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The Joker-Bug 800w HMI lighting device has a color temperature of 5600ºK. It is prepared for high speed shootings because its ballast provides a frequency between 300 Hz to 1000Hz. Its reduced weight and size make it a very versatile device when shooting in any type of location.

Power supply: 90V - 132V | 180-265V.
Color Temperature: 5600K
Dimmer: Yes
Ballast up to 1000hz
Weight: 2.7 Kg

Joker Bug 800 HMI v2 |Lighting hire | Camaleón Rental

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The Joker Bug 800 HMI is ready to be used with various accessories that allow you to control the light it offers. The package includes 4 lenses to concentrate the light as desired. Chimera brand accessories can also be used to create a soft box and to soften the light.

The Joker 800 fits in a tiny suitcase. The set weights only 3.6Kg. The real size of kit 800 is exactly the same as a Joker Bug 400 device. The next power of the K5600 brand is the Joker Bug 1200 with double size and weight.

* Power: 90V - 132V | 180-265V.
* Color Temperature: 5600K
* Dimmer
* Ballast up to 1000hz

They have high performance, producing the equivalent of a 4000w quartz lighting device. Its lamps can be used for a maximum of 600 hours.

The Joker Bug series have several accessories that multiply the handling possibilities of its powerful devices, Lightbanks | Chimeras for many situations or the Bug a Beam adapter that allows the Source 4 system to be attached to the Joker Bug 400 and Joker Bug 800 devices.

Available accessories for Joker Bug 800

- Lantern: Chimera that makes the omnidirectional joker to illuminate the whole room with soft light.

- Octaplus: Chimera that concentrates the light more than the Lantern and also with soft light

- Big eye: Increase the size of the light source with opening from 60 to 10 degrees. This increase is sought to simulate the effect of sunlight through a big window.

- Bug a beam: Turn the joker into a concentrated light canon allowing greater range.

- Softube: Turn the light source into a stretched shape. Ideal to place in corners with few space.

Technical specifications

Consumption: 800w
Voltage Range: 90v - 132v | 180v - 265v
Lamp base type: G22
Ballast frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz | 300Hz - 1000Hz
Color temperature: 5600k
Weight: 2.7 Kg
Dimensions: 330 x 230 x 180 mm
Mount: Standart 5/8 "

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