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The Oconnor Obox filter holder is a very functional tool in professional filming. Matte box rental on Camaleon rental.
Its versatility comes from the amount of options it offers:
  • 3 rotatable frame slots
  • 4x4 or 4x4.56 frames
  • Rear Donut with Adapter for 138mm diameter filters
  • 3 flags
  • Clip-on or 19 mm rods
  • Weight: 0.7kg
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Oconnor o´box Mattebo


Professionals know the advantages of high-end professional glass filters for both camera effects and practical exposure problems. This affords more control and that is why they understand the benefits of effective light management and flash control that can only be done with a high-end matte box system that includes flags. OConnor has carefully devised a solution to intuitively handle the filters and allow freedom of configuration to meet almost any shooting situation.
The OConnor O-Box WM is a two-size matte box around the 16: 9 full-size sensor. The Oconnor O-Box matte box is a wide-angle system that accommodates lenses up to 18 mm. Matte box rental on Camaleon rental.
The OConnor matte box offers an easy 2-part solution to adapt the matte box to 15 mm or 19 mm bars. The LWS bracket that comes with the matte box is simply removed with 2 Allen screws and the unit is replaced by the 19 mm Studio bars or the 15 mm bars. The OConnor adapter interacts with the 3-standard O-Grips rod bridge for rod support. This solution provides a total of 6 mounting points for O-Grips, while saving valuable bar space.
The Oconnor O-Box matte box system offers what is expected and more. This precision device accepts up to three filters: two in top-loading filter frames (two 4x4 "frames and two 4x5.65" frames are included). The rear frame can rotate 360 degrees. A third 138mm round filter fits perfectly in the optional bellows ring.
It is built with the OConnor patented resistant material, the french flag is lightweight but substantially stronger and more resistant for impacts than existing units.

Oconnor O-Box WM matte box kit rental:

  • Large, lightweight and robust umbrella of patented composite material
  • Two stages; fixed front / rear swivel 360 degrees
  • 18mm + wide angle capacity in 16: 9 format
  • Two 4 "x 4" top-loading horizontal filter frames
  • Two 4 "x 5.65" horizontal filter frames
  • Rear clamp interface @ 150 mm
  • Bar interface for 15 mm LWS standard
  • O-Grips 3/8 ”interface on the left, center lower and right sides
  • Integrated top-mount mounting bracket with 1/4 and 3/8 threaded stick
  • Top flag
  • 138mm round filter (swivel) held through the optional bellows ring

The Oconnor O-Box WM Deluxe matte box set includes:

  • Complete set O-Box WM - LWS 15 mm
  • Sets of side flags and brackets
  • Oconnor bellows ring (Donut) 150-114 mm (threaded)
  • Oconnor universal ring 150 mm
  • Oconnor universal ring 114 mm
  • Oconnor reduction ring 114-110 mm

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