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APUTURE 300X RENTAL Aputure 300x rental. The Aputure 300x...

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Aputure lights for rent. At Camaleon Rental we offer a wide range of Aputure LED lights for rent. Aputure Light Storm, Aputure Electro Storm, Aputure Amaran, Aputure Nova and Aputure Power Stations. You can also rent all Aputure branded accessories such as softboxes, chimeras, fresnel lenses and spotlights for your film, video, TV or event shooting or recording.


  • Is a well-known film, television and video LED lighting company that was founded in 2005 in Los Angeles. Its name is a mixture of the words "aperture" and "future".
  • Its creators were filmmakers, the best known of whom is its current president Ted Sim. The founders wanted to reduce the cost of existing lighting devices, i.e. to make them more affordable and at the same time of high quality.
  • From 2005 to the present, has grown to become a leading brand in LED lighting worldwide. It currently has offices in various parts of the world: China, Los Angeles, the Netherlands, Singapore, India and Japan.
  • Is committed to helping filmmakers bring their creative visions to life by creating specialised LED lighting equipment for the film industry, ultimately continuing to contribute to the growth and innovation of the film industry.



  • Ted Sim is an outstanding entrepreneur and film lover. He has played a key role in the growth of the company. Since 2016 Ted Sim has been the Chairman. With Ted Sim at the helm of Aputure, the company has made deals that have been key to its growth, with Disney, Warner Media, NBCUniversal and Nike Studios.
  • Ted Sim, in addition to being president of the company, also manages a YouTube channel dedicated entirely to film, called Indy Mogul, which has more than one million subscribers and has also received the Webby award (an award dedicated to the best websites in the world).


  • He began his career creating lighting for other brands. This is a technique that some companies use to learn about the needs of the market and gradually consolidate their product until they finally decided to start marketing their own material.
  • The company's first products were the Amaran, this LED lighting was lighter and more versatile than the traditional lighting used until then in film, television or professional video, which were generally much heavier. This focus on innovation and adapting to the needs of the industry demonstrates Aputure's ability to satisfy the market.
  • It continues its evolution in the creation of LED lighting in the film, professional video and television industry. The Lightstorm series, launched in 2016, marked an important step towards the creation of high quality LED lighting fixtures for professional use. The Lightstorm 300d, for example, won the "Best in Show" award at the NAB show that same year.
  • It also creates modifiers for use in its LED lighting products, for example to create a softer light or different light diffusion densities. In short, to optimise the LED lighting provided by its devices. 
  • Currently it has different models such as: Electro Storm, Aputure LS, Aputure Amaran, Aputure Nova, Aputure light modifiers, Aputure battery generator...


Aputure Electro Storm CS15 LED Lights

  • In led lighting rental, you can find everything that Camaleón has to offer. It is a high performance LED spotlight, designed for high quality projects. It has a wide variety of colours to suit projects that require versatile lighting. It has a high performance with a power of up to 1500W which is comparable to a 1800W HMI.

Aputure Electro Storm XT26 LED Lights

  • We have Aputure Electro Storm rental XT26, which is a powerful LED spotlight designed especially for film, professional video and television. It has a power output of up to 2600W which is equivalent to 12000W tungsten or 4000W HMI lights, making it an energy efficient option.

Aputure LS 1200D Pro LED lights

  • It has a power output of 1200W which is comparable to a 1600W HMI. It has a solid colour temperature of 5600K which makes it suitable for outdoor use or in areas where adequate daylight is needed, it has a high colour rendering index (CRI/TLCI) of 95%. You can find it on Camaleon led spotlight rental.

Aputure 600X PRO LED lights

  • It is the latest model in the LS range. It is bi-colour with a range from 2700K to 6500K. It uses Bowens mount, its interface is like the previous models. It has a maximum output of up to 7250W. Its ability to replace traditional HMI and tungsten lights makes it an attractive option for lighting professionals in the film and television industry.

