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ARRI SMB-2 Filter Holder Rental. Arri SMB-2 is specially designed for the use of 4 "x5.65" filters. Robust and resistant system, ideal for any type of fixed focal length or Zoom. It has a tilt module to avoid reflections and a quick release system to change lenses. The upper / lower flag fits easily with the side flags. These can be unfolded or folded without the need to lock them in position, it has a level-friction system that keeps them closed or open in intermediate positions. Accessories such as a top flag, side flags, and matte sets.

  • 19 mm Systems Compatibility
  • Matte Box 4" x 5.65
  • SMB-2 basic matte box with 4:3 lens hood, extension module and back plate.
  • Tilting module to eliminate filter reflections.
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Arri SMB-2 Matte Box Rental. ARRI's SMB-2 Matte Box Tilt Set rental includes the modular components necessary to hold up to three 4 x 5.65" filters in a tilt configuration. The SMB-2 is designed for use with most lenses and smaller Zoom lenses. This SMB-2 set consists of the SMB-2 Tilt matte box rental, a 138/114 mm ring, a two-filter stage, a one-filter stage and the 19 mm rod arm. The modular design of the SMB-2 features stackable filter stages, a removable screw-on sunshade and rotating stages with a geared rear frame drive. The included bellows filter ring accommodates tilt movement and supports a 138 mm round filter, such as a polarizer. The flip-up front makes it easy to access the lens without having to slide the filter holder out of the rods.

Three horizontal filter frames are included, one of which is geared for use with the gear mechanism in single or dual filter stages. The gearing feature allows the assistant to smoothly adjust a graduated filter as needed during a shot. The SMB-2 rental is compatible with ARRI Master and Ultra Primes up to 14 mm, as well as the Alura Series Zoom.

The SMB-2 has accessories such as a top flag, side flags. An anamorphic hood and corresponding mattes.

ARRI's SMB-2 Tilt Matte Box Module SMB-2 Tilt Matte Box rental consists of a 4:3 sun shield, a tilt extension module and an R2 ring compatible backplate. The SMB-2 has a modular design, and is ready to accept 4" x 5.65" stackable filter stages, 19 mm or 15 mm rod mounting arm. The SMB-2's hinged rental design provides easy access to the lens without having to slide the filter holder out.

The tilt function of this SMB-2 rental version can be used to disperse filter reflections from car headlights, streetlights, and other light sources. The SMB-2 backplate is sized to accept a 138 mm tilting filter ring, R2 adapter or other glare prevention ring. When shooting with an ALEXA in 2.8K format and using up to a 3-filter stage, the SMB-2 will accommodate lenses as wide as the 140 mm ARRI Master/Ultra Primes, and the ALURA series Zoom.

The SMB-2's detachable 4:3 aspect ratio rental hood can be exchanged for a 2:1 ratio version for anamorphic capture (available separately). The hoods feature captive screws, so you don't have to search for the little black screws in a dark studio after removing the hood for any reason.

Arri SMB-2 Features

  • Covers lenses as wide as the 14 mm ARRI Master and 14 mm Ultra Primes, and the ALURA Zoom series.
  • SMB-2 basic matte box with 4:3 hood, extension module and backplate.
  • Tilt module to eliminate filter reflections.
  • Ready to accept filter stages and other accessories of your choice.
  • Flip-up design allows access to the lens without removing the matte box from its rod holder.

Arri SMB-2 accessories

  • Extension module.
  • Tilt and extension module rental.
  • Complete top and bottom flag.
  • Full side flags.
  • Filter tray includes 1 with a non-oriented filter frame and an oriented filter frame.
  • SPH, SPH / ANAM Mates, ANAM Mates.
  • Adapter for 15 mm, 19 mm and 15 mm lightweight studio bars.
  • Flexible shaft.

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