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Gaffer | Lighting Crew | Film | Camaleón Cine Service

The gaffer is an extremely important figure on set, not only because he cooperate with the director of photography to achieve what he have in his mind, but also because as chief of the lighting department he has a very big responsibility in matters such as health and safety on set.

If you ask any director of photography, they’ll all answer that without their gaffer they are lost and everyone that has been on set at least once knows why. Specially when the cinematographer comes from abroad and have not that much time of on-location pre-production, it is paramount for a smooth and safe production that the gaffer is an experienced and reliable person that can fully take care of each and every one of those key aspects.

At Camaleon Rental we collaborate with a fair amount of experienced gaffers with fluent english that will be by the side of your cinematographer even before he gets on location and will help him providing all the information he needs about locations, crew, power supply, lighting equipment suppliers and more.

Aside of that, they will be more than happy to advise the director of photography on what gear to use and what solutions are available if something needed is missing.