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  • Rent Video Monitors. Whether your shooting is in studio or if you shoot outdoors, monitors are an essential part of any recording. Reference monitors for each of the departments. Camera, direction, dit or edition can develop their functions with professional monitoring. Camera, direction and editing monitors adapted for each type of shooting.
  • At Camaleon we offer director monitoring solutions in different sizes. From 7 to 24 Inches. From light configurations with 7 inch monitor and radio links to HD video. Up to four camera multi view viewings and two parallel camera channels. Both OLED and LCD technology and with resolutions both HD and 4K .
  • Among our catalog of onboard camera monitors we offer several Transvideo or Tvlogic models for camera assistance and camera operator or Steadicam. Among the most innovative functions for camera operators we offer for rent Monitors with ultra brightness or level to avoid losing reference or horizontality in their shootings. Monitor for camera assistant with focus aids or signal conversion.
  • Rent LCD and OLED Monitors. We have a wide catalog of camera, client and Dit Monitors for filming and last generation edition monitors with different measures.
  • HD and 4K resolutions. Sizes from 5.5 "for camera up to 24" inches of direction. Camera monitor with video signal measurement tools such as Vectoscope or Waveform. Ultra-Bright camera screens for comfortable outdoor camera operation. Rental Monitor with LCD and OLED technology with HDR.
  • LCD and OLED camera monitor: Extensive Onboard catalog for Tv logic camera. Among the preferred onboard cameras for camera helpers is the TV Logic VFM-058W.
  • Direction screens - LCD and OLED client: Among our address or client screens we offer models with up to four 24 "inch parallel video signals and with a 17" inch double video signal.
  • LCD and OLED edition screens: Reference and grade 1 for editing.
  • Astro measurement monitors
  • Camera - Onboard HD
  • HD 5.6 VFM-F5 camera monitor rental
  • HD 5.6 VFM-058 camera monitor rental
  • Oled 5.5 "OLED VFM-055A camera monitor rental
  • Logic 5.5 "VFM-058W TV camera monitor rental
  • Transvideo 7 '' RainbowHD7 SBL camera monitor rental
  • Odyssey 7Q camera monitor Recorder rental
  • Pix E5 Recorder monitor rental
  • HD and 4K monitors for Director or Client
  • Monitor with LCD and OLED technology with HDR.
  • Director - client Tv Logic 9 "LVM-091W-M
  • Director - client 17 "LVM-173W-3G
  • Director - client 17 "XVM-177A
  • Director - Oled customer 24.5 "LEM-250A OLED
  • Director - 24 "client LUM-240G 4K DCI-UHD
  • Director - 24 '' customer LVM-245W
  • Director- Oled Sony OLED Trimaster 17 '' PVM -A170 customer

  • Edition and HD color screens
  • You will be surprised by the new LCD and OLED technology screens with HDR.
  • Tvlogic edition 17 "XVM-177A


  • HD and 4K measurement screens - Dit
  • Take the contol of the image that captures your camera, having all the information in your hands with the best technology and quality 4k or HD.
  • HD ASTRO 3014 camera measurement
  • HD Transvideo 7 '' RainbowHD7 SBL camera measurement
  • 4K Oled camera Odyssey 7Q OLED recorder


  • Consult our offers of Monitor for camera, edition, color, measurement, Client or director for long periods.
  • OLED technology screens:
OLED technology has many advantages over LCD screens. OLED screens can be seen more in the latest generation phones which use it for its better performance and less consumption than LCDs. OLED screens are made up of pixels that emit light directly, unlike LCD screens that need a backlight layer, which makes OLED screens achieve a wider range of colors and contrast. OLEDs show images with less light power, and when they are powered from a battery they can operate long with the same charge, since they have lower consumption when emitting their own light, which makes them much more visible under sunlight Than an LCD screen.