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ARRI LMB-25 clip-on filter holder for rent. Light and flexible filter holder. Allows the use of 4x4, 4x5.65 filters. Ideal for any type of optics, it has interchangeable rear adapters for almost all front diameters (80, 87, 95, 104, 110, 114, 125, 134, 136 and 143 mm). The LMB-25 filter holder for rental has a universal rubber donut, fits lenses with outer diameters of 62-143 mm. It has a lightweight holder for 15 mm rods.

  • Attachment method Rod holes
  • Lens clamp (via optional accessory)
  • Filter stages 1 x Rotating stage (4 x 4" / 4 x 5.65")
  • 2 x Fixed 2-filter stage (4 x 4" / 4 x 5.65")
  • Compatibility of 62 to 143 mm Donut objectives
  • Standard Rod 15 mm LWS / 60 mm Spacing
  • Tilting Yes
  • Flags 1 x Top Flag
  • 2 x Side Flag
  • Material Carbon fiber, rubber

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Arri LMB-25 matte box rental. The Arri LMB-25 matte box rental is a modular filter holder that expands its features and possibilities with respect to its predecessor, the LMB-15. Lightweight and resistant at the same time, which provides flexibility in the projects.

The ARRI LMB-25 rental matte box is compatible with all LMB-5 and LMB-15 filter trays, clamp adapters and light shields.  It has metal guides for 2 or 3 filters, capable of combining 4x4 and 4x5.65 filter frames. Compatible with any type of optics, as it allows a wide range of adapters (80, 87, 95, 104, 110, 114, 125, 134, 136 and 143 mm). The LMB-25 matte box rental also has a universal rubber donut, adapts to lenses with outer diameters of 62-143 mm. It is equipped with an open-angle cover fastened with easy-to-remove screws when shooting and a safety loop on the main frame for crane and vehicle use. It has a lightweight holder for 15 mm rods.

The Arri LMB-25 tilt module rental makes changing lenses easy, as it allows access to the mount without having to remove the filter holder from its support rods. The tilt function supports filters at a 10° angle, which eliminates or reduces unwanted reflections, such as from car headlights.

Arri LMB-25 Features

  • 1x Rotating Filter, 2x Fixed Filters.
  • LMB-25 Lightweight 15 mm rod bracket.
  • LMB-25 top/bottom and side carbon fiber flags.
  • LMB-25 Swing Arm Module.
  • Spherical and Anamorphic Matte Sets.
  • Rubber donut for 62-143 mm outer diameter lenses.
  • Five LMB-25 trays for rental for 4 x 5.65" / 4 x 4 filters.
  • LMB-25 rental mount for 3/8"-16 accessories.
  • Pair of flag holders.

Arri LMB-25 Accessories

  • Arri LMB-25 5x5" filter trays for rent.
  • Joint tray pack-3 Filters (4x5.65).
  • Rental of lower CineVisera coupled.
  • LMB-25 carbon fiber front and side visor.
  • Rear Clamp Adapters (80, 87, 95, 104, 110, 110, 114, 125, 134, 136 and 143 mm).
  • Rental set of 5 mattes.
  • 3/8'' mount on the upper part that allows the attachment of accessories such as sound devices.
  • Lower visor safety latch for crane use.


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