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SEVILLE Is the capitol and the largest city in Andalucia, If...

Location Manager Spain | Production Crew


What job does the Location Manager perform in an audiovisual production?

Finding ideal locations for filming an audiovisual production, whether video, film, advertising or television. It is a complex work that includes locating and determining which spaces are the most suitable for filming as the main task, but also involves a series of complementary competences, such as carrying out the documentation work necessary to present the location as the more suitable for the filming, inform of the necessary logistic and infrastructure conditions including the costs that could be incurred in the use of the spaces, obtain the permission of public or private entities that allow the use of that spaces for filming and considering the technical needs of a specific location. It is also essential the collaboration with the production manager and the DOP to see if the chosen location is the best possible at the technical level and if it maintains the creative interests of the director or director of photography.

What offer the Location Managers team of "CAMALEÓN CINEMA SERVICES"?

Our team of professionals has an accredited experience and ability to combine all the areas that should cover the Location Manager in an audiovisual production, such artistic and technical and logistical. We have an expert staff with a wide portfolio of locations that according to the artistic direction and with the technical team will be in charge of finding the most suitable spaces for the production needs and will solve all the issues related to costs, permits, accessibility, parking, economic and technical. They take care of the location in order to avoid any problem or claim that may arise from improper or negligent use of the location.

What is the job a Location Manager of "CAMALEON CINEMA SERVICES?

First, the Location Manager of CAMALEON will carry out a research and a documentation work to inform in detail of the characteristics of the project based on the screenplay of the audiovisual production. Then, they offer the best alternatives of location for the filming and also inform about the logistic conditions, infrastructure and economic cost of the available locations in accordance with the Director and the Director of Photography in order to find the most appropriate space for the success of the audiovisual production.

They make all the necessary measures to carry out the production in the chosen place: rental costs, permits needed to shoot in public spaces and buildings, negotiation with owners, accessibility, security of the staff and technical equipment during the filming, maintenance of the location and status supervision of the location once the shoot has finished, taking charge of the cleaning, repair in case of damages and making a report of the damages caused and its causes. They are responsible to left the space in the same condition as it was found.