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LIVE EVENT VIDEO PRODUCTION | Camaleón Cinema Services ™


Live Video Production for Events. Camaleón Cinema Services offers a wide range of audiovisual services for video production of Live Broadcast Events of the highest level. From dance recitals, concerts, fashion shows, sporting events, contests, theater productions and any type of show. Our main responsibility is to capture your event with the highest quality and professionalism. We have several multi-camera configurations for Broadcast, high quality audio and years of experience, we can provide Live Broadcast services with a wide variety of price structures adapting to the budget of each project.


Live video production for events is an exciting and passionate job, where unique and unrepeatable moments are captured. Here I share a guide full of love so that your event shines above the rest and leaves an indelible mark in the hearts of your audience:

Pre production Event:

Planning: Imagine yourself and your team as painters in front of a blank canvas. What masterpiece do you want to create? Think about who will enjoy this beauty and what dreams they want to make come true. This is the most important part of the process because it is here we set objectives, project aesthetics and choose the technical and human means to achieve it.

A story well told: Each event has its own soul, and it is your job to bring it to life with a script that flows naturally, like the hug of an old friend.

The perfect home: Choosing the location is not just a logistical aspect, it is finding the home for the memories you will create.

Tools: Choose your technical equipment as if they were brushes for your work; each must be perfect for its purpose.

A rehearsal full of enthusiasm: Make sure the lights, cameras and grip materials are in harmony for the big day! We test all our technical means in a general rehearsal to polish every minute of the process

Event Production:

The Great Setup: How to prepare a surprise party, set the scene early and carefully.

Production Artists: Every camera operator, sound engineer, or production director is part of an orchestra, and you are the conductor, ensuring that every note is perfect.

The emotional bridge of streaming: Use a platform that is a safe and strong bridge to connect with your audience, no matter where they are.

The Dance of Live Video Mixing: Like a delicate dance, an operator mixes the cameras and graphics into one fluid and exciting piece.

Post-production event:

The art of editing: Even live beauty can be enhanced and revived, creating a version that lasts forever.

A loving echo: Listen to your audience, feel their response and learn so that next time, the show is even closer to their hearts.

Logistics and event contingencies:

The safety net: Make sure your connection is as strong as the ties that bind people together.

A plan B full of hope: Always have a guiding light in case of a storm.

A team united by communication: Being in tune is vital, like musicians at a concert.

Legal and Copyright Aspects:

Permissiveness and respect: Just as we would respect a host's rules, obtain the necessary permissions to share your art.

Copyright: Make sure all the wonderful third-party creations you use in your event are shared fairly and legally.

Marketing and Distribution Event:

The invitation: Make your audience feel special and excited about the adventure they are going to share.

An embrace of accessibility: Consider ways to include each person, so no one misses out on the magic.

In the end, what really matters is the heart and soul you put into your live event. Just like a chef who cooks with love, every detail that you attend to with love will be perceived in the final result. May your next production be not only technical and professional, but also a warm and enriching human experience!

Live Events Broadcasting Services

Video Production for Live Events. Our Broadcast video production company specializes in premium live broadcast services of the highest level. Both with video cameras and film recording equipment for the most demanding events. Our broadcast services for events include prior advice as well as custom production design to ensure the creative expectations of the event and your brand.

Our audiovisual potential is based on the technical excellence of both recording and video equipment and moving cameras. We offer unique narrative solutions that make the difference compared to other Live event production providers.