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Tangerine Strummer DNA Matte Box hire. With a larger field of view, the Strummer DNA is twice as powerful and half the size, while maintaining a compact form factor and incredible functionality, making it the ultimate studio filter holder. 3 trays, configurable in 6x6 or 4x5.6. Robust and lightweight at the same time. Offers the possibility to tilt the filters up to 15º. Includes all accessories. Mounting available on 15 mm rods and also on 19 mm rods. All stages are rotatable, 360°.

  • Diameter 165 mm (6.6" cassette); 143 mm (5.65" cassette)
  • 5.65" 3-stage configuration: 1.2 kg (filter trays included)
  • 6.6" 2-stage configuration: 1.15 kg (filter trays included)
  • 6.6" 3-stage configuration: 1.35 kg (incl. filter trays)

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Tangerine strummer DNA matte box rental. Bright Tangerine Strummer DNA for rent is a reconfigurable filter holder that allows you to swap out one set of stages for another with a different size. While traditionally filter stage sets are fixed inside the matte box, Strummer DNA for rent allows you to swap one for another in a matter of moments, in effect allowing you to use one matte box to do the work of several. When you need 6" filters, just swap out a 6 x 6" cassette. Strummer DNA rental offers a diameter of 143 mm when using 5.65" stages, and 165 mm when using 6.6" stages. It is compatible with 14 mm Cooke lenses, and will cover a 12 mm Master Prime.

Stages in the cassettes stack individually on top of each other, and additional single-stage expansion packs can be attached. At the push of a button, the individual stages are easily separated. One of the advantages of this is that the stages are very easy to clean, as each can be handled separately. All stages are rotatable, 360° (except some cassettes).

This Strummer DNA Kit 1 rental includes a center frame with a carbon fiber screen, a 5.65" 2-stage cassette, a flip-up slider bracket and a 15 mm LWS arm for flip-up functionality, top banner brackets and 3/8" side brackets.

Strummer DNA side flags for rent, feature two variable blades that can be placed between the top and bottom flags, so that the top and bottom flags can be closed beyond the traditional 90°. Strummer DNA matte box rental also supports an optional A.R.F. tilt block that allows backward/forward tilt of up to 15° to avoid filter reflections.

The core of the Bright Tangerine Strummer DNA rental consists of a carbon fiber frame, top flag brackets, 3/8" side brackets, and a swing away sliding bracket. The swing away sliding bracket is intended to attach to a support arm. The support arms are available in 19 mm studio, 15 mm studio, and 15 mm LWS versions.

Tangerine Strummer Specifications

  • Diameter Strummer DNA rental 165 mm (6.6" cassette); 143 mm (5.65" cassette)
  • Carbon fiber and hard anodized aluminum
  • Dimensions Strummer DNA rental 3-stage configuration: 27.7 x 19.4 x 8.6 cm (10.9 x 7.6 x 3.4")
  • Weight Strummer DNA 5.65" 2-stage configuration: 1 kg (including filter trays)
  • Strummer DNA 3-stage 5.65" configuration: 1.2 kg (including filter trays)
  • Strummer DNA 2-stage 6.6" 2-stage configuration: 1.15 kg (including filter trays)
  • Strummer DNA 3-stage 6.6" 3-stage configuration: 1.35 kg (including filter trays)

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