended on cranes, bars and dolly. Cartoni Lambda 25 has the possibility to have up to 3 axes for more movement capacity.

  • Maximum payload capacity 25 kg (55 lbs).
  • Weight 12.0 kg (26.5 lbs)
  • Fluid Drive Continuous
  • 360° swivel range
  • 360° tilt range


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Cartoni Lambda 25 third axis rental. Nodal hydraulic head designs have become synonymous with Cartoni. The brand has perfected and refined the Nodal head design, making it the industry standard. The signature camera movement of the Nodal design is a unique visual style, and when combined with Cartoni's technique, the result is a performance that cannot be easily replicated. Cartoni's patented third axis option further extends the angle and full 360° panoramic rotation.


Cartoni Lambda 25 third axis head mounting

  • Install Cartoni LAMBDA 25 rental on the support (tripod, crane, dolly) after locking all safety knobs.
  • Place LAMBDA 25 rental fluid head on the Mitchel base and rotate it until it coincides with the steel notch; tighten the head firmly by screwing the locking nut under the flat base.
  • Insert the pan lock and tilt lock, and turn both the tilt drive selector and the pan drive selector to the "0" position on the Cartoni Lambda 25 rental.
  • To release the camera plate, pull the red safety lever on the cartoni lambda 25 rental head and open it fully to disengage the camera plate.
  • Place the camera plate under the camera and tighten it firmly with both screws. Try to position the cartoni lambda 25 rental camera plate centrally, taking into account the position of the centre of gravity.
  • Place the Camera on the cartoni LAMBDA 25 rental head, tilting it towards the side of the external sliding base, then push the assembly horizontally until the red safety lever clicks into place; push the red safety lever all the way down to lock it.
  • On cartoni Lambda 25 rental, unlock both vertical slider locking knobs, unfold the outer slider handle and turn it up or down until it meets the chamber centre of gravity; lock the vertical slider knobs and fold the handle into the housing position.
  • Unlock the two locking knobs on the camera mounting bracket and adjust the length of the main vertical slide to suit the camera dimensions by lifting the bracket with the crank handle, lock the knobs when in position; if necessary, unlock the red safety lever and adjust the position of the camera assembly, then secure it with the red cartoni Lambda 25 safety lever.
  • Unlock the two horizontal slide lock knobs, move the slide into position and lock the horizontal slide knobs. The centre of gravity of the camera assembly must be aligned with the axis of the cartoni Lambda 25 rental turning unit to avoid unnecessary displacement and to optimize the performance of the head. At this point, the Camera should freely rotate 360 degrees around the tilt position with the adjustable main pan bar.
  • Adjust the pan and tilt selectors to the desired drag position and unlock the pan lock to be able to initiate a movement with the Cartoni Lambda 25 head we have for rent.


Technical data Lambda 25

  • Minimum payload 0 Kg - 0 lbs
  • Maximum payload 25 Kg - 55 lbs
  • Weight 12,0 Kg - 26,5 lbs
  • Flat Base/Mitchell
  • Fluid drag Continuous
  • Panoramic reach 360
  • 360° tilt
  • Temperature range -40 / +60 °C / -40 / +140 °F



How to mount the third axis

  • Place the camera mount bracket in a horizontal position and lock it with the tilt lock lever.
  • Remove the six M6 Allen screws with the 5 mm Allen key and remove the camera mounting bracket.
  • Install the third Axie and fix it to the LAMBDA 25 rental frame, tightening the six M6 Allen screws.
  • Install the camera mounting bracket and secure it to the third Axis with six M6 Allen screws.
  • Place the third axis in a horizontal position and the camera mounting bracket in a vertical position; tilt lock lever and twist lock lever to lock. This position is the most appropriate to install the Chamber assembly.

 Camera Set-Up with third AXIS

  • To release the camera plate, pull the red safety lever fully open to disengage the camera plate.
  • Fix the camera plate at 90° and tighten it firmly with both screws.
  • Place the Camera on the LAMBDA 25 third axis rental, tilting it to the side of the external slider base, then push the assembly horizontally until the red safety lever clicks into place; push the red safety lever all the way in to lock it.
  • Adjust the horizontal slider and vertical slider of the LAMBDA 25 rental to the extent necessary to prevent the camera and its accessories from interfering with the frame of the LAMBDA 25 during 360° movement. Operate the pan lock lever and tilt lock lever to lock and unlock.
  • Place the camera mounting bracket at 90° on the third axis; lock it in position with the twist lock lever; unlocks the tilt lock lever. Check the spin rotation and fix the camera mounting position by turning the cartoni lambda wheel for hire.
  • Rotate the control wheel to align the axis of rotation with the position of the Center of Gravity of the camera.
  • If the Chamber is unbalanced, the center of gravity of the entire system must be corrected. Attach one or two counterbalance rods with weights to the rosette, adjust the angular position of the rod and the position of the weight, until the camera is balanced. This operation may require several attempts to achieve a fine adjustment.
  • Unlocks twist lock lever and pan lock lever on fluid head cartoni lambda 25 rental.
  • The Camera must be balanced and must rotate 360° by rotating the control wheel for roll rotation and the main pan and tilt bar

Technical data third AXIS

  • Minimum payload 0 Kg - 0 lbs
  • Maximum payload 20 Kg - 44 lbs
  • Weight 5.8 Kg - 12.8 lbs
  • Continuous fluid drag
  • turning range 360
  • Temperature - 40 / + 60 °C // - 40 / +140 °F



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