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Arri MB-18 matte box Hire. The ARRI MB-18 Filter Holder is designed for use with filters up to 4x5.6. It allows the use of these arranged vertically and horizontally thanks to its adjustable structure. MB-18 rental is a wide-angle matte box that allows the use of both fixed lenses and a variety of zoom lenses. It is smaller than its predecessor, the MB-14, making it a very practical alternative. It requires the use of a bridge plate with 15 mm or 19 mm studio bars.

  • Covers lenses from 114 mm outer diameter to 80 mm outer diameter
  • 3 filter holder trays with independent rotation
  • 4x5.6 filters. Maximum of 4 filters.
  • Rear swiveling filter holder tray
  • Top and side flags
  • Selection of mattes
  • Bellows for 134 mm round filters
  • Approximate weight 1,450 g

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Arri MB-18 filter holder rental. The ARRI Studio MB-18 matte box rental has dimensions of 300 x 250 x 115 mm and a weight of 1,450 g. Arri MB-18 rental is designed for the use of 4 "x4", 4 "x5.65" and 4.5" circular filters. Arri MB-18 rental allows the use of these arranged vertically and horizontally thanks to its adjustable structure. It has 2, 3 and up to 4 spaces for filters (compatible with all R2 filter trays) with its corresponding mechanism to rotate them and upper, lower, lateral and French visors. Arri MB-18 matte box rental is also available with a set of 6 mattes of different sizes.

It should be noted that the arri mb-18 filter holder or matte box rental requires the use of 15 mm (with an offset of 17.25 mm with respect to the center of the optics) and 19 mm (symmetrical to the center of the optics) studio rods bridge plate, but does not accept light 15 mm rods.

Arri MB-18 Features

  • Vertical and horizontal filter frames MB-18 available
  • 2, 3 and 4 trays available
  • MB-18 hinged mechanism
  • MB-18 rental bracket for French flag
  • Requires studio bridge plate, not for 15 mm light bracket
  • Upper/lower and side mb-18 flags available
  • MB-18 set of 6 masks available

Arri MB-18 Specifications

  • Minimum focal length of 35 mm objectives 14 mm
  • Minimum focal length of 16 mm objectives 7 mm
  • Maximum number of 4x 5.65 filters four 4 x 5.65 filters
  • Maximum number of 138 mm round filters one 138 mm round filter
  • Dimensions arri mb-18 rental 300 x 250 x 250 x 115 mm
  • Weight MB-18 rental approx. 1,450 g (3 lbs)
  • MB-18 filter sizes: 4x 4, 4x 5.65, 4.5 round

Accessories Arri MB-18 

  • Top and bottom flags
  • Side and French flags 
  • Module of 2, 3 and 4 filter trays
  • F2 filter trays (4 ”x4”, 4 ”x5.65”, 4 ”x6” adjustable and 4.5 "circular)
  • MB-18 clip-On dials (80, 100, 114, 128 and 143 mm)
  • Corresponding ring adapters
  • Adapters for 15 and 19 mm studio bars
  • MB-18 flexible shaft
  • Suitcase for MB-18 rental
  • Set of 6 mattes between 18 and 180 mm for S35mm lenses

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