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  • Litepanels is the original pioneer in LED lighting panels for the television and film industries. Developing increasingly innovative lighting solutions including: on-camera lights, Fresnels, RGB special effects lighting, and advanced wireless control systems to become the first name gaffers, DPs, and cinematographers think of when it comes to lighting with LEDs.
  • In 2001, at the heart of the film and television community, five Hollywood lighting gaffers and engineers embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way lighting is used on film sets. Using newly emerging LED technology, they wanted to create a slim-profile, lightweight fixture that would make it extremely versatile and quick to assemble, a characteristically soft, HD-compatible light that could be infinitely dimmed with no noticeable change in color temperature.
  • An eco-friendly light that consumes less energy with lower running costs, and a light that generates virtually no heat to keep talent comfortable. They were successful and the light they created was the now familiar Litepanels 1x1 LED panel. It was an instant hit with studios and lighting designers, and an entire industry was born.
  • The wide range of lighting scenarios possible with Litepanels fixtures has established them as the industry workhorse for broadcast and network television productions such as; Netflix's "Stranger Things" and "Sex Education," NBC's "The Blacklist" and Fox's "24," as well as films including: Disney's "Artemis Fowl," "Murder on the Orient Express," "Rebecca" and "The United States v. Billie Holiday".
  • Litepanels lighting solutions extend beyond television and feature production to include White House and Pentagon briefing rooms, the International Space Station, CNN's polling bus, news helicopters, and numerous studios. of TV news and ENG equipment.
  • With an entire industry depending on Litepanels lighting technology, it's no surprise that when the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awarded its "Technology & Engineering Emmy®" to a lighting company, for the first time in the history of the Academy, Litepanels was the honor recipient having already received a Primetime Engineering Emmy plaque. The Academy honored Litepanels for the third time in 2021 with an Emmy for its pioneering development of LED lighting for television production.
  • Today, through an ongoing commitment to innovation, Litepanels leads the way in LED lighting with several variants of its popular Astra series, including; Delivering high-quality white light in lightweight, rugged and reliable fixtures, the Gemini RGBWW Series produces high-performance, cinema-quality lighting with more creative options than ever. At Camaleón Rental, we also have a wide range of LED lighting in the LED lighting rental section.
  • Whatever your scene, however you light it, Litepanels provide exceptional lights for endless creativity. You can also check all that Camaleón Rental offers for cinema and TV lighting in the cinema and film and TV lighting hire section.