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Dedolight lights for rent. At Camaleón Rental we offer a wide range of Dedolight LED lights for rent. The series of led lights Dlobml, Dled2, Dled4, Dled3, Dled7, Dled9, Panaura, Dled10, Dled30, Ledrama, Ledraptor... for your film, video, television or event shooting or recording.


  • It is a company owned by Dedo Weigertfilm, which was established in 1965 as a film production company. But it evolved into the supply of cameras and production equipment for US TV.
  • In 1972, during the Munich Olympics, all the equipment for the US TV channel ABC Sport belonged to this brand. In 1981, they introduced their first high-speed recording models for the film industry and scientific research.
  • In 1985 they developed wide-angle lenses specially designed for 70mm high-speed cameras. Later they decided to launch the Dedolight brand, specialising in lighting. They developed the dual lens concept, which surpassed any single lens Fresnel system in efficiency, range, focusing capability and uniform light distribution.
  • Later they added zoom focusing. These inventions won several awards from e.g. the Oscar Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as well as an Emmy.
  • Thanks to the unique and highly advanced optics of the lighting equipment, they designed special complementary optical devices, such as a non-spherical wide-angle attachment and imaging/projection systems. For the latter, they also developed a range of high transmission lenses, which cover a very large image circle.
  • In total, the brand has registered more than 30 international patents, ranging from film transport systems to optical devices. Many of these patents include concepts and construction designs for the brand's various lighting equipment and accessories.



  • Born in 1938 in Breslau, Poland. He received a humanistic education in a traditional school, where he also studied Latin and Ancient Greek. He then continued his studies at the University of Munich where he focused on theatre, psychology and German literature. He financed his studies by working in a factory and as a truck driver.
  • In 1961 he made Telepromters. In 1963 he worked as a director of photography for the NBC television network in New York, USA. In 1963 he made his first production for the Communist Party in Europe, about its history and development.
  • Ultimately Dedo Weigert specialised in the field of film technology, including advanced lighting systems and high-speed cameras that allowed filmmakers to capture images at extremely high speeds, which were used in film, advertising and scientific applications.


  • Dedolight equipment is known for its quality and versatility in producing high quality, precision light. Dedolight products include variable focus lights, reflectors, lighting kits, object tracking systems and other lighting accessories used by professionals in audiovisual and photographic production.
  • This equipment is used in a wide range of applications, from film and series shooting to studio photography and TV set lighting. Dedolight's patented technology allows precise control of light direction and intensity, making it a popular choice for filmmakers and photographers looking for specific lighting results in their projects.
  • Dedo Weigert Film and its Dedolight product line have had a significant impact on the cinematography and audiovisual production industry due to its innovation in lighting technology.


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DLED9 LED Light Head Bicolor

  • The Dedolight DLED9 BI uses Dedolight's unique double aspheric optical system, which ensures optimum performance in terms of focusing and light distribution. It is for mobile use, but is also suitable for film studios, events or TV sets. It offers an amazing focusing range, which means you can adjust the light dispersion according to your needs.


  • The Dedolight Panaura 5 is a versatile lighting tool that delivers soft, even illumination with significant power. Its softbox compatibility and even light distribution make it suitable for a variety of applications in cinematography and audiovisual production.


  • Dedolight's patented aspheric optics are known for their precision and ability to provide high quality illumination. This optical technology enables precise light control, which is essential for achieving specific lighting results. The device uses specially developed LED light sources, which can be available in daylight and bi-colour variations.


  • The patented aspheric optics suggest that the Dedolight DLED2 LED is designed to provide precise and high quality illumination. They offer advantages such as accurate colour rendering and adjustable colour temperature, which is useful for adapting to different lighting conditions. It is suitable for a variety of applications such as interviews, documentaries, accents and special effects. This makes it a versatile tool. 


  • The Dedolight DLED4-BI offers excellent colour in tungsten, daylight and bi-colour. It allows the intensity of the light to be adjusted without changing its colour temperature. It can be focused from a wide angle of 60° to an extremely narrow beam of 4°. It allows you to direct the light exactly where you need it without creating additional unwanted shadows.