<p style="text-align:justify;">The gaffer is an extremely important figure on set, not only because he cooperate with the director of photography to achieve what he have in his mind, but also because as chief of the lighting department he has a very big responsibility in matters such as health and safety on set.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;">If you ask any director of photography, they’ll all answer that without their gaffer they are lost and everyone that has been on set at least once knows why. Specially when the cinematographer comes from abroad and have not that much time of on-location pre-production, it is paramount for a smooth and safe production that the gaffer is an experienced and reliable person that can fully take care of each and every one of those key aspects.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;">At Camaleon Rental we collaborate with a fair amount of experienced gaffers with fluent english that will be by the side of your cinematographer even before he gets on location and will help him providing all the information he needs about locations, crew, power supply, lighting equipment suppliers and more.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;">Aside of that, they will be more than happy to advise the director of photography on what gear to use and what solutions are available if something needed is missing.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="gaffer" width="800" height="532" /></p>
    <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;">People that are not familiar with “The gaffer’s handbook” may not know where the name of this particular position comes from.</p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;">Back in the days there was an electrician, usually the older and/or the more experienced one (eventually then the “best boy”), who was in charge of coordinating the team of lighting technicians, deal with logistics and rental houses, liaise with those and the film production company and so on.</p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;">To make the long story short, as he was also known, he would be the assistant chief lighting technician, the gaffer’s right hand.</p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;">At Camaleón Rental we know and trust several best boys who works with gaffers on regular basis, so you can be one hundred percent positive that their team-work and mutual understanding in bulletproof. Hiring a reliable best boy is an insurance policy for the production company, because he is also in charge to take care of the gear and keep it in order.</p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;">Aside of that they also liaise with people responsible for the buildings on locations, the first assistant director on schedule and timing, special effects director for stunt scenes and art director for… everything else! So, if you want our two cents, on this too, rely on Camaleón Rental!</p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="best-boy" width="800" height="450" /></p>
    <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;">Also known as lighting technician, is the person that together with the other sparks, forms the lighting crew and his responsibilities vary according to the size and the type of the production: from supervising the power supplies options on a small documentary right to handling gigantics lights in blockbuster productions.</p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;">A good spark is an incredible save of time and money and in the same way it happens for a lot of positions in the film industry, even though it seems a quite easy and physical job, it requires way more than an healthy body and a leatherman multi tool knife.</p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;">He needs to know perfectly how each and every piece of gear works, keep it clean and in order so the production can be as fast as it gets.</p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;">Plus, and maybe more important, they are the ones that deal with electricity on set so they have top responsibility in matter of safety, specially when shooting on real locations, where it is paramount to be careful and aware of every possible danger related with power supply.</p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;">We can provide full spark crews or single lighting electricians so you can complete your own crew, and we can vouch for the experience and the reliability on each and every one of them.</p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="spark" width="800" height="655" /></p>
    <p style="text-align:justify;" class="normal">A genny (generator) operator is the person who is in charge of maintaining the power supply of a film set whenever the location power availability is not sufficient for the requirements of the shooting and there is hence the need to bring along a genny to guarantee that every department can have the electricity supply necessary. He usually is an electrician and/or lighting technician, but depending on how big is the power of the genny a specialized operator could be required, generally speaking for generators with a power of more than 20 KW. His main responsibility are to drive the generator (which is usually mounted on a dedicated truck) to the location being there at the time set by the 1st AD, having previously made sure that it is fully operational and meets the specifications that the production requires. At Camaleón Rental we can provide generator operators with wide experience and knowledge of the most used type of generators on the market, who also will take care of the communication with the rental houses and will advise you on the most suited gear for the characteristics of your production. At Camaleón Rental, we’ve got the power that you need and the person to handle it!</p> <p style="text-align:justify;" class="normal"><img src="" alt="genny-operator" width="800" height="600" /></p>

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