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Sachtler 25 Plus Hire. Sachtler 25 Plus system complete with EFP 2 CF tripod, crab and Sachtler fluid head. Ball base 150 mm. Holds a weight between 8 - 35 kg. Includes illuminated level. PVC carrying case. Total weight of the pack: 11,6 Kg. System with 7 levels of dragging. Lightweight and easy to transport. Easy deployment. Counterweight system of 18 steps. Incorporates the Touch & Go quick release system and automatic locking for quick assembly and disassembly.

  • Weight: 4.1 kg.
  • Temperature range: -40 to 60 ° C.
  • Sliding range: 120 mm.
  • Interface compatibility: Touch & Go.
  • Ball size: 100 mm.
  • Illuminated level bubble: Yes
  • Counterweight: 18 steps
  • Drag: 7 + 0 drag settings


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Sachtler Video 25 Plus fluid head rental. The Sachtler Video 25 plus fluid head for rental comfortably supports payloads of up to 35 kg. The Sachtler Video 25 Plus is an extraordinarily lightweight studio and broadcast fluid head that is easy to transport and deploy. The clamping system allows you to be sure that your movements are smooth on the 7 levels of drag built into its design. The Sachtler Video 25 Plusen 18-step rental counterbalance system allows you to concentrate on getting the perfect shot, knowing that your camera is always properly positioned and protected from tipping.

The Sachtler Video 25 Plus rental head features the Touch & Go quick release system and automatic locking for fast set up and take down. This brand's leak-proof fluid damping with seven levels of drag assists smooth panning movements and also features a sliding balance plate. Designed to ensure high performance in any type of shooting environment and in any lighting conditions, the Sachtler Video 25 Plus fluid head is a highly recommended choice for your rental.


Sachtler 25 Plus Fluidic Damping

The Sachtler 25 Plus fluid head for rent fulfills an indispensable requirement for perfect images: Panoramic movement without jerks and vibrations. Sachtler's patented damping system takes care of everything. The individual modules are frictionless and contain no hydraulic oil. This means they are permanently sealed. The damping action of the Sachtler 25 Plus rental heads is identical in the horizontal and vertical planes and gives you seven steps of drag, for smooth camera work in the toughest conditions. You can turn the drag off completely for fast panning without affecting the dynamic counterbalance system.

Sachtler 25 Plus Touch & Go System

The Video 25 Plus fluid head rental will make you optimize your time without fumbling around with clumsy accessories, or screwing the camera to the head and having to unscrew it again. With the Touch & Go system invented by Sachtler, the camera plate is attached to the camera, while the coupling balance plate is mounted on the fluid head.

All you do is slide the camera into position, engage the mechanism to the Sachtler 25 Plus fluid head on rental and the camera is firmly locked in place; when you're done, just unhook the latch and walk away. When you set up the camera for the next shot, you'll still have all the original settings. It also features a safety lock lever that prevents unintentional disengagement of the camera's latch.

Sachtler 25 Plus Sliding Balance Plate

The Sachtler 25 Plus fluid head sliding mount on rental and plate, which has a sliding range of 4.4 inches (150 mm Ball Base) or 3.9 inches (Flat base), allows you to accurately compensate for a variety of setup weights. Ensuring perfect balance in the horizontal plane. Most importantly, once adjusted, the setting cannot be lost.

Sachtler 25 Plus 18-step dynamic counterweight

The Sachtler 25 Plus rental head is constructed with torsion springs. The dynamic counterbalance system compensates for torsion as the camera tilts, preventing the camera from inadvertently tilting and ensuring that it is positioned securely at any tilt angle. This allows you to concentrate fully on your camera work. Its 18-step counterweight allows dial adjustments in 9 steps and fine adjustment via half-step function, and can be switched on and off individually. Independent of the damping system, they operate quietly and maintenance-free.

Sachtler 25 Plus temperatures

The Video 25 Plus damping system on rental is not influenced by pressure or temperature, has an operating range of -40°F to +140°F, and operates without friction. Shoot anywhere, from scorching heat to cold climates.

  • Vibration-free vertical/horizontal brakes for maximum safety in fast reportage situations.
  • Built-in illuminated bubble for horizontal leveling, uses a conventional battery and ensures easy leveling even in unfavorable lighting conditions.
  • Load capacity: 18 - 77 lbs, ideal for HDTV and Wide Screen cameras.


Sachtler 150 EFP 2 CF Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs

The Sachtler Video 25 Plus rental system consists of the fluid head and the 150 EFP 2 CF tripod legs, which are made of two-stage carbon fiber. The tripod provides maximum stability and load capacity. Constructed and drawn from a single piece of carbon fiber material, it makes it torsion resistant and lighter than dural aluminum. It has 150 mm / 6" ball, a tube diameter of 22 mm (0.87") and is equipped with the Sachtler quick clamping system, so you can lock the tripod securely and visibly.

The double extension of the 150 EFP 2 CF for rent provides greater stability, allowing for a greater height range with a payload of 209 lbs, and with a weight of only 9.6 lbs it is extremely light, solid, and stable.

  • Carbon Fiber construction with 22 mm (0.87") diameter tube.
  • 150 mm / 6 bowl base included with rental.
  • Double extension design
  • Maximum system height in rental Video 25 plus with 62.2" tripod legs.
  • Quick clamping system, locks tripod legs in seconds
  • Supports up to 209 lbs.


Sachtler 25 Plus Technical Specifications

  • Video range
  • Payload 8 to 35 kg
  • Counterweight 18 steps
  • Drag 7 + 0 drag settings
  • Weight 4.10 kg
  • Arm length 350 to 520 mm
  • Type of pan bar Plus
  • Arm attachment 18/22/32 mm
  • Number of bars 2, telescopic
  • Rental with spirit level Yes, illuminated
  • Battery type 3 x 625U or LR9
  • Scope extension Adapter included
  • Ball size 150 mm
  • Touch & Go plate included in rental
  • Temperature range -40 to 60 °C
  • Tilt range +90° to -70° to -70
  • Sliding range 120 mm



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