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  • In 1947, Magliner Inc. introduced the first hand trucks in the USA, which were made of magnesium. In 1956 Magliner revolutionized the market by introducing an innovative transport cart that was different from the rest that existed for moving pallets. In 1963 they created the first ramp for loading and unloading material on trucks. In 1971 they brought out a convertible forklift that reduced the number of trips and thus relieved the operator's muscle tension.
  • In 1987 Magliner brought out a more maneuverable forklift truck because it was made of aluminum. In the 90's Magliner with the forklifts with brakes, optimized safety for the operator and also created the folding forklift. And so Magliner has been creating trucks, more comfortable to handle but at the same time more robust, compact and reliable.
  • Today, Magliner is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of hand trucks. And it continues to grow to bring ever-improving material handling solutions.



  • Magliner trolleys are the standard in the film and television industry worldwide, and remain the preferred choice. Thanks to their aluminum construction and pneumatic wheels, they are very comfortable for transporting material on set, whatever the terrain. In addition, their wheels are equipped with brakes to secure the equipment being transported on them. Its velvety trays are very comfortable to put material on them without scratching it.
  • They have created and designed different trolleys suitable for cinema, in them you can hang tripods. As they are fully detachable, they are very comfortable to move. All models created for film or television can be equipped with accessories specially designed to meet the needs of camera assistants, Steadicam operators, sound operators, remote head operators, DIT, video and photo.


Magliner Senior Trolley Rental

  • The Magliner Senior trolley available for rental is made of aluminum. It is fully detachable and foldable, which makes it very convenient to transport. It has pneumatic wheels with brakes. Its maximum load capacity is 459kg. The dimensions of its velvety trays to avoid scratching the equipment are 75 x 47 x 3.5cm and it has a weight of 31kg.