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  • FUJIFILM Corporation has unveiled the latest development roadmap for the "Duvo" series of broadcast zoom lenses compatible with large image sensors, which have become mainstream in the motion picture industry. The new lenses added to the roadmap are a standard zoom lens and a wide-angle zoom lens, both of which are handheld. Fujifilm has introduced the HZK standard zoom lens in April at the 2023 NAB Show, one of the world's leading international broadcast equipment trade shows, held in Las Vegas, USA.
  • In March this year, Fujifilm launched the FUJINON HZK25-1000mm (Duvo25-1000) box-type zoom lens, known as Duvo Box*1, to great success among many customers.
  • The new lenses added to the development roadmap are a standard zoom lens and a wide-angle zoom lens, both of which are portable. Like the Duvo 25-1000, these lenses are also dual format to suit the two types of large sensors used in the film industry. Normally compatible with the Super 35mm sensor, these lenses can also be used with equivalent full-frame image sensors using the built-in 1.5x*2 extender. Fujifilm plans to release the DuvoPortable lens series as Duvo Portable in the future.
  • Fujifilm will continue to develop the Duvo series lens line-up to meet the diversification needs of the most advanced production facilities.
  • The new "Duvo Portable" wide-angle and standard zoom lens can be used for a wide variety of shooting styles, such as shooting on a tripod or other equipment, or carrying the lens on the shoulder.
  • The addition of the portable lens will expand the range of the "Duvo" series, providing a wider variety of camera positions and enabling productions that take full advantage of the benefits of film cameras.
  • With the Duvo series, Fujifilm is aiming for optical performance that produces natural, high-resolution images. At the same time, the high zoom magnification and compatibility with existing accessories make the lenses easy to attach for broadcast use.
  • Duvo" is a word derived from the combination of the Latin words Duo (=Double) and Vivo (=Live). It represents "the dual nature of the series, combining the characteristics of prime and broadcast lenses" and "compatibility with two types of large sensors for conventional film cameras", and expresses Fujifilm's desire for the series to fully demonstrate its capabilities at the forefront of live video recording, such as live events.