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  • Rental Palios, Frames or lighting racks. These are tools used to control and shape the quality of light on Film, Video or Television recordings. Lighting poles are an essential part of any Film or TV Lighting equipment list.
  • Diffusion frames or grids: These lighting frames allow you to install diffusion material (such as silk or other translucent fabrics) that softens the light as it passes through, reducing harsh shadows and creating more even and professional lighting. They are available in various sizes and are commonly used in film and TV studios as well as on outdoor locations to control natural or artificial light.
  • Reflectors: Frames or sticks can also be used to hold reflective material, bouncing light onto a subject, filling in shadows or highlighting certain areas.
  • Flags and cutters: In film, video, television and theatre, frames can also be used to hold flags (black cloth) that block or cut light, shaping it and preventing it from flooding unwanted areas.
  • Gobos: In theatrical lighting, fixed frames may contain gobos, which are stencils placed in front of lighting instruments to shape light into patterns or images that are projected onto the stage or set.
  • Butterfly frame/overhead frame: large frames, sometimes referred to as butterflies or overhead frames, are used over a stage to diffuse sunlight in an outdoor session or to hold bounce material.
  • When installed, these frames or lighting poles are usually mounted on brackets or hung from a mounting system, and can be fitted with wheels for ease of movement, especially in a studio environment.


Each of these devices is a tool in the lighting designer's or cinematographer's toolkit, allowing them to create the desired mood and effect for a scene. Want more detailed information about a particular type of lighting frame or its use in a specific context?

  • The dimensions of lighting markers, known as frames, diffusers or bounce markers, can vary widely depending on the production requirements and scale of the project. Below is a list of common labels used in the film, video and photography industry, but there are no standard specifications and there may be variations depending on the manufacturer, area of use or specific requirements:
  • Small sizes: measure approximately 60 x 60cm or 60 x 90cm. Their controls are used to modify the light in focused areas, at least on the subject.
  • Medium: They can measure 1.2 x 1.2m or 2 x 1m, which are quite common sizes for a balance between light control and portability.
  • Large: Sizes include large 1.8 x 1.8m, 2.4 x 2.4m, 3.6 x 3.6m or 6 x 6m. Larger marks are often used in outdoor film productions to diffuse, reflect or reduce sunlight or light from large artificial sources.
  • Large or Butterfly/Aerial: Lighting frames or canopies (6 x 6m or even 9 x 9m, etc.) can be used on location. These are known as transparencies or butterflies and are commonly used to control ground light over a large area.
  • The lighting strips are crossed with a diffuser, reflector, reflector (solid black to block light) or any other material needed to achieve the desired lighting effect. In the case of diffusers, there are different levels of diffusion (from light to strong), which affect the quality and softness of the transmitted light.