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PREMIER FUJINON HK 14.5-45mm T2 HK3.1x14.5 zoom rental. The new range of Premier HK zoom lenses offers T2 apertures with 4k + coverage. It is a high angular lens model, it is the most compact in this line of Premier zoom lenses. It offers low distortion and virtually no chromatic aberration. Its focus helicoid rotates 280 degrees.

  • Aperture: T2
  • Mount: 35mm PL 
  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.71m
  • Diameter: 136mm
  • Length: 310m
  • Weight: 6.5kg
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In Camaleon we have the best cine FUJINON lenses for rent.

Fujinon Premier 14.5-45mm lens rental:

Fujinon HK Premier zoom T2 is a wide-angle optical zoom that covers focal lengths of 14.5mm to 45mm. This zoom lens works like a high-end lens, without distortion or chromatic aberration. It has a perfect resolution from the center to the corners, without shadows or falls.

The HK Premier 14.5-45mm zoom lenses are designed for wide-angle landscapes, beauty shots or chromas. The use of a zoom requires less lens changes and saves production time, without compromising quality. All lenses for rent in Camaleon.


The HK Premier zoom has been developed by fujifilm engineers based on their experience in the manufacturing of PL cinema super E series optics and their previous zoom ZK Cabrio models. The Premier HK are full frame lenses built with special low dispersion crystals and a high refractive index. The HK Premier zoom features a new EBC coating that reduces flashes and ghosts. They offer excellent resolution at all zoom distances, with a rich contrast, achieving maximum performance in the high-resolution full-frame images of the latest generation film cameras.

This Premier lens is designed with the focus, zoom and iris gears all in the same position, which accelerates the zoom changes, since the focus accessories and lens engines can remain in the same position on the rods. The focus ring rotation is 280 degrees uniform. This makes mounting and changing much faster and cleaner. They are available for rent.

Maximum performance with Fujinon HK:

  • Developed by the experience obtained from Cine Super E Series
  • Special low dispersion glass and high refractive index crystal: optimal balance
  • The new EBC cover reduces flashes and ghosts.
  • Rich contrast performance
  • Excellent resolution
  • The lenses are consistent at each focal length, object distance and t-stop.

Fujinon HK of uniform size and shape, popular accessories can be used for efficient workflow:

  • The diameter of the front lenses is 136 mm
  • Iris gear with uniform diameter
  • Unified thread pitch and position

Fujinon HK with new development of 9-leaf iris:

  • Defocused image more natural
  • Images of bright and unfocused objects will look more natural.

14.5-45mm Fujinon HK specs:

  • Model Name: HK3.1x14.5
  • Zoom raito: 3.1x Focal length: 14.5-45mm
  • Description: Fujinon PL-mount & 35mm cameras
  • T-no: T2.0
  • Iris leaves: 9
  • Focus rotation: 280 °
  • Zoom rotation: 160 °
  • Size: 136 x 310 mm
  • 14.5-45mm Fujinon HK Weight: 6.5kg

FUJINON - FUJIFILM objective rental

Objetivos Zoom Premista:

  • Premista 28-100mm T2,9 lens rental.
  • Premista 80-250mm T2.9-3.5 lens rental.

Objetivos zoom HK premier:

  • HK Premier 75-400mm T2.8-3.5 zoom lens rental. 
  • HK Premier 14.5-45mm T2 lens rental.
  • HK Premier  24-180mm T2.6 lens rental.
  • HK 18-85mm T2 lens  rental.

Objetivos zoom XK Cabrio:

  • 20-120mm T3.5 lens rental.

Objetivos zoom MK:

  • 18-55mm T2.9 zoom lens rental.
  • 50-135mm T2.9 zoom lens rental.

Alquiler objetivos Zoom FUJINON/ARRI ALURA:

  • ARRI ALURA 30-80mm T2.8 lens rental.
  • ARRI ALURA 18-80mm T2.6 lens rental.
  • ARRI ALURA 15.5-45mm T2.8 lens rental.

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