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Hazer machines hire 

Advantages and uses of Hazer machines rental

When looking to enhance the atmosphere of your scene, introducing particles into the air and allowing video lights to illuminate through the mist can be just what you need. Adding a touch of smoke or fog to a scene can bring a special essence, whether you're shooting a music video, an advertisement, or a movie scene.
Smoke factories prove their worth when seeking impressive lighting effects. By diffusing light, the smoke creates an intensified and mysterious spatial impact, infusing the resulting atmosphere with an intriguing aura. Moreover, thanks to smoke factories, a spectacular visual effect is achieved, leaving a lasting impression on moviegoers or TV audiences.
Typically, smoke factories are activated for short intervals and then turned off once the desired atmospheric density is attained. This process is repeated throughout the production.
The functioning of smoke factories relies on heating a glycol and water-based fluid (with a heating element inside the device), which is then expelled from the machine. Depending on the type of fluid used, you can regulate the density and thickness of the produced smoke. Available fluids are usually classified as light, medium, or heavy.

Smoke - Hazer machines for rental

While many smoke factories create bursts of thick smoke, this particular fog machine produces a continuous and fine mist.
Fog factories are perfect for adding a delicate atmosphere to scenes in movies, TV series, music videos, and more. The mist is very subtle and fine, often invisible in the air until video lights are switched on. Most foggers use a mineral oil-based fluid as the base for the particles. These factories are equipped with a compressor and fan, which drive the mist and disperse it throughout the room.
Due to its tiny particles, the atmospheric mist created by a fog generator is less dense than air and lingers in the environment for a much longer duration compared to smoke.
A quality fog generator can fill a room with a single activation and may not need to be turned on again for an hour or even longer. 

Features of Tour - Hazer II smoke factories for rental

  • Smoke factory with quiet operation
  • Smoke factory with internal fan
  • Smoke factory with mist density control
  • Smoke factory with capacity of 5L carafe
  • Smoke factory's mist angle: between 90º and 45º
  • Smoke factory's weight (kg): 16.5

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