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Showing 1-6 of 9 item(s)
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SCORPIO 17 RENTAL Scorpio 17 rental. This is a light...

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SCORPIO 23' RENTAL  The SCORPIO 23 is a very versatile...

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SCORPIO 23L RENTAL Scorpio 23L rental. It is a lightweight...

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SCORPIO 30+7 RENTAL Telescopic crane rental Scorpio 30+7. Our...

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SCORPIO 38 RENTAL Scorpio 38 rental. This telescopic crane is...

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SCORPIO 45 RENTAL The SCORPIO 45 is a large telescopic camera...

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  • This company is the result of the continuous effort of a team driven by the determined vision of brothers Andrés and Alfredo Vallés to develop innovative and sophisticated devices in Spain that enable film or video cameras to move with remarkable stability, while their different parameters can be remotely controlled.
  • This Spanish company was founded in Barcelona in 1986, with the aim of offering technical services to the film industry, initially focused on the development of optical systems, but later on started the production of devices for cinema filming.
  • The headquarters are located in the province of Barcelona in the town of Cornellá de Llobregat. Subsequently, the Vallés brothers established Scorpio USA as a branch office in the United States, with the purpose of providing after-sales services for their equipment, which was designed and manufactured in the main company, Servicevision Bis S.L., based in Spain.
  • All R&D and the design and manufacture of the company's equipment is carried out in Spain.



    • Andrés and Alfredo Vallés are two brothers who, motivated by the desire to create and manufacture supports for camera movement, founded the company Servicevision in Barcelona in 1986, and within this company they created the brand we are talking about, dedicated especially to the design of cranes, travellings, hot heads, remote controls, special optics and recorders for video assistance.


    • Since its inception in 1986, the company has been dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for designing camera dollies. They have created vehicle cranes, telescopic cranes, remote heads, electronic travelling, lens controls and telescopic crane vehicles.
    • It is a very versatile company with a continuously running R&D as they have also designed and manufactured zoom lenses, both anamorphic and spherical.


    • You can check all the telescopic cranes available for rent that Camaleón Rental offers in the link telescopic cranes. You can also find all the grip material that we have for rent in the link grip equipment hire.

    Scorpio 45 Telescopic Crane Rental

    • Scorpio 45 telescopic crane rental. It consists of 4 telescopic tubes and a central tube. The movement of this crane is very smooth whether we move it fast or slow. It has a minimum length of 7.1" and can extend up to 45.11". Its payload in Under-slung is 154lbs and its payload in Over-slung is 99lbs. It has a travel generator for the telescopic arm in relation to the Pan or Tilt axes. Its tilt arm tilts up to 55º.

    Scorpio 30+7 Telescopic Crane Rental

    • 30+7 telescopic crane rentalIt is composed of 3 telescopic arms that are driven by the preceding arm by means of two independent lateral cables, which gives us a double layer of safety, superior precision in the movement and little need to adjust the tensions in the cables. Maximum length is 30" and with extension is 37". The built-in electronics enable functions such as memorisation, arc compensation, movement generation, sequential limits, as well as speed, damping and limit control functions.

    Scorpio 23 Telescopic Crane Rental

    • 23 telescopic crane rental. This is the first in a series of telescopic cranes being developed with the aim of achieving smooth, quiet and efficient camera movements using aluminium telescopic arms. Its minimum length is 5" and the maximum length is 23". Its Under-slung load capacity is 154lbs and the Over-slung load capacity is 99lbs. The speed of the arm can be adjusted and the information is displayed on the screen.

    Scorpio 10 Telescopic Crane Rental

    • 10 telescopic crane rental. It is an arm designed for use on a standard Dolly. Minimum length is 2.9" and maximum length is 10.4". The maximum load capacity in the Under-slung position is 132lbs and in the Over-slung position is 88lbs. It has a motion generator for the telescopic arm in relation to the Pan and Tilt axes. It can be adjusted both manually and electronically.

    Scorpio 17 Telescopic Crane Rental

    • 17 telescopic crane rental. It is mounted on the same Dolly as the 10. Its articulated arms allow the overall width of the Dolly to be adjusted, enabling it to be used on standard dolly tracks (62 cm wide) or on travelling tracks of the same brand (40 cm wide). In addition, it offers a third, more compact and narrower configuration for easier transport, allowing access with the crane mounted across the standard width of home doors.

    Scorpio 38 Telescopic Crane Rental

    • 38 telescopic crane rental. This is the next model up from the 30'+7′. With 4 telescopic sections, this crane can hold up to 154lbs, while maintaining its rigidity when extended. The new Electronic Box features a detachable touch panel that gives the operator full mobility according to his needs. This gives the operator full access and visual control of the parameters, minimising the risk of impact with the movement of the counterweights, among other advantages.


      • You can check all the remote heads available for rent that Camaleón Rental offers in the link remote heads.

      Scorpio Stabilized Remote Head Rental

      • Scorpio Stabilized remote head rental. With a compact design, it uses 5-axis control and stabilisation for camera movement. It weigths 72lbs, but allows any camera weighing up to 100lbs. It can be controlled by cable or via the Radio Scorpio system. When placed vertically, we can control its 4 axis.