Aputure LS 600C PRO LED Lights

  • It has a power rating of up to 1500W which makes it comparable to an 1800W HMI. Its versatility makes it suitable for both studio and outdoor shoots, making it a versatile tool for professionals. It can be controlled via DMX or through the app.

Aputure LS 600D PRO LED Lights

  • With an output of over 29,300 lux it is comparable to a 1200W HMI light. It has variable brightness adjustment from 0 to 100. It has a CRI and TLCI greater than or equal to 96. Built in IP65 which is weatherproof. It has a Bowens mount so that different accessories can be applied.

Aputure 300X LED lights

  • This is a two-colour light with a Bowens mount so that it can be fitted with various Bowens accessories. It has a 360º adjustable locking yoke. It is completely silent in operation. In summary, the 300x is a versatile and powerful light source that offers high flexibility in terms of colour temperature and light quality.

Aputure LS 300D Mark II LED Lights

  • It is made of high quality aluminium. It has a Bowens mount that makes it compatible with other accessories of the brand. It comes with a remote control, but it can also be operated with the Sidus Link App.  Its cooling fan is very quiet. 

Aputure LS 60D LED lights

  • With a luminous intensity of 54,300 Lux at 3.3 feet in 5600K, it is able to provide bright and powerful illumination. You can adjust the beam angle from 15° to 45°. It offers exceptional colour rendering with a CRI of 96, TLCI of 98, CQS of 93 and SSI of 72.

Aputure LS 60X LED lights

  • It has an adjustable colour temperature range from 2700K to 6500K, can adjust the beam angle from 15° to 45° and offers an intensity control range from 0% to 100%. It is weatherproof with an IP54 rating. It also has a Bowens mount.

Aputure Amaran 150C led lights.

  • It has a Bowens mount, which makes it compatible with other accessories of the same brand. It has a power rating of up to 180W. The full colour control capability is RGBWW, which means you can adjust the colour of the light to create a variety of creative effects and customise the lighting to suit your needs.

Aputure Amaran 300C LED Lights

  • It has a power output of up to 300W. It has a Bowens mount, so it's compatible with other Bowens fixtures. It has RGBWW full colour control. The Amaran 300C guarantees a high quality light output that is suitable for film, TV or professional video applications, with accurate colour reproduction.


Aputure Fresnel F14

  • This is an accessory designed to enhance and extend the capabilities of Aputure's high performance LED spotlights, the Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26. It has a 350mm lens, which allows for greater light gathering and beam control. The beam angle is adjustable from 18° to 45°.

Aputure Spotlight Max

  • The Spotlight Max is a Bowens mount fixture. It is therefore compatible with all spotlights with Bowens mount. It extends the reach and output of LED spotlights, allowing the light to be directed in a more precise and controlled way. This is essential for creating specific lighting effects and for shaping the light according to what is needed.

Aputure Fresnel F10

  • It is 10 inches and has a 250mm lens. It is a Bowens mount compatible fixture. The quality of light it provides is similar to tungsten. It comes with a sturdy carrying bag that makes it easy to transport and protect it during transport to the film set. At Camaleón we have these fixtures available for film and TV lighting hire.

Aputure Light Dome II

  • Fits LS 120 and 300 spotlights. It has the ability to provide even and soft light. It has a fixed construction which means that the fixture can be set up quickly and easily. It incorporates a beehive grid, gel holder and diffusers with 1.5 and 2.5 brightness steps.

Aputure Latern

  • A modifier used in lighting to soften the light emitted by a light source. It is compatible with all Aputure Bowens-mount fixtures. It gives users greater versatility and options for lighting their projects.

Aputure Light Dome 150

  • A light modifier used to transform Bowens mounted point light sources into a large soft diffused light source. It has two diffusion options, 1.5 and 2.5 brightness steps. Being 150c in size it is suitable for illuminating large areas and providing uniform light coverage. All in all, all fixtures are suitable for use in studio, film and television studios hire.