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Showing 1-6 of 13 item(s)
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KINO FLO BARFLY 400 RENTAL Kino Flo Barfly 400 rental. Are...

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KINO FLO BLANKET LITE RENTAL Kino Flo Blanket Lite Rental....

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KINO FLO CELEB 401 RENTAL Kino Flo Celeb 401 Rental, is one...

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KINO FLO FREESTYLE 41 RENTAL  Kino Flo Freestyle 41 rental....

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  • It was created in 1987 by the cinematographer Frieder Hochheim during the filming of the movie Barfly, as he was preparing some shots in a very cramped interior and realized that he could not place conventional lights with high light output and heat. Quickly, the lighting team improvised with some fluorescent tubes that they taped to a nearby wall. The company was located in the city of Burbank in the state of California.
  • Months later, two members of the team improved the prototype and patented the Kino Flo Incorporated brand. The innovation focused on three fundamental factors; provide more light intensity to the tubes, reduce the greenish color of conventional fluorescents and also took care to eliminate the classic flickering of this type of light.
  • The next step was the manufacture of tubes with different color temperatures 2900ºk, 3200ºk and 5600ºk. With the advent of LED technology, devices are more energy efficient and weigh much less than tube ones. Another characteristic to take into account is the dimming (2700ºk to 5600ºk) of the color temperatures that can be changed on the ballast. Noise and flicker reduction are almost non-existent. In addition, the latest models of the brand can be powered with 24 batteries.



  • With his portable lighting system, he managed to revolutionize lighting in the film and imaging industry. In 1987, he founded the company Kino Flo® Inc., specialized in flicker-free lighting systems that until then had this type of lights, concerned with color correction and high performance.
  • In 1995, he received a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Today Kino Flo lighting is used in the best film productions in the world. In 1997 he was made a member of the American Society of Cinematographers for his perseverance in improving the film industry. He is currently the director of the company.


  • In 1992, Kino Flo Led unveiled its fluorescent tubes, cold to the touch and containing a series of phosphor lights specially designed to eliminate the characteristic tints in the magenta-green spectrum. In 1993 they presented the Micro-flo design, which is a small and portable light that was quickly accepted in the world of cinema to illuminate narrow and unconventional places.
  • In 1998, the company presented Diva-Lite with significant acceptance in the world of cinema, since it is ideal for work in small studios and in locations in small spaces.
  • In 2012 it launched the Celeb product, presented as a magnificent soft LED light for TV and cinema with 2700ºK and 5500ºK, tungsten and daylight modes. In 2016 they present the Select LED imaging instrument that is ideal for use in studio or outdoor productions.
  • In the year 2017 they present a modular and lightweight design called FreeStyle Panel that provides many form factors. In 2019 they presented different products; the camera LUT function in its proprietary True Match® firmware that takes color space into new artistic categories. They also make FreeStyle LED tubes, this is a portable LED system with programmed light controllers.


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Kino Flo Blanket Lite Rental

  • The Kino Flo Blanke Lite, it is considered the best Kino Flo product as it provides a lot of soft light. It has 16 output indicators with a 6x6 measurement. It has four Mega Dmx 4Bank ballasts. Lamps are spaced along two 4 ½ inch ratchet straps. And in addition, no tools are needed for assembly. It has a weight of 33 kg.

Kino Flo Freestyle 41

  • Rent Kino Flo Freestyle 41, allows us to free the LED panel, which reduces the weight to only 7.05lbs, with the new format of the corners, we can hang it on a rope. It has a beehive shaped screen from 90º to 60º that is attached with Velcro allowing the light to be redirected in a more specific way.

Kino Flo Freestyle 31

  • The quick release system allows the LED panel to be removed from the luminaire quickly and conveniently, reducing its weight significantly from 6.6 kg to just 4 kg, making it lighter and easier to handle. Through the 150 watt DC and AC driver, you can adjust the hue and colour saturation precisely. It also offers RGB colour selection options for greater lighting versatility. It features wireless DMX, making it easy to control remotely without the need for additional cables.

Kino Flo Freestyle 21

  • Kino Flo Freestyle 21 LED panel rental. It has a mechanism that allows the LED panel to be detached, reducing its weight to only 3.2Kg. This makes it easy to attach to lighting tripods, thanks also to the Twist-On bracket. Includes Freestyle controller, 7.62m long cable and a Kinogrip swivel mount. It also has a beehive-shaped display.