L7-C LE2 LED Fresnel

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L7-C Fresnel LED source with an unprecedented color. With the 25% improvement in power compared to its predecessors. Achieving an increase in tungsten equivalence from 750W to 1,000W. Control of a wide range of color temperature and hue and saturation settings.

  • Power: AC 100V - 250V
  • Color Temperature Range: 2800K | 10000K
  • Control: DMX | RDM remote
  • Dimmer Capacity: 0% | 100%
  • CRI: 94%
  • Color correction: Green - Magenta
  • Weight: 8.2Kg | 9.8Kg


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The L7-C fresnel led source jumped to the film and television market in 2011, with the start of a new line of LED light of great features.

The L7-C fresnel led source can be connected to alternating current, it supports a voltage between 100 and 250VAC, with a frequency 50 - 60Hz. It provides the same power as a tungsten of up to 1000W but consuming much less (160W | 220W). TheL7-C fresnel model cannot be powered by batteries. L7-C can be operated both by DMX and wirelessly by RDM command. The control panel has an easily manageable interface.

The Arri L7-C fresnel led source with color temperature control in a range from 2800K to 10000K, allows continuous variation without the existence of flickering. Available color adjustment Green - Magenta. L7-C fresnel has a HUE and saturation control. It achieves a color rendering index of 94% almost in the entire temperature range (from 3200k to 6500K) and a TLCI of 90%.

With the L7-c led fresnel you can dim the light intensity continuously without the presence of flickering. It has a range of light intensity from 0% to 100%. L7-c provides a variable beam angle between 15º and 50º. The diameter of the lens is 175mm.


  • Photometry depends on temperature, beam of light and distance:
  • 3200K at 15º opening (6689lux at 3m, 2480lux at 5m, 1229lux at 7m)
  • 5600K at 15º opening (7511lux at 3m, 2704lux at 5m, 1380lux at 7m)
  • 3200K at 50º opening (807lux at 3m, 290lux at 5m, 148lux at 7m)
  • 5600K at 50º opening (898lux at 3m, 323lux at 5m, 166lux at 7m)

The Arri L7-c fresnel led source is a lighting device designed for both exteriors and studios, withstanding extreme temperatures, from -20ºC to + 45ºC. In an increasingly ecological film and TV industry, LED accessories are gaining popularity, and ARRI with its L7-c led series are the market leaders, improving quality, versatility and color control, reducing costs. The l7-c led sources reduce electricity consumption, long life of the LED light motor, about 200 times more than a tungsten lamp.



Technical Specs ARRI LED L7-C source:

  • Consumption: 160W | 220W
  • AC voltage range: 100V - 250V
  • Control: DMX | Wireless remote
  • Dimmer Capacity: 0% | 100%
  • Color Temperature Range: 2800K | 10000K
  • Max Lux: 6689lux (3200K) | 7511lux (5600K)
  • Weight: 8.2Kg | 9.8Kg
  • Dimensions: 175mm diameter
  • Color correction Green - Magenta
  • Hue and Saturation Adjustment
  • Flashing Free


The L7-C hire includes:

  • 1 L7-C Fresnel LED source
  • 1 Light Tripod
  • 1 Sandbag
  • Distribution Needed


  • The entire series of ARRI L led sources are available in Camaleon: L5, L7 and L10.


Lighting material hire ARRI LED Source:

  • ARRI Skypanel S30-C Led rental.
  • ARRI Skypanel S60-C Led rental.
  • ARRI Skypanel S120-C Led rental.
  • ARRI Skypanel S360-C Led rental.
  • ARRI L5-C Fresnel LED source rental.
  • ARRI L7-C Fresnel LED source rental.
  • ARRI L10 Fresnel LED source rental.

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