FUJINON 19-90mm T2.9

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Fujinon Cabrio ZK 19-90mm. Standard zoom with a frequently used focal length that covers 19 to 90 mm with T2.9 aperture. Latest optical simulation technology and natural blur bokeh thanks to the round 9-leaf iris, it has achieved high optical performance and a compact and lightweight body weighing 2.85 kg. 19-90mm has zoom factor 4,7x with a zoom ring that turns 120º and can be tuned to improve focus distance control. Field of view 71,41º x 44.14º at the wide end to 17.20º x 9,48º at the tele end

  • Aperture: T2.9
  • Mount: 35mm PL 
  • Image Circle 31.5 mm Diameter
  • Minimum focus distance: 2.8'
  • Macro Available
  • Focus rotation: 200º
  • zoom rotation: 120º
  • Gear Pitch: 0.8
  • Diameter: 114mm
  • Length: 226mm
  • Weight With Servo: 5.95 lb
  • Without Servo: 4.85 lb


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Fujinon Cine Cabrio 19-90mm T2.9 is a versatile, lightweight and confortable zoom that belongs to the Fujinon Premier line. It is suitable for any kind of production from feature films to ENG or documentaries. It is built with a great bunch of features and peculiarities.

Cabrio 19-90mm is considered a truly cine zoom, featuring a PL mount with electronic connections compatible with LDS and i/ systems (used by CMotion Preston, Arri, Cook or Heden), allowing for metadata transfer between camera and lens.

Fujinon 19-90mm has a constant aperture of T2.9 along the whole focal range with 9 aperture blades. Fujinon 19-90mm covers super35 sensors with an image circle of Ø31.5mm, allowing for 4K recording.

Its focus ring is able to rotate up to 200º for smooth focus transitions and its minimum focusing distance is 0.85m. The zoom offers a macro function, which is not as precise as a dedicated macro lens but performs quite good.

The 19-90mm T2.9 has zoom factor of almost 5x (4,7x) with a zoom ring that turns 120º and can be tuned to improve focus distance control. The field of view goes from 71,41º x 44.14º at the wide end to 17.20º x 9,48º at the tele end.

The unit includes a servo motor that can be detached. All three rings (aperture, zoom and focus) feature standard 0.8 gears and thus can be remotely controlled using the servo, either wirelessly or using the FIZ control system. The servo gets powered through the lens when it is attached to a camera compatible with its electronics, else, it can be powered by D-Tap connection.

The lens' diameter is 114mm and it accepts screw in clear or variable 112.5mm ND filters.

The internal design using low dispersion elements and high performance glass grants a great flare resistance, although if used in macro mode minor light leaks may appear. The lens renders soft skin tones and low saturated and contrasted colors, emphasizing cold lights.

It is a great zoom with a lightweight yet durable construction (it weights only 2.85Kg) that can be used either in a steadycam rig or in handheld situations, either at documentaries or feature films.

The Cine Cabrio 4k line consists of 4 lenses: 19-90mm lenses, 85-300mm lenses, 14-35mm lenses and 25-300mm zoom lenses. All with apertures of T2.9, Except ZK 25-300mm T3.5 (25-273mm) T3.85 (300mm)lens. It is also the only model in the cabrio range that does not have motorization. ZK cabrio lens rental.

Technical specifications Fujinon ZK 19-90mm

  • Mount Type: PL
  • Image Circle: 31.5 mm Diameter (Supports 27.45 x 15.44 mm Sensors)
  • Focal Length: 19 to 90mm
  • Zoom Ratio: 4.7x
  • Aperture Max: T2.9
  • Min: T22
  • Iris Blades: 9
  • Gear Pitch: 0.8
  • Focus Rotation: 200°
  • Zoom Rotation: 120°
  • Barrel Markings: Metric/Imperial Switchable
  • M.O.D. From Image Plane: 2.79' - 0.85 m
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 2.8' - 0.85 m
  • Object Dimensions at M.O.D. (16:9) 19 mm: 36 x 20.3" - 915 x 515 mm
  • 90 mm: 7.6 x 4.3" - 193 x 109 mm
  • Angular Field of View (16:9) 19 mm: 71° 41' x 44° 14'
  • 90 mm: 17° 20' x 9° 48'
  • Macro: Available
  • Filter Thread M111
  • Dimensions (Ø x L): 4.5 x 8.8" - 114 x 223 mm
  • Weight With Servo: 5.95 lb - 2.7 kg
  • Without Servo: 4.85 lb - 2.2 kg

Packaging Info

  • Package Weight: 10.35 lb
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.6 x 9.8 x 9.1"



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