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Cinetape Arri UDM-1,Ultrasonic Distance Measure UDM-1 from Arri measures the distance between film/sensor plane and objects by sending ultrasonic pulses and measuring the time they take to bounce back. It is compatible with any camera system.

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Arri Cinetape UMD-1 offers distance monitoring measured by ultrasound. It is used to know the distance between the character / object and the sensor. This electronic device consists of an ultrasound measurer and a display unit that marks the distance in meters or feet. It is compatible with any camera.


Its configuration allows the exclusion of objects that are irrelevant to the focus. If you comunicate with the UMC unit or the camera directly (Alexa LF, Alexa XT or Alexa Mini) it also allows the display of the parameters on the Arri WCU-4 wireless controller.


For the use of this device with Cforce motors we will need an accessory called CUBE Lbus, which allows us to connect the Lbus system to our Arri UDM-1 ultrasound meter.
If the UDM sensor is not positioned at the position of the camera's sensor on the horizontal axis, it is necessary to calculate the distance between these two and enter it on the UDM display so it shows the correct distance at which the subject is in focus.


It is light and small, which provides ease of assembly and camera movements. The sensor UDM can be positioned on top of the camera or matte box (if it has a 1/4 or 3/8 thread) making sure that it has nothing blocking the communication with the subject with which it tries to measure distance.
Day by day first camera assistants work with Arri UDM-1 because of the way in which it allows to have a clear perception of the focus distance in situ, giving shorter shooting timing. It is one more tool that facilitates focus control.
It is a very useful device for the realization of moving plane with travelling, crane or camera supports as Steadicam, Movi or Ronin.


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