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The ZK Cabrio lenses have a compact design with super 35mm coverage and excellent 4K optical performance. Natural bokeh by having a circular iris of 9 blades and 16-bit coding. The focus rotation is 200 degrees and was the first to have a removable servo of ENG style, operators accustomed to recording videos in a typical ENG style will feel very comfortable with the servo, a removable unit that allows you to configure it to support Standard cinema motors and Matte Box. In addition, the lenses have data output, with LDS and / i metadata compatibility is very useful when you want to save the zoom position, iris and focus information for computer animations and other uses. The digital servo on the PL has 16-bit coding, so operators can be sure that the entire data output of the lens is extremely accurate. The marks on the rings are bright for visibility in low light situations. The distances are listed in feet or meters and can be changed at any time.

The Cine Cabrio 4k lens line consists of 4 lenses: 19-90mm zoom lenses, 85-300mm zoom lenses, 14-35mm zoom lenses and 25-300mm zoom lenses. All with apertures of T2.9, Except ZK 25-300mm T3.5 (25-273mm) T3.85 (300mm)lens . It is also the only model in the cabrio range that does not have motorization. ZK cabrio lens rental.

Fujinon Cabrio 25-300mm lenses:

The 25-300mm T3.5 lens provides with a huge versatility and a huge focal range from 25mm to 300mm (12x). The lens has a PL mount with LDS and /i technology compatible electronics. The aperture remains constant until 273mm, then the lens loses half a stop (T3.85).

  • Mount: PL mount
  • Aperture: T3.5 (T3.85 from 273mm to 300mm)
  • Frontal diameter: 136mm
  • Focal range: 25-300mm
  • Sensor coverage: Super 35 (27.45 x 15.11mm)
  • Weight: 8.9Kg  


FUJINON CABRIO 14-35mm lenses:

Cabrio 14-35mm T2.9 lens packs versatility and optical performance in a lightweight 2.9Kg body. It features a detachable servo drive unit as the rest of the lenses that belong to the Cabrio line, allowing for remote iris, zoom and focus control. Its active PL mount is compatible with /i and LDS technologies.

  • Mount: PL mount
  • Aperture: T2.9
  • Focal range: 14 - 35mm
  • Frontal diameter: 114mm
  • Sensor coverage: Super 35 ( 27.45 x 15.44mm)
  • Weight: 2.9Kg


85-300mm Fujinon Cabrio lenses:

The 85-300mm lenses have a similar size and weight than the PL 19-90mm lenses, their longer focal length make them ideal for documentary, nature, wildlife, and commercial shootings. The PL 85-300 lens offers a focal length of 85-218mm at T2.9 and the 300mm field of view at T4.0, with 200-degree focus rotation.

  • Mount: PL mount
  • Aperture: T2.9 | T4
  • Frontal diameter: 114mm
  • Focal range: 85-300mm
  • Focus ring rotation: 200º
  • Sensor coverage: S35 (27.45 x 15.44 mm)
  • Weight: 3Kg


Fujinon Cine Cabrio 19-90mm lenses:

Cabrio ZK 19-90mm lenses with servo drive unit. They are a standard zoom with a frequently used focal length that covers 19 to 90 mm with an aperture of T2.9. Latest optical simulation technology and natural blur bokeh thanks to the round 9-leaf iris, it has achieved high optical performance and a compact and lightweight body weighing 2.85 kg.

  • Aperture: T2.9
  • Mount: 35mm PL mount
  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.85m
  • Diameter: 114mm
  • Length: 226m
  • Weight: 2.8kg


XK Cabrio lens rental

Fujinon XK 20-120mm lenses: 

The 20-120mm T3.5 Cabrio lens packs a PL mount with LDS & /i systems compatibility along with a detachable servo drive unit that can control the focus, iris and zoom rings. It does also feature a macro option.

  • Mount: PL mount
  • Aperture: T3.5
  • Frontal diameter: 114mm
  • Focal range: 20-120mm
  • Focus ring rotation: 200º
  • Sensor coverage: Super 35 (24.84x13.97mm)
  • Weight: 2.9Kg 


ZK CABRIO lenses:

  • Fujinon ZK 25-300mm T3.5 lenses
  • Fujinon ZK 14-35mm T2.9 lenses
  • Fujinon ZK 85-300mm T3.5 lenses
  • ZK 19-90mm T2.9 lenses

Xk zoom lenses:

  • 20-120mm T3.5 zoom lenses

Zoom lens rental:

Premista Zoom lenses:

  • 28-100mm T2,9 Premista zoom lens rental
  • 80-250mm T2.9-3.5 Premista zoom lens rental

Hk Zoom lenses:

  • 75-400mm T2.8-3.5 HK Premier zoom lens rental
  • 14.5-45mm T2 HK Premier zoom lens rental
  • 24-180mm T2.6 HK Premier zoom lens rental
  • 18-85mm T2  HK Premier zoom lens rental 

Xk zoom lens rental:

  • 20-120mm T3.5 zoom lens rental

Mk Zoom lens rental:

  • 18-55mm T2.9 zoom lens rental
  • 50-135mm T2.9 zoom lens rental

ARRI ALURA Zoom Lens Rental:

  • 30-80mm T2.8 FUJINON /ARRI ALURA Zoom lens rental
  • 18-80mm T2.6 FUJINON /ARRI ALURA Zoom lens rental
  • 15.5-45mm T2.8 FUJINON /ARRI ALURA Zoom lens rental