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The famous movie director of the fifties Douglas Sirk, author of probably some of the best melodramas of the film history used to say that in the cinematic language there is a very close relationship between motion and emotion and we couldn’t agree more. So it becomes extremely (or we could say even dramatically) clear the importance of the key grip. The key grip is the person in charge of building and maintaining all the gear meant to support and move the camera, plus making sure that both the camera and the equipment are absolutely and safely “gripped” so there are no chances of an accident. On top of that, he is also the one pushing the dolly cart, and sometimes even the slider, not to mention that he and his crew also set the rails and level them, so he is physically responsible of the way the camera moves. Orson Welles used to say “ a very good sound may save a bad image, but there is no image beautiful enough to fix a bad sound”. We totally agree but we can add to that “there is no way to fix a wrong camera movement” and that’s why at Camaleón Rental we can provide skilled key grip that will move your camera in the exact way you need it to move.