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Bright Tangerine Misfit is a lightweight and compact mattebox. It has been designed with carbon fiber and steel. Matte box with 3 or 2 "4x4" or "4x5.65" trays (it adapts to reduce weight). Adapter for 15 and 19mm bars. It allows Clip-on configuration, maximum diameter 143mm.

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The Matte box Brigth Tangerine Misfit is a matte box that has trays for configurations of 4x4 or 4x5.65 filters, combinable, with Clip-On adapter. It has a wide variety of Clip-on adapters for any type of lenses.
It stands out for being able to be used with any camera due to its light weight and versatility because of its small size. It also has a combination of lightweight adjustable carbon fiber flags.
Another relevant aspect of the Brigth Tangerine Misfit matte box is the ease of changing settings, moving from 3 filter trays to 2 tray configuration quickly. We should also mention the light arm of the matte box that allows the immediate change of filters, just by releasing the lock. In the topt it has an adjustable sliding bar with a support in which to incorporate a Led light, a monitor or a cinetape.


The configuration weight of 2 modules for 4x5’56 trays is 352 grams with filter tray included. The Bright Tangerine Misfit matte box has several available configurations:

Misfit configuration with gaps for 2 4x5.65 filter trays with top flag and mount, 114mm Clip-on clamp and two 4x5.65 filter trays. It also has the configuration of 3 4x5.65 filter trays with top flag and mount, Clip-on 114 mm clamp and three 4x5.65 filter trays. There are other configuration modes; gapss for 2 4x5.65 filter trays with top flag and mount, 113mm Clip-on clamp and two 4x5.65 filter trays, as well as this same option but with the mode of 3 trays, these being 4x5.65 or 4x4.

Brigth Tangerine Misfit  Matte box - Available Accessories:
  • Horizontal filter trays V2, 4 x 5.65 and 4x4
  • Support for 15mm light bars, 15mm light arm, 15mm light rod arm
  • Support for 19mm and 15mm bars | 15mm bar support | 19mm bar support
  • Light bars / studio 15mm / 19mm short
  • Light bars / study 15 mm / 19 mm medium
  • Light bars / studio 15 mm / 19mm long
  • Sliding support from the top for monitor, led light or cinetape.
  • Top and bottom carbon fiber french flag
  • Side flags
  • Mattes: 18-20, 24-28, 32-40, 50-75, 85-180
  • 143mm Black-Hole Donut
  • Screw adapter rings (114 mm - 110 mm, 114 mm - 104 mm, 114 mm - 100 mm, 114 mm - 95 mm, 114 mm - 87 mm)
  • Clip-on dials (143-87mm, 114-110mm, Misfit 114-100mm, 114-95mm, 114-87mm, 114-80mm)

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