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L10-C Fresnel
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ARRI L10-C RENTAL Arri L10-C rental. Is the largest source in...

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ARRI L5-C RENTAL Arri L5-C rental. Was a great addition to...

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ARRI ORBITER RENTAL Arri Orbiter rental. The ARRI Orbiter...

LED SPOTLIGHTS HIRE | Camaleón Rental ™



  • Rent Led spotlights. Although all led lighting sources have in common that they are built with Light Emitting Diodes. There are different types of LED spotlights due to the type of lens, reflection system or the type of lighting modifiers that they allow to be used. Therefore, each type of Led Spotlight offers a different and particular solution for each type of project or lighting design.

  • In the Film & tv lighting industry there are a multitude of Led spotlight systems with constant evolution and improvements both in power and in color adjustments or lighting effects. Among all these led spotlights we can find:

Rent LED spotlights according to type of lens:

  • Rent Led spotlights with lens
  • Rent Led Fresnel Spotlights
  • Rent Led Reflector Spotlights

Rent LED Spotlights by Temperature and Color

  • Rent Led spotlights 5600k
  • Rent Led Spotlights 3200K
  • Rent Bicolor Led Spotlights 3200k and 5600k
  • Rent Led Spotlights 2800K to 10000K
  • Rent Led RGB spotlights
  • Rent Led Spotlights with Lighting Effects

Rental LED spotlights according to accessories

  • Rent Led Spotlights with Chimera
  • Rent Led Spotlights with Softbox
  • Rent Led Spotlights with Spotlight
  • Rent Led Spotlights with Fresnel
  • Rent Led spotlights with Spacelights
  • Rent Led Fresnel Spotlights

Both Arri and Apurute manufacture Led Lighting Spotlights 

  • In the case of Arri with the L series, the spotlights already have the fresnel lens incorporated as standard. This model of led spotlights combines the fresnel lens together with the movement of the carriage that carries the lamp to concentrate or open the beam of light. The Arri Series L Lighting series is made up of 3 led spotlights with different sizes and powers. Arri led Fresnel L5, L7 and L10.
  • In the case of Aputure, the Led Spotlights come with reflectors as standard. But thanks to its Bowens mount it is possible to adapt different types of accessories, among which are different models of Fresnel lenses such as Aputure Fresnel F10 and F14. The Led spotlights that admit Fresnel lens are the Aputure LS and Aputure Electro Storm series.

What is a Fresnel lens?

  • A fresnel lens is a flat optic that has concentric circles. This type of lens allows the construction of large aperture optics with minimum focal lengths. Optics with much lower weights and volumes due to the materials needed in the construction compared to conventional optics.
  • Fresnel lenses were conceived by the French physicist Augustin-jean Fresnel in 1822 and first used at the Cordouan Lighthouse in France. Subsequently, the use of Fresnel lenses was transferred to other applications such as car headlights, flashlights, direction indicators or Film and TV Lighting. Later it was also implemented in Led Lighting. The first spotlights designed with Fresnel Lenses were Tungsten Fresnel light sources such as the Arri Fresnel. Subsequently the HMI lighting spotlights.
  • The advantage of Fresnel lenses with respect to other types of lighting optics are reduced weight and price. When the lenses are large, their span is usually excessive, and they are also very heavy optics and more expensive due to their manufacturing cost due to the elements necessary for their production. In the case of fresnel lenses, their design maintains the radii of curvature of the lens and the circular rings that the optics have are separated from each other.


  • Rent Led spotlights with lens. Both Arri Orbiter and Dedolight Dled offer LED spotlights with a lens system that allows the beam of light to be projected. In the case of Orbiter it works with three interchangeable open-face optics with different degrees 15, 25 and 35º that produce a sharp and focused beam with evenly distributed color. Dedolight Dled Led Lighting devices have a design inherited from the legendary Dedolight tungsten spotlights.
  • The patented Dedolight Lens system has advantages over traditional Fresnel lens systems. The system has two different lenses, the first collects the light from the lamp and projects it towards the second lens. Making the most of the light power and allowing the use of low voltage lamps. Dedolight's LED spotlight lens system has evolved with the introduction of additional movement of the second lens in relation to the lamp and reflector, the entire system is controlled by a focus knob. This lighting technology was first used in the dedolight 400 Series as a triple zoom focus.


  • Rent Led Spotlights with Reflector. There are currently many brands and models of led spotlights with reflectors on the market. The most reliable and with the best features are Aputure. In addition to being able to be used with a variety of accessories manufactured by the same brand, they include reflectors of different sizes with Bowens Mount in their Lighting Kit.

What is a Bowens mount?

  • Bowens mount is a type of adapter that allows the mounting of accessories for point source LED spotlights, transforming them into a soft light. With smooth and uniform output.
  • The Bowens Mount is compatible with a variety of accessories in the Aputure line. It works with both the Aputure Ls, Aputure Electro Storm and Aputure Amaran.