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ARRI SMB-2 Matte Box Rental. It is specially designed for the use of 4 "x5.65" filters. Robust and resistant system, ideal for any type of prime or zoom lens. It has a tilt module to avoid reflections and quick opening system for changing lenses.

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ARRI SMB-2 matte box rental. It is optimized to work with 4 ”x 5.65” filters, both vertically and horizontally.
The ARRI SMBII filter trays are available for 1 and 2 Crystals, they come with a 4 "x 5.65" horizontal filter frame. Each filter tray rotates independently.
The ARRI SMB-2 matte box is compatible with 14mm Ultra Prime or Master Prime angular lenses and all types of variable focal Lenses, including all Alura zooms.
The Arri SMB-2 matte box has the exclusive integrated Tilt module. It is an extra accessory for the ARRI matte box, it allows to vary the inclination of the filter from 5º to 20º. Turn left the tilt control counterclockwise to tilt down and turn right to tilt up.
When the inclination is made without the correct extension, the filter trays and the study arm can be damaged.
Before tilting, extend the matte box to the position where the desired angle of inclination.
It will not interfere with the study arm.
There is both the Spherical and anamorphic lens version of this matte box. The standard 4: 3 lens hood covers the full Arri Alexa Mini sensor. The optional anamorphic enhancement set comprises a 2: 1 ratio tray and a set of mattes that match this aspect ratio.
If you want to facilitate lens changes, its quick-opening system includes two closed and open positions that are locked to reduce any probability of lens damage.
The Arri SMB II matte box is optimized for use in both 15mm and 19mm camera configurations.
The top / bottom flag easily fit with the side flags. These can be deployed or folded without having to lock them in position, it has a level-friction system that keeps them closed or open in intermediate positions.
All its flags have a mechanism to regulate their position, it is a fine adjustment that allows to comply with the format marks optimizing the efficiency of the flag system.
Available Accessories
  • Extension module
  • Tilt and extension module
  • Complete top and bottom flag
  • Full side flags
  • Filter tray includes 1 with a non-oriented filter frame and an oriented filter frame
  • SPH, SPH / ANAM Mates, ANAM Mates 
  • Adapter for 15 mm, 19 mm and 15 mm lightweight studio bars
  • Flexible shaft

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