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Chrosziel follow focus Studio Rig hire. The Chrosziel StudioRig Cine is a professional double-sided follow focus for precise focusing on high-end cine lenses. The Chrosziel dual drive system allows operation from both sides, making it very accessible in a variety of situations, as well as being very lightweight. This StudioRig Cine can be used to operate the focus from either side of the lens. The rod clamp attaches to 15 mm rods that are spaced according to the LWS 15 mm standard.

  • Drive gear included 0.8 MOD
  • Standard Rod 15 mm LWS / 60 mm Spacing
  • Number of faces One face
  • Built-in stops None
  • Marking disc Yes
  • Switchable flywheel speed No
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Follow Focus Chorsziel Hire - Camaleon Rental


  • Chrosziel follow focus studio rig rental. Chrosziel is a precision focus knob and can also be recreated over and over again with very little deviation from shot to shot. The Chrosziel Studio Rig Follow Focus kit rental comes with all necessary accessories including two (L & R) detachable hand wheels and extender, Speed Crank, Extender and marking rings.
  • Chrosziel Studio Rig Follow Focus Rental is used for both video and cine lenses.
  • Chrosziel Studio Rig Follow Focus rental, makes smooth and precise focusing movements thanks to our fluid damping module and gears and bearings with the lowest tolerances: It allows focusing movements without play and shake, even in permanent changes of direction. We refrain from using switchable gearboxes for the sake of backlash-free precision. Instead, we use two gearboxes for the different focus marks of film and video lenses.
  • Cine lenses, prime lenses and "Cine-style" video lenses typically display an adjustable 200° range from close-up to infinity. The Chrosziel Studio Rig Cine rental, translates the rotation on the hand wheel one way to the lens focus ring that approximately one turn covers the range.
  • The focus of video lenses only rotates approximately 100° to 145° between close-up and infinity. For similar performance and accuracy, the Chrosziel Studio Rig Video rental gear extends the resulting rotation angle of the video objectives. Additional adjustments are made through the use of different gear diameters.
  • All Chrosziel Studio Rig gears can be easily mounted without tools.
  • The basic Chrosziel Studio Rig rental unit is supplied with handwheel 1 with fluid damper, scale ring and focusing lever and clamping unit for 15 mm video standard with adapter for 19 mm rods. Select the gear unit according to your objective.
  • The QuickFit versions of the Chrosziel Studio Rig. They slide onto the rods from below - no need to disassemble other accessories. Fixed by twisting, the focusing gear rotates on the objective. They come with an interface for the 19 mm rod adapter.

Chrosziel Studio Rig Features

  • Compatible with 15mm LWS
  • 19mm studio rod adapter included
  • 4 interchangeable gears included
  • Hand crank included
  • Supports optional second handwheel
  • Custom hard carrying case included

Chrosziel Studio Rig System Components

  • Chrosziel Handwheel Extension (201-07)
  • Handwheel 2 (201-02)
  • Chrosziel VariLock Module (201-55)
  • Chrosziel Shaft Extension (201-30)
  • Chrosziel Flexible shaft 330 mm (201-31)
  • Flexible shaft 450 mm (201-32)
  • Chrosziel Flexible shaft 1000 mm (201-33)

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