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The Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom s an ultralight mattebox that does not exceed 200 grams with flag included. Ideal for low weight camera configurations, for use with gimbals or steadicams. It has a maximum rear diameter of 114mm as well as multiple clip-on adapters for any type of prime and zooms.

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The Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom matte box stands out for its lightness, weighing only 95 grams with no flag. Its design is intended to be used in gymbals and steadicam.
With capacity to incorporate two filter units. The Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Matte Box allows us to put the filter directly from the core, you can use both 4 "x 4" and 4 "x 5.65" filters, or combine both.

There are several types of configurations available for the Tangerine Misfit Atom Matte Box:
  • The Brigth Tangerine Misfit Atom Clam Matte Box available for 4x4 and 4x5.65 filter trays.
  • With 114 mm clip-on clamp and flag.
  • Misfit Atom 15mm LWS clamp with 4x4 and 4x5.65 filters, 114mm clip-on clamp with flag and 15mm rod holder.
  • The Misfit Atom 19mm clamp with supports for 4x4 and 4x 5.65 filters, 114mm clip-on clamp, flag and 19mm rod holder.


It can cover lenses as angular as the 14 mm Cooke S4. The 114mm clip-on clamp can go with any lens thanks to the wide range of misfit adapter dials available. 

Available Accessories
  • Light bar support
  • Anti-slip filter tilt control, can be tilted up to 6 degrees
  • Lightweight 15mm bar support | Support for 15mm studio bars | Support for 19mm studio bars
  • Light bars / 15mm studio / short 19mm rods
  • Light bars / 15 mm studio / mediom 19 mm rods
  • Light bars / 15 mm studio / long 19mm rods
  • Carbon fiber visor
  • Clip-on clamp dials (80mm, 87mm, 95mm, 100mm, 104mm, 110mm)

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