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Rent Fujinon Cabrio 14-35mm T2 versatility and optical performance in a lightweight 2.9Kg body. It features a detachable servo drive as the rest of the lenses that belong to the Cabrio line, allowing for remote iris, zoom and focus control. Its active PL mount is compatible with /i and LDS technologies. Featuring a 9 rounded blades diaphragm which opens at a maximum T2.9 aperture along the whole focal range, this lens offers 200º of focus ring rotation.

  • Aperture: T2.9
  • Mount: 35mm PL 
  • Image Circle 31.5 mm Diameter
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.60m 
  • Macro Available
  • Focus rotation: 200º
  • zoom rotation: 120º
  • Gear Pitch: 0.8
  • Diameter: 114mm
  • Length: 226mm
  • Weight W. Servo: 6.4 lb - 2.9 kg
  • Weigth without servo: 5.2 lb - 2.4 kg
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  • The wide angle zoom Fujinon 14-35mm T2.9 Cabrio offers a great optical performance both at the center and at the corners of the frame. It has a PL active mount compatible with LDS and /i technologies and a standard 0.8 gear around the iris, focus and zoom rings. Thus, it is fully compatible with the vast majority of follow focus (WCU4, SXU, CFF1,...).
  • The optic is designed so that it can be used for cinema or TV productions. As the 19-90mm, the 20-120mm and the 85-300mm Cabrio lenses, it features a detachable servo drive that allos for focus, iris and zoom ring remote control. This servo can be powered through the camera by the connectors available in the PL mount of the lens or through a DTap cable.
  • The zoom is lightweight and thus confortable to use in ENG or documentary productions where high mobility and fast reactions are required. Also, it is highly recommended for steadycam/gimball shoots. Its frontal element has a 114mm diameter that accepts screw-in filters (M127)- Furthermore, this frontal element size is common to every lens in the Cabrio line excepting the 85-300mm.
  • Its design, which features low dispersion elements, covers Super35 sensors (27.45 x 15.11mm) providing an image circle of 31.5mm. Besides, it is prepared to work at 4K resolutions.
  • Featuring a 9 rounded blades diaphragm which opens at a maximum T2.9 aperture along the whole focal range, this lens offers 200º of focus ring rotation and 0.6m of minimal focusing distance, although this distance can be reduced in a half activating the macro mode.
  • The Cine Cabrio 4k lens line consists of 4 lenses: 19-90mm zoom lenses, 85-300mm zoomlenses, 14-35mm zoom lenses and 25-300mm zoom lenses. All with apertures of T2.9, Except ZK 25-300mm T3.5 (25-273mm) T3.85 (300mm) . It is also the only model in the cabrio range that does not have motorization. ZK cabrio rental.


  • Fujiinon ZK 14-35mm general features: 
  • Outstanding 4K optical performance and compact design
  • ENG Style with Detachable Servo Drive Unit
  • Super 35mm large format coverage
  • Compatible with current broadcast and cine lens accessories
  • Natural Bokeh(Blur) thanks to 9-Brads Round Iris
  • 16bit encoder for virtual device
  • Fujinon ZK 14-35mm Zoom Lens Technical Specifications: 
  • Model name: ZK2.5x14
  • 35mm PL Mount Camera
  • Focal length: 14-35mm
  • Light Zoom: 2.5x
  • T: T2.9
  • Iris blades: 9
  • M.O.D.from image planes:  2'
  • Object dimensions at M.O.D. 14mm 701 x 394mm
  • 1.78 : 1 Aspect light* : 35mm 275 x 155mm
  • Angled field of view 14mm 88°52' x 57°45'
  • 1.78 : 1 Aspect light* : 35mm 42°49' x 24°53'
  • Focus rotation: 200°
  • Zoom rotation: 120°
  • Size (φ x Length): φ114 x 231mm
  • Weitgh 2.9kg (with Drive Unit) / 2.4kg (without Drive Unit)
  • *Sensor Size: 27.45 x 15.44mm

Rental Prices Fujinon ZK 14-35 mm:

* Consult the Fujinon ZK 14-35mm rental prices for different periods by email hello@camaleonrental.com


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