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Oconnor Cine Follow focus CFF-1 hire. In the Cine Follow Focus CFF-1, Oconor has designed a solid tool, at the pinnacle of follow focus design and technology. Robust and professional. Oconnor FF1 Dual Focus Drive. Speedcrank and Extender. The multi-functional, modular design of the CFF-1 eliminates the hassle of dealing with separate bridges. The bridge is easily used and attached with one click to 15 mm or 19 mm studio rod systems. The CFF-1's minimum mechanical backlash mechanism for rental ensures accurate focusing with less backlash.

  • Clamps for 15 mm/19 mm rods
  • Low clearance
  • Compatible with whips/gears/levers
  • Mounts on both sides of the bridge
  • Horizontal sliding adjustment
  • Eccentric adjustments
  • Cut-to-length/low-travel gears

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Oconnor cine follow focus control CFF-1 rental. OConnor, the Vitec Group brand pioneering innovation in fluid heads and tripods, introduces the first product in its new line of professional camera accessories: the Cine Follow Focus CFF-1 for rent. This robust tool, which represents the pinnacle of follow focus design and technology.

OConnor's integrated system allows the operator to work in both standards with ease and efficiency. Oconnor's rental Follow Focus is the lowest cost double-sided studio unit, ideal for large diameter lenses, and protects the user's investment in their equipment by ensuring compatibility with current and future optical systems. The rental CFF-1 integrates seamlessly with popular accessories such as whips, sprockets and handles, creating a new standard of compatibility.

With any lens and filter holder configuration, the CFF-1 rental swing arm can be mounted on either side of the bridge.

The main bridge of the OConnor rental focus drive slides independently of the dovetail support bridge, increasing mounting options for specialized configurations.

A convenient horizontal sliding adjustment mechanism allows the operator to position the focus gears so that the marks on the disks are always easy to see on the rental CFF-1.

The CFF-1 rental minimal mechanical backlash mechanism ensures accurate focusing with less backlash and greater precision, every time.

Oconnor CFF-1 Features

  • Cff-1 rental eliminates juggling with separate bridge plates
  • Easily attaches to 15 mm or 19 mm studio rod systems
  • Cff-1 rental efficiently switches between the 2 standards
  • Reduced height - helps work with large diameter lenses such as the Angenieux 24-290 mm, Red 18-85 mm, Fujinon 18-85 mm, and Fujinon 75-400 mm
  • CFF-1 compatible with accessories such as whips, gears, and cranks
  • Oconnor CFF-1 Offers numerous mounting options for special configurations, as the main bridge slides independently of the dovetail of the supporting bridge
  • Mounts the CFF-1 swing arm on both sides of the bridge for better integration with all lens and matte box configurations
  • Cff-1 horizontal sliding adjustment: easily adjusts the focus drive gear for a clear line of sight
  • Allows flexible positioning with the help of eccentric adjustments on the handwheels
  • Minimal backlash mechanism: cut-to-length, low backlash gears ensure high accuracy
  • Oconnor CFF-1 rental, made of black anodized aluminum, lightweight and durable

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