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JOKER 800 RENTAL - HIRE Joker Bug 800 Rental. The Joker Bug...

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  • The Galerne and Grau families have known each other since early 1987 and began to distribute the French brand LTM, considered one of the most important lighting companies of the 20th century; the father of the Garlene family was the Director of LTM at that time and the Grau were directing Grau Luminotecnia. Monsieur Galerne left LTM in 1992 and founded a company called K5600 Lighting with his two sons to develop a new lighting concept for the world of cinema, for which he was very passionate. That same year, they released the Joker 200 and Joker 400.

  • K5600 Lighting builds equipment around today's production challenges: tight budgets, small teams, and limited production time. Having marked a before and after with its unique accessories for HMI lighting.

  • It is a relatively new company in the world of cinema that adapts its designs to the real shooting needs. Creating lightweight and extremely portable equipment. Today it is recognized as one of the best lighting companies in the world. They are based in California and France.


  • In 1977, he worked for a year at Lee Filters, a gelatin manufacturing company in England, then joined LTM as an export salesman, later a position in the marketing department and finally headed the Victorine studios in Nice from 1986 to 1992, the date on which he created K5600 Lighting together with his father and his brother Gilles Galerne who lived in the city of Los Angeles. His father died a year after the company was founded. The company was left in debt and started with two projectors that he had designed.