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  • Laowa is a revolutionary lens manufacturer from Hong Kong, specialising in fast wide angle and unique macro lenses. All of their lenses offer incredible optical performance and build quality in a compact design at a price point well below the competition. This is achieved by forgoing all lens electronics, resulting in a range of manual focus and manual aperture lenses. Laowa focuses on the landscape and macro world, as these are the genres that require the least autofocus. If you are looking for the best possible image quality in a solid and reliable lens, but at an affordable price, you have come to the right place.
  • LAOWA lenses are award-winning, high quality lenses. LAOWA lens design innovation continues to receive rave reviews and awards around the world. LAOWA has a lens suitable for every type of photography. They produce unique lenses that inspire photographers and capture sharp, excellent quality images.
  • LAOWA 24mm f14 CF 0.8" PL FF LENS
  • This Macro Probe lens is really special. It is a 24mm wide angle lens and at the same time it is a 2x macro lens. It is 40 cm long, waterproof, covers the Full Frame sensor, focuses to within one centimetre of the front element and, thanks to its slim, elongated shape, can literally get inside objects. It even has a built-in, dimmable LED ring light around the front element, to help fill in shadows caused by the camera and/or camera operator.  PL mount, with iris rings and gear focus so it can easily work with follow focus systems.
  • The 24mm T14 2x PeriProbe not only inherits all the excellent features of the 24mm T14 2x PeriProbe lens, but now also includes a new periscope tube. The new 90° periscope tip unlocks countless new and exciting movements. The 85° AoV and a very short working distance of 2 cm help to create the insect's eye perspective. The 2x magnification makes it possible to capture subjects of different sizes in detail. Users can place the long, waterproof barrel in a narrow space and underwater for a unique perspective. The LED Lite ring provides an additional light source. Users can also switch from the 90° periscope to the 0° straight viewfinder. The lens can be rotated 360° along the axis by unlocking the orientation ring. Additional accessories can also be mounted on the lens tip through the 1/4 screw hole.
  • The Laowa 24mm T14 2x Periprobe is designed specifically for Full Frame sensors. It removes all the features of the Laowa 24mm f/14 2x Probe and adds a completely new periscope feature. The lens offers a new perspective and improved flexibility.
  • Users can point the camera up or down with the Periprobe to create a periscope perspective. This is useful when photographing something unreachable, such as a tree hole 2 metres up or a crab hiding in an underwater cave. It also makes set-ups easier, as you don't need a large tank or watertight housing for this shot.
  • Moving between objects that are close to each other often involves great complexity, unless a sophisticated mechanism is developed with programmes to move the objects back and forth to avoid collisions. It requires much time and preparation prior to shooting. With Periprobe, it is enough to move around the confined space by placing the cameras on sliders and tripods.