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  • When you need to add an extra touch of atmosphere to your scene, filling the air with particles and allowing video lights to shine through the smoke can be exactly what you need.
  • Adding smoke or fog to a scene can give it a special touch and a different texture, whether you're shooting a music video, a commercial video or a feature film scene.
  • Smoke machines are essential in video, film and show production to create atmospheric visual effects that add depth and realism to each scene. These devices allow you to mimic fog, smoke and other environmental effects that are difficult to reproduce in a natural way.
  • Here are a few things to consider if you are looking for smoke machines for film, video camera or show applications.



Types of fog machines:

  • Traditional Smoke Machines: Use glycerine or glycol based liquids to produce thicker smoke.
  • Hazers: Produce a finer, more diffuse haze and are ideal for creating a subtle effect. They allow you to mark beams of illumination without leaving traces of burnt liquid. Like
  • Low Fog Machines: Generate a fog that is held close to the ground, often using dry ice as well as heat exchangers.
  • High Power Smoke Machines: Used in outdoor locations or on large film and TV sets.
  • Wireless or Portable Smoke Machines: Allow for use in remote locations and when mobility is required.

Smoke Machine Features:

  • Output Control: Possibility to adjust the amount and density of smoke.
  • Heating Time: Some machines may require several minutes to heat up.
  • Remote Control: Allows the machine to be operated remotely, which is useful on a film set.
  • Emission Duration: How long it can produce smoke before it needs recharging or refilling.
  • Fluid Types: Make sure the fluids are of good quality and safe for indoor use if necessary.

    Safety and Practical Considerations for smoke machines:

    • Ventilation: Ensure that there is adequate ventilation on the set to prevent smoke build-up.
    • Smoke detectors: Should be disabled or protected, they can be activated by artificial smoke.
    • Safety of Actors and crew: Choose safe liquids so as not to cause irritation or respiratory problems.
    • Visual Impact: Experiment with different densities and amounts of smoke to achieve the desired effect for your shoot.
    • Coordination with the photography department: Smoke can significantly affect the lighting and atmosphere of a shot.

    Correct Use and Maintenance of Smoke Machines:

    • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and maintenance of the machine.
    • Test before use on set to familiarise yourself with the operation and results.
    • Keep the machine clean and refill fluids as necessary.
    • When using smoke machines in film, it is crucial to work closely with the director, cinematographer and other departments to ensure that the smoke effect contributes appropriately to the creative vision of the project.


    Fog machines for rent

    Benefits and uses of smoke machine hire

    • When you want to add a touch of extra atmosphere to your scene, filling the air with particles and allowing video lights to shine through the smoke can be exactly what you need.
    • Adding a little smoke or fog to a scene can add a special touch, whether you're shooting a music video, a commercial or a film scene.
    • Smoke machines find their use whenever you are looking for impressive lighting effects. By breaking the light, the smoke creates an amplified and enigmatic spatial effect and the resulting atmosphere is imbued with a fascinating aura.
    • Smoke machines also create a spectacular visual effect that can leave a lasting impression on the viewers of films or TV programmes.
    • Smoke machines are usually activated for a short period of time and then switched off once the desired atmospheric density has been reached. This process is repeated throughout the production.
    • The operation of fog machines is based on heating a glycol and water-based fluid (with a heating element inside the device), which is then pumped out of the machine. Depending on the type of fluid you use, you can control the density and thickness of the smoke generated. The fluids available are usually categorised as light, medium or heavy.

    Hazer Smoke Machine Rental

    • While most fog machines create bursts of thick smoke, this fog machine produces a continuous fine mist.
    • Haze machines are ideal for adding a delicate atmosphere to scenes in films, TV series, music videos, etc.
    • The mist is very subtle and fine, often not visible in the air until the video lights are switched on. Most foggers use a mineral oil-based fluid as a base for the particles.
    • These machines have a compressor and fan that propels the mist and disperses it throughout the room.
    • Because of its tiny particles, the atmospheric mist created by a smoke generator is less dense than air and remains in the atmosphere for a much longer period of time than smoke.
    • A good fog generator will fill a room with a single activation and then does not need to be turned on again for an hour or more.

    Features Smoke Factory Tour - Hazer II fog machines

    • Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II
    • Quiet operation
    • Internal fan
    • Fog density control
    • 5L carafe capacity
    • Mist Angle: 90º- 45º Fog Angle: 90º- 45º Fog Angle: 90º- 45º Fog Angle: 90º- 45
    • Weight: 16.5kg

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