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DMG MAXI MIX RENTAL DMG Maxi Mix rental. Filmmakers no longer...

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DMG MINI RENTAL DMG Mini rental. It is a soft, very bright,...

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LUMIERE MINI SWITCH RENTAL Lumiere Mini Switch Rental is one...

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DMG LUMIERE SL1 RENTAL DMG Lumiere SL1 rental. The SL1 Switch...

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  • It is a French company owned by Rosco, which was founded in 1910 in New York by Sydney Rosenstein, the name of the company is part of his surname the ROS plus CO from the word company. This company was primarily noted for the products it originally manufactured, which included colour filters, gobos, scenic paints and anti-fog products for the entertainment industry.
  • Rosco's two initial products were Colorine and Opaline, which were lacquers used to dip light bulbs to add colour or frost effects. At the time, movie theatres and theatres across the United States were installing electric marquees to promote their productions, and the only options available for the bulbs were white and clear, which limited their customisation possibilities. After colouring marquees in New York, they started with theatre lighting.
  • The company has expanded its product range and now offers a variety of products in more than a dozen categories. These products include LED lighting, digital backdrops and imaging, window controls, image projection and effects equipment, staging products, projection screens, and flooring products designed for dance and television studios, among others.
  • Rosco is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, with other locations throughout the United States, including near Austin, Texas, and Hollywood, California. In addition, Rosco is an international company, with fully staffed subsidiaries in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, England and Spain.



  • He founded the company at the age of 24. Rosenstein was a chemist and his first products were Colorine, a clear dip lacquer used to colour small light bulbs, and Opaline, a translucent lacquer.
  • In the company's first 48 years, it had a slogan that said "We colour the night lights of Broadway" and Rosenstein made sure it did. When he turned 70, he decided to sell the company.


    • With innovations such as LitePad, SoftDrop, the Cube family and the Silk LED lighting system, Rosco has expanded its market presence by developing a wide range of solutions for the architectural, film and television industries.
    • The company has received four awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the "Oscars"). These awards were given in recognition of Rosco's Cinegel range of lighting filters and the CalColor line of lighting filters. In addition, other awards were given for the company's backdrops and smoke machines.


    Rent DMG Lumière led panel. In Camaleón Rental we offer a wide range of led lights for rent in the led lighting rental section. Also in Camaleón you can rent led panels in the section led panels rental, for your filming or recording of film, professional video, television or event.


    • The compactly designed handheld light offers filmmakers high quality light output and precise colour control. From its rugged aluminium alloy housing, this versatile LED light delivers powerful output and is weather resistant. It measures 12.8cm x 8cm x 2.8cm.


    • The DMG DASH Quad kit includes four complete kits of pocket-sized DMG DASH LED lights, all housed in a rugged carrying case. The DMG DASH Quad kit includes four complete sets of mounting and beam shaping accessories, as well as a DMG DASH LINK4 that allows the four lights to be connected together.

      DMG MINI

      • It's a soft, bright, slim-profile light that offers an exceptional mix of LED colours, allowing filmmakers to create soft lighting wherever it's needed on set. This ultra-thin, lightweight light features a powerful array of emitters that can generate virtually any colour desired, as well as providing full-spectrum white light.

        DMG SL1

        • It is an ultra-slim, lightweight luminaire that provides superior, full-spectrum colour rendering for stage lighting. With a powerful array of emitters, it is capable of generating virtually any desired colour and provides a white light that beautifully enhances skin tones.

          DMG MAXI

          • The light features a powerful range of emitters to create virtually any desired colour and provides white light that exceptionally enhances skin tones. Filmmakers no longer have to compromise on aperture aperture due to colour mixing technology. It is ideal for both on-set and outdoor shooting. Remember that at Camaleón, we offer the possibility of renting your set in video photo studio hire section.

            DMG SL1 SWITCH

            • The DMG SL1 Switch was designed to offer an LED alternative to fluorescent tubes. DGM Lumière's intention was to design a lamp that met the criteria of robust, compact, colour changeable and dimmable. In addition, it had to incorporate a soft, circular light source in a light and robust housing. This device is self-contained and versatile, and is complemented by a variety of diffusion and mounting accessories.