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Kino Flo´s Barfly 400 are from thin profile new family. This...

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KINO FLO Fluorescent | Film Lighting Hire

From their appearance on the market, fluorescent lights have been the ace in the sleeve of all kind of productions for the characteristic softness of the light they deliver, their reduced weight and power consumption, not to mention the exact color calibration. From blockbuster features to small budget documentaries, lighting instruments such as those by Kinoflo are an essential tool and at Cámaleon Rental we have a wide range of solutions for you.

Available full Fluorescent Kino Flo Catalog: Blanket light, Vistabeam 600, Parabeam,Bar Fly 200 y 400, Kamio, Kino 1.2 4T, Kino 1.2 2T, Kino 0.60 4T y Kino 0.602T.

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