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  • Tribe7, is a company dedicated to exploring and expanding the possibilities in contemporary image making. The pursuit of innovation and creativity in image production is essential in an ever-changing and evolving world in the media and audiovisual industry.
  • Its founders were director of photography Bradford Young and a former Arri executive named Neil Fanthom.
  • The company focuses primarily on colour, light and optics. These areas are fundamental to image creation, and play a crucial role in cinematography, photography and visual media production in general. Working in these areas allows for greater control and creativity in visual capture and representation.
  • The company's primary goal is to provide artists with the ability to fine-tune and detune elements of colour and light; which is fundamental to creative expression in the visual realm. This offers them a wide range of possibilities to refine and modify visual aesthetics in a way that allows them to explore and express their ideas in a unique way.
  • The ability to adjust and distort elements of colour and light can be essential to achieve specific visual effects and convey particular emotions or messages in their artwork.



  • Badrord Young was born in 1977 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. He studied at Howard University. He won the Oscar in 2017 for Best Cinematography for The Arrival. On three different occasions he has won awards at the Sundance Film Festival.
  • Neil Fanthom was Arri's chief technology officer. Together with Badford Young, he created the Blackwing 7 optics. The exact date on which they created the company Tribe7 is not recorded.


    • Tribe7 Blackwing7 lenses have been specially created for large format moving images. These lenses represent an innovative selection of optics designed for today's filmmakers to integrate into their creative storytelling.
    • Much of the inspiration for the design of the Blackwing7 optics comes from optics created between 1930 and 1960. However, the true source of inspiration behind these optics lies in the constantly evolving nature of experimental music and audio synthesis, as well as the process of generating distortion through sound amplification.
    • 20.7mm lens; a retro-focus design inspired by the Leica 21mm f/2.8 from 1980.
    • 23.7mm optic; offers impressive coverage for large formats. It maintains remarkable sharpness in the centre, but also has a slight tapering towards the edges, evoking the aesthetics of antique glass.
    • 27mm Blackwing7 optics; offers a truly cinematic experience. The way it reproduces skin colours and fall-off are excellent, and the subtle softness of the lens adds a nice touch to faces. The Blackwing 7 lens creates a sense of "detachment from reality", which can add a distinctive element to the visual narrative.
    • 37mm lens; is inspired by the R1 Angénieux 35mm f/2.5, i.e. a retro-focused lens from the 1950s. 
    • 47mm lens; reveals itself as something far more significant than the sum of its individual components. It reflects the vision and philosophy of its creators, who advocated simplicity in design that manifests itself in the authenticity of the images it produces. The results are self-evident: images captured with this lens present themselves with superb resolution and a smooth, delicate transition to creamy bokeh. Most notably, this lens especially shines when used wide open. 
    • 57mm lens; is inspired by the Asahi Takumar 55mm f/1.8, a lens from the 1940s.
    • 77mm lens; provide atmospheric protection for image makers. They counteract the digital sharpness inherent in large sensors and instead offer a view that feels authentic and rooted in history. They are soft, vast and warm all at the same time.
    • 107mm Blackwing7 optic; it is inspired by a Biotar / Petzval from the 1970s. I.e. the Hasselblad 110mm f/2 flat. 
    • 137mm Blackwing7 lens; it has a close focusing capability without being overly sharp. It provides a truly intriguing response to a strong light source and represents a delightful addition to this unique collection of lenses.


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    27-T Blackwing7 lens rental

    • It stands out for its exceptional sharpness in the centre compared to all other variants. It delivers high quality rectilinear images, with subtle halos, minimal distortion and good illumination throughout the frame. Its performance is impressive in terms of image clarity and quality.

    37-T Blackwing7 lens rental

    • It stands out for having a wide image circle, which makes it suitable for shooting in 65mm format. In addition, it has good contrast in the centre and has the strongest pupil flare of all the lenses in the series. Overall, the overall look of the 37-T is distinctive and unique within the Blackwing7 range.

    Optical rental 47-T Blackwing7

    • It offers smoother halo properties compared to the 57-T, with more controlled flare and less pronounced falloff across the frame. 
    • The 47-T lens is considered a versatile lens in the Blackwing7 focal length range for 35mm large format capture, making it a reliable and effective choice for a variety of shooting situations.

    Blackwing7 57-T Lens Rental

    • It exhibits a significant edge halo when wide open and produces a smooth, elegant image with an overall creamy tonal appearance when stopped down. Like the 37-T lens, the 57-T optic features a vibrant lenticular flare characteristic.
    • This focal length is excellent for 65mm format shooting, making it an outstanding choice for specific shooting situations.

    77-T Blackwing7 lens rental

    • Offers exceptionally beautiful, almost painterly image qualities. It features low contrast and a wide aperture, which creates a creamy, soft-looking image. It also exhibits a subtle level of edge haloing and a distinctive fall-off, and this lends a distinctive, artistic character to images captured with this lens.

    107-T Blackwing7 Optical Rental

    • Features relatively moderate sharpness for a telephoto focal length. This makes this lens ideal for flattering portraits, while retaining good micro contrast to accurately render fine textures on distant subjects.
    • The lens also exhibits a soft halo at high-contrast edges and produces a creamy bokeh, contributing to a pleasing, aesthetic appearance in captured images.

    137-T Blackwing7 lens rental

    • This Tribe7 lens, it shares similar characteristics with the 107-T optic in the Blackwing series, including good flare control and slightly higher contrast. Despite being a telephoto focal length, the lens maintains a subtle softness when fully opened and retains a vintage aesthetic.
    • This makes it a versatile choice for those looking to combine telephoto performance with a specific visual style